Episode # 179 – Four key learnings from the “Prahlaada-Charitra” & Bhagawan Narasimha’s incarnation!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we were at a crucial juncture amidst the “Prahlaada-Charitra”, wherein Bhagawan Narasimha goes full throttle to kill Hiranya-Kashibu and thus, put an end to all of his atrocities against his son, Prahlaada. As Bhagawan kills Hiranya-Kashibu with His razor-sharp claws and nails, His fury is not going to end just like that! As people around Bhagawan, including the Devas were getting scared as to how do they control Bhagawan’s aggression and anger, it was decided that the only person who can bring down Bhagawan’s anger is none other than Prahlaada alone. This is because, Bhagawan has incarnated in the form of Narasimha exclusively to save Prahlaada. Hence, Prahlaada goes in front of Bhagawan Narasimha with folded hands and offers his prostrations. As Bhagawan Narasimha sees Prahlaada in tears of ardent devotion, He becomes calmer by the minute. The anger gradually came down and Bhagawan Narasimha extends His blood-stricken hands towards Prahlaada and hugs him with all His love and compassion. The world heaved a huge sigh of relief!

As Bhagawan regains His composure, He explains to Prahlaada that his father Hiranya-Kashibu is actually His ardent devotee, but it was only because of a curse, he was born as a Raakshasa. Now that the curse has been released, Hiranya-Kashibu has attained Moksha! Bhagawan continues further and asks Prahlaada to request Him for any boon that he wants! Prahlaada calmly replies back to Bhagawan thus, “Oh Bhagawan Narayana! Now that you’ve taken all the pains to come down to this earth, relieved my father from his curse and blessed me with your divine sight, what more am I going to ask you for? All I want to ask you at the moment is for a boon wherein, I should never ever ask you for any boon in the rest of my life! You should be the one to take care of me and should guide me towards the path of attaining Moksha! Apart from this, I do not want anything else from you!” Upon hearing thus from the little child, Bhagawan was utterly pleased and grants whatever Prahlaada asked for! All the people around Bhagawan, including the Devas, were extremely happy and contended that the world has been liberated from the “Adharma” and “Dharma” has been restored again by Bhagawan! Moreover, the world has obtained a “Mahatma” by name Prahlaada, for which, all of us are cherishing even today!

There are quite a few important lessons that we should learn from the “Prahlaada-Charitra”. What are they? Let us list down one by one and I shall try and give a narrative for each of them:

  1. Bhagawan never ever gives up on His ardent devotee – Prahlaada was an epitome of this and we’ve witnessed how Bhagawan made sure that He personally monitors Prahlaada’s safety! Whenever Hiranya-Kashibu tried to put Prahlaada under the burner of punishments, Bhagawan thwarted every attempt of his, to prove His divine presence! More than proving His divine presence, Bhagawan made it a point that His devotee is never affected by any of the tantrums that he was subjected to!
  2. Bhagawan’s fury knows no bounds when His ardent devotee is abused – We witnessed this again, as the very incarnation of Bhagawan Narasimha with the ferocious form tells the entire story! As Hiranya-Kashibu repeatedly abused Prahlaada for his devotion towards Bhagawan Vishnu, at one point, it crossed all limits. At this time, Bhagawan Vishnu decides that enough is enough and thus, His anger takes over! This is why we always should remember that we should never ever insult or abuse or talk bad about “Bhaagawathas” or “Mahatmas” or for that matter, anybody who is a devotee of Bhagawan! Even if a person abuses Bhagawan directly, it doesn’t anger Him much and we shall still be able to escape, because of Bhagawan’s unending compassion. However, if we end up abusing Bhagawan’s ardent devotee, this is what triggers the anger and fury of Bhagawan! We can witness this in Ramayana also – When Ravana was throwing tantrum after tantrum upon Bhagawan Rama, this had no effect! However, when Ravana attacked Hanuman, who was Bhagawan Rama’s ardent devotee, a “Mahatma” by nature, and a “Bhaagawatha” by heart, Bhagawan Rama decided that enough is enough! All of us know what happened to Ravana after that! Thus, the point is that, we should try maximum not to abuse anybody in our day-to-day life. The reason is very simple here – Many a times, we might not know whether the person whom we are trying to scold or abuse, is a devotee or not! If that person happens to be a devotee, and if we end up abusing him or her, we are going to end up in the radar of Bhagawan’s fury!
  3. Bhagawan will definitely respond to our ardent prayers and innocent devotion – This point was clearly emphasized in Prahlaada’s case. As we’ve witnessed, Prahlaada was born with devotion towards Bhagawan Vishnu and he knew nothing else apart from chanting Bhagawan’s divine names – All through the day and night! This definitely has an effect. Whatever prayers we offer to Bhagawan with an innocent and a pure heart, would reach Him definitely and would melt His heart. Although in many cases Bhagawan might not come in front of us in person, He might arrange some way or the other, so that His presence can be felt by us.
  4. Chanting of Bhagawan’s divine names would serve as a “ring of protection” at times of danger – This is why we repeatedly keep emphasizing that we’ve to keep chanting our “Mantra” all the time, irrespective of whatever walks of life we are in and whatever work that we keep doing. We should try and internalize the process of chanting Mantras and this would definitely serve as a great protection from any kinds of danger. Prahlaada’s case was the same, as he was steadfast in chanting Bhagawan Narayana’s names day in and day out! This was acting as a shield of protection for him, whenever his father subjected him to enormous amounts of punishments and torture. The important point here is that, we might not be able to realize at that point, but later on if we look back through our lives after many years, we might understand how we were protected by Bhagawan’s divine and unending grace!

Thus for today, let us try and understand these four important lessons that we can learn from this section of the “Prahlaada-Charitra” and Bhagawan Narasimha’s divine incarnation. Let us take it as a pledge today and start implementing these learnings slowly one by one every day, which would again aid us in our spiritual growth. We shall wait till the next episode to move on from this part. Stay tuned! 😊







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