Episode # 178 – Prahlaada calms down Bhagawan Narasimha – Requests Him to grant Moksha to Hiranya-Kashibu!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the significance and uniqueness of the “Narasimha Avatara” of Bhagawan Vishnu, so as to save Prahlaada from the clutches of his wicked father, Hiranya-Kashibu. We had witnessed that this is the only incarnation of Bhagawan wherein He takes a half-animal and a half-human form. Till that point, Bhagawan had incarnated in various full forms of animals, such as “Matsya” (Fish), “Koorma” (Boar) and “Varaaha” (Pig). Henceforth, after this incarnation of Bhagawan Narasimha, it is going to be all in the full human form – Vaamana, Parashuraama, Rama and Krishna. Thus, the significance of Bhagawan Narasimha was outlined in the previous episode, wherein, this was solely to protect His ardent devotee!

Moving on thus, as Bhagawan Narasimha is tearing Hiranya-Kashibu apart, the whole world is starting to shake with fear! The Devas (Celestial Beings), Asuras, Dhaanavas, Yakshas, etc. were getting stunned with Bhagawan Vishnu’s fury, at the same time, they were happy that finally “Adharma” is being destroyed! But at the same time, how are they going to contain Bhagawan’s anger now? As twilight approaches, everything seems red in color! Sage Sukhaachaarya explains this beautifully here – It is almost sunset time and the dusk looks red outside. Hiranya-Kashibu’s blood that splashes outside his body as Bhagawan tears him apart looks reddish in colour! Bhagawan Narasimha’s eyes at the same time are red in colour with the amount of anger and fury He has within Himself! As Bhagawan tears Hiranya-Kashibu’s body with His razor-sharp claws and nails, Hiranya-Kashibu breathes his last! He succumbs to the ferocious Bhagawan Narasimha’s all-out assault!

As Hiranya-Kashibu is dead, Bhagawan Narasimha throws his body apart and gets up from where He was sitting! Although His mission of killing Hiranya-Kashibu was over, Bhagawan’s anger hasn’t come down even a bit! He’s still fuming with anger! Now, the people who were onlooking this, began to shake with fear. What is this anger going to do now? Is this a start point of a bigger destruction? The Devas led by Indra, who were initially happy with Bhagawan incarnating, now start shaking with fear as well! Why is Bhagawan’s anger not coming down after Hiranya-Kashibu’s death? Thus, all of them together approach Goddess Mahalakshmi, who is Bhagawan’s consortium and explain thus, “Oh Devi! Bhagawan’s fury at the moment knows no bounds and if this continues, the world itself is in a severe threat. As Bhagawan’s dearest consortium, you can perhaps approach Him and contain His anger! In that way, you would be able to save the world from this great danger!” Upon hearing thus from the Devas, Goddess Mahalakshmi replies thus, “Oh Indra & Co.! I cannot do much in this case. Even though I’m His dearest consortium, for the moment it is impossible for me to approach Him. There is only one solution here – Ask Prahlaada, for whom Bhagawan had incarnated, to approach Him with the same level of devotion. Perhaps, upon seeing Prahlaada in front of Him, His anger would subside gradually!”

Accordingly, as per the advice given by Goddess Mahalakshmi, little Prahlaada approaches Bhagawan Narasimha with his folded hands and with tears in his tender eyes! He cries out to Bhagawan thus, “Oh Bhagawan Narayana! I’m totally speechless and overwhelmed today! You’ve shut my mouth left right and center! You’ve taken a monumental incarnation in this form today, just because a little child in me called for you? This might not have been necessary at all. If my father had to meet his end, you could have done it from the place where you dwell! Rather, why did you waste your time and come all the way, just because I’m calling you? Who am I? Afterall I’m a small child and I now feel sorry that I had unwantedly disturbed you!”

Saying thus, little Prahlaada bursts out into tears and falls on Bhagawan’s feet! As Bhagawan Narasimha sees little Prahlaada in this state and after Bhagawan listens to Prahlaada’s words, His anger drastically comes down! Bhagawan Narasimha extends his blood-stricken hands to hug little Prahlaada with all His love and affection! Now that, Bhagawan’s anger has come down completely, He once again regains His composure and replies to Prahlaada’s words thus, “Oh Prahlaada! Till today you’ve been undergoing severe tortures from your father, however, you were rock solid in your devotion towards me! How can I leave you just like that? It is only for you, I came all the way and please don’t think that you’ve disturbed me or wasted my time! I’m always available to a fervent call of my ardent devotee! Now that you’ve pleased my heart so much, please ask me whatever you want! I shall grant you without any second thought as I’m totally indebted to your ardent devotion!”

As Bhagawan asks thus, Prahlaada replies back, “Oh Bhagawan! What am I going to ask you any further, after having your divine darshan? All I want to ask you is that, please do not punish my father too much, just because he was torturing me. It was not his mistake. He did all what he did, just out of ignorance. So, please grant Moksha to my father and take him with you!” This answer from Prahlaada melted Bhagawan Vishnu even more! He assures Prahlaada that his father will get Moksha, and explains the real story of Jaya and Vijaya and how both of them got cursed by Sages Sanaka and Sanatkumara. Bhagawan assures Prahlaada that his father is safe and secure and has already reached Vaikunta!

As this episode concludes with this note, there are key learnings that we need to understand from the Prahlaada Charitra! Stay tuned for a detailed discussion in the next episode! 😊







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