Episode # 177 – How did Bhagawan Narasimha outsmart Hiranya-Kashibu’s long list of boons???

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the culmination of Hiranya-Kashibu, who had been an epitome of extreme arrogance and for having an intense thirst for power. We had witnessed how little Prahlaada’s ardent prayers have finally been answered by Bhagawan in the form of Bhagawan NarasimhaThe half-lion-half-human form. According to all the loopholes in Hiranya-Kashibu’s long list of boons that he had obtained earlier, Bhagawan Narasimha carefully designs His final assault and thus succeeds by putting Hiranya-Kashibu to death without much hassles. As Hiranya-Kashibu hits the pillar with his “Gadha”, Bhagawan Narasimha emerges in the most ferocious form and takes on Hiranya-Kashibu, which renders all of his boons useless within seconds! Such was the intensity of anger in Bhagawan, as He appeared for the final assault.

If we look into the intricacies of Bhagawan’s incarnation as Narasimha, it would be something which is mind-blowing! We’ve witnessed Hiranya-Kashibu’s long list of boons and as mentioned above, Bhagawan had to thwart Hiranya-Kashibu’s boons by penetrating the loopholes. Of course, we’ve witnessed yesterday that Bhagawan had to assume a form of neither a complete animal nor a complete human being. Also moving forward thus, Bhagawan had to emerge at a time when there is no complete day or night. This is why He emerged at a time when the day and the night meet each other – The evening time at around 6 PM during dusk! As Bhagawan emerged, He dragged Hiranya-Kashibu to the staircase area, and not to the middle of the room! This is because, Hiranya-Kashibu had obtained the boon that he shouldn’t be killed either inside or outside a house. Bhagawan was super careful in this regard thus, to drag him to the entrance area, which is neither inside nor outside the house! Moreover, Hiranya-Kashibu’s next clause was that he shouldn’t be killed on the ground or in space! This is why Bhagawan Narasimha ensured that He had Hiranya-Kashibu on His lap, which is neither on the ground nor in the open space! In addition, Hiranya-Kashibu had asked that he shouldn’t be killed by any sort of weapon which is used in warfare! This is why, Bhagawan Narasimha did not take any weapon in hand, but His ultra-sharp nails were His “in-built weapon”! Finally, Hiranya-Kashibu had asked that he shouldn’t be killed by any of Bhagawan Bramha’s creations on this world! Little did he realize that Bhagawan Vishnu, who was his ardent enemy, wasn’t created by Bhagawan Bramha! This is the reason why Bhagawan Vishnu Himself came personally down to the earth to kill Hiranya-Kashibu!

All of these points mentioned so far, proves that Bhagawan’s astuteness and smartness knew no bounds and was in no match to that of Hiranya-Kashibu’s! This is why we too keep saying today that, even thought we might boast ourselves to be the epitome of whatever talent that we might have within us, Bhagawan can outsmart us within minutes and this is the reason why we pray and offer all our talents and abilities to Bhagawan’s lotus feet before we commence any important task in life. This is exactly what has happened in Hiranya-Kashibu’s case too. It should be recalled by readers that Hiranya-Kashibu had spent countless number of years in penance, pleased Bhagawan Bramha, obtained several boons from him, etc. However, with his sheer arrogance and pride, he failed to realize that Bhagawan can outsmart him within minutes, and that was exactly what conspired at the end. Thus, the important lesson for all of us here is that, even though we might possess knowledge or expertise in something that the world doesn’t have, if we have the pride and arrogance associated to it, we would fall apart very quickly. Hence, we should be very careful here.

Thus, Bhagawan Narasimha finally succeeds in killing the wretched Hiranya-Kashibu and frees the earth of any more “Adharma”! This leaves the Devas and all the devotees in awe! All of them are not able to take their eyes off Bhagawan! Also, this is the first time that an incarnation has taken place with a unique form – A half-animal and half-human! So far, the world has only seen incarnations either as a full animal or a full human being. If we look at all the previous incarnations – Matsya, Koorma and Varaaha – All of them were incarnations of Bhagawan Vishnu in the form of animals. The incarnations that came after Narasimha _ Vaamana, Parashuraama, Rama, Krishna, etc. were all human beings! Thus, this is the only incarnation of Bhagawan Vishnu wherein he was neither a human being nor an animal in total appearance! This is the significance of Bhagawan Narasimha!

So for today, let us realize these points and worship Bhagawan Narasimha with all our ardent devotion. It is to be remembered that even after putting Hiranya-Kashibu to death, Bhagawan is still in His highest level of ferociousness! Let us all together make sure that Bhagawan Narasimha calms down quickly with our ardent prayers! Let us wait till the next episode in this way as we move on further! Stay tuned! 😊



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