Episode # 180 – Prahlaada asks an important boon from Bhagawan Vishnu!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed some key takeaways from the “Prahlaada-Charitra” and Bhagawan Narasimha’s divine incarnation. We had witnessed four points in due course of yesterday’s discussion, wherein we emphasized that, firstly Bhagawan never ever gives up on any of His ardent devotees. If He sees His devotees suffering, Bhagawan’s heart starts melting then and there and thus, makes sure that we are somehow protected from any sorts of adverse happenings. Secondly we had witnessed that Bhagawan’s fury knows no bounds when He sees His devotees getting insulted or hurt. Even if someone tries and hurts Bhagawan directly, this person still might escape, thanks to the unending compassion of Bhagawan. However having said this, Bhagawan’s compassion goes for a toss when anybody harms His ardent devotee. His fury is at its peak at this time and this is where we learnt yesterday that it is better to play the safe game here, rather than feeling sorry later on – It’s better not to hurt or harm anybody, both physically and verbally. Of course, most of us aren’t going to hurt anybody physically, but when we talk about “abuse”, “hurt”, “harm” or “insult”, this involves the mental and verbal component as well. This is why we should not employ harsh words or abusive language while talking with someone. As much as possible, if we refrain ourselves from verbally scolding or abusing others, we can prevent a huge accumulation of our bad “Karma” (Paapa).

Thirdly, we witnessed that Bhagawan definitely responds to a devotee’s ardent and innocent prayers. As Bhagawan is an embodiment of love and compassion, He wouldn’t sit quiet if a devotee is praying with a pure and an innocent heart. Finally, we also witnessed the significance of chanting our “Mantra” through the lens of the “Prahlaada-Charitra”, wherein, chanting of the divine names would serve as a “ring of protection” to all of us, at times of catastrophes and dangers. Thus, we should make it a point that we start following all these four aspects in our day-to-day lives, starting this moment.

Moving on thus, as Prahlaada “smartly” replies to Bhagawan for the question of requesting for a boon, Bhagawan’s heart melts with his compassion for His ardent devotee. Bhagawan replies back thus to Prahlaada, “Oh Prahlaada! Being a little child, I’m so impressed with the way you’re showing your devotion towards me! This is what I expect from all my children, wherever they are in this world. However, you are indeed a special child for me, as you were even ready to sacrifice your own father for the sake of me! You were prepared to lose your father for your ardent devotion. This is something that the world hasn’t seen till now. You could have easily asked me for a boon that might bring back your father’s life. Even if you would have asked thus, I would have had no problems in granting it for you! However, the spiritual maturity that you’ve obtained at such a tender age has prevented you from asking such things!”

As Prahlaada keeps listening to Bhagawan’s accord, He continues thus, “Oh Prahlaada! Having said thus, I’m  not really convinced with your answer that you would not want to ask anything from me. I’ve come all the way for you, and exclusively for you! If I go back without granting something to my ardent devotee, it would always be a guilt feeling within me that I’ve not given anything as a prize for Prahlaada’s ardent devotion! So, please ask me something, just for my sake. I shall immediately grant it to you!”

As Bhagawan gives a touching accord thus, Prahlaada replies back with folded hands, “Oh Bhagawan Narayana! Whatever you’ve said so far has melted my heart even more! You said that you had come exclusively for me! But who am I? I’m just a mere child, knowing nothing in this world! If you’re ready to answer the fervent calls of this little child, I’m sure that the world is safe in your hands. Now, since you’re requesting me to ask for a boon, let me ask you this – If there are any more births that I’ve to take in this world, please give me a birth in such a way that I’m always filled with your thoughts and I would be able to chant your divine names every moment! Of course, I’m not asking you to give me a birth of a specific living being – It might be a worm, insect, animal, plant, or even a human being. That is totally up to your choice and it is totally in your discretion. But whatever might be my birth in future, I should always remember you and should be able to cry for you without any hesitation. So, Bhagawan! Please grant me this one boon and with this, all my wishes are satisfied. If you’re with me all the time, why should I ask you for any worldly thing? If you’re with me every moment, why should I even think of enjoying worldly pleasures and getting carried away with them? Hence, please consider this little child’s request and do the needful!”

Upon hearing this from the little child, Bhagawan immediately grants the boon and thus, is totally convinced that Prahlaada is all set for a huge spiritual revolution in this world. He immediately chalks out a detailed plan as to how He’s going to use Prahlaada to create spiritual awareness and spread “Dharma” in this world. What is going to be Bhagawan’s “master plan” and how is He going to implement it? We shall find out, starting from the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊







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