Episode # 174 – Prahlaada to Hiranya-Kashibu – “My Bhagawan Vishnu is omni-present, even inside this pillar!”

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a very absorbing and an interesting section of the “Prahlaada-Charithra” wherein, Hiranya-Kashibu decides to kill Prahlaada with poison. He has had enough with his son, who refuses to mend his ways and turn his attention away from Bhagawan Vishnu. After lot of deliberations, he comes to a conclusion that this Prahlaada is not his son, but is a serious threat to his empire and power! Hence, he decides to do away with him, but he decides to do it all by himself! He was having doubts over his assistants whom he had assigned to execute all the previous punishments, as Prahlaada was somehow escaping through all of them. As Hiranya-Kashibu gives the poison, Prahlaada doesn’t care whether it is poison or something else, and starts drinking it! This infuriates Bhagawan Vishnu even more, because His ardent devotee is put to such inhumane levels of torture! Thus, as the poison enters Prahlaada’s body, Bhagawan Vishnu unleashes His “ring of protection” and ensures that the poison is rendered totally useless! Little Prahlaada is thus saved from the treacherous ordeal!

This is yet another witness for all of us, wherein Bhagawan never washes away His ardent devotees at any point in time. When the critical time arises and if we’re sincere in our approach towards “Bhakti”, Bhagwan makes sure that we’re protected through some way or the other.

Moving on thus, as Hiranya-Kashibu realizes that Prahlaada is totally unaffected by the poison and that, some mystic force is behind him everytime! On one hand, Hiranya-Kashibu starts fearing about it, and on the other hand, his ego overpowers him. Hence, he decides to inquire Prahlaada about it directly. He thus asks little Prahlaada, “Oh Prahlaada! This is not the first time that you’re escaping from any sort of punishment that I had given you! However, you’ve not mended your ways as well! You’re only interested in chanting that treacherous Narayana’s name, and not your own father’s. What do you think about yourself? Who is that mystic and cowardly person behind you, trying to save you everytime? Tell me about that person now! Who is playing second fiddle to whatever wrong things you’re doing? Let me punish him first, before punishing you. In fact, there is no point in punishing you, because it is only because of his assurance that you’re playing your game unabated!”

As his father asks thus, Prahlaada laughs out loud! He’s unable to control his laughter upon seeing the sheer ignorance of his father! He replies back thus, “Oh father! Please realize that the person whom you’re plotting against all these years, is the same person who is trying to save me everytime! There is no secret. Nobody in this world is more powerful than the person whom you’re trying to take vengeance on!” As Prahlaada replies thus, Hiranya-Kashibu gets more and more angry. He now realizes that it was none other than his enemy Vishnu who is acting as a proxy through his son Prahlaada to defame him. Hiranya-Kashibu angrily replies back thus, “Oh! Now I understand the whole plot! This coward called Vishnu is afraid of directly dealing with me face to face and is trying to use my son to plan his plot, isn’t it? This Vishnu doesn’t have the guts or courage to come in front of me and show his ugly face! Oh Prahlaada! Before I punish you any further, I will punish Vishnu first! It is he who is behind all this mess. He’ll never be allowed to get away this time. Let me show who is this Hiranya-Kashibu’s power. Call this coward Vishnu from wherever he is hiding!”

As Hiranya-Kashibu roars thus, Prahlaada replies calmly, “Oh father! Bhagawan Vishnu is not hiding anywhere as you think! He is omni-present. He is inside the bushes, plants, trees, animals, human beings, etc. In fact, Bhagawan Vishnu is inside you and me too at this very moment! It is only you who’s not realizing this fact!” As this conversation is going on between the son and father, Bhagawan Narayana is watching all of this very closely. This is a crucial juncture of the entire “Prahlaada-Charithra”. Even the Devas (Celestial Beings), Asuras, etc. are closely watching the events that are unfolding rather quickly. As the heated conversation goes on and on between Hiranya-Kashibu and Prahlaada, Bhagawan Narayana’s anger also increases with time, as Hiranya-Kashibu insults his devotee more and more!

Angry as he is, Hiranya-Kashibu junks Prahlaada’s meaningful reply and replies back thus, “Oh Prahlaada! If that is the case, tell me one place wherein you can locate this coward called Vishnu! Let me teach him a lesson now itself! Let the world decide today, who is more powerful!” As his father says thus, Prahlaada repeats his answer again thus, “Oh father! As I had already mentioned, Bhagawan Narayana is omni-present! He is present amidst a piece of grass or even amidst a non-living thing like this pillar in front of us!”

Hiranya-Kashibu asks back, “Oh! Do you mean to say that Vishnu is inside this pillar?” Prahlaada confidently replies back thus, “Oh yes for sure! Bhagawan Vishnu is very much present inside this pillar as well!”

As this part of the conversation progresses, Bhagawan Vishnu is getting scared! Now He has to somehow honor Prahlaada’s words! He cannot prove Prahlaada’s words to be wrong! He thus, prepares Himself to enter into that particular pillar upon which, Hiranya-Kashibu is going to zero down! Now what is going to happen next? Let’s wait and watch in the next episode! The most interesting part awaits us on the other side! Stay tuned! 😊





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