Episode # 173 – Hiranya-Kashibu makes Prahlaada consume poison – Bhagawan Vishnu renders it powerless!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the “Prahlaada-Charithra”, wherein little Prahlaada is being subjected to tougher punishments by his father Hiranya-Kashibu. We had witnessed so far that Prahlaada was an incorrigible child according to his teachers, upon which, Hiranya-Kashibu took it upon himself to mend Prahlaada’s ways. Hiranya-Kashibu is making the little boy go through several hardships such as throwing him amidst a herd of wild elephants, amongst the most venomous snakes, toppling him from the top of a mountain, throwing him into the sea, etc. However, nothing much changed in the way Prahlaada was devoted to his Bhagawan! He was steadfast in his “Bhakti” and nothing really could make an impact.

It is at this time, Hiranya-Kashibu doubts whether his assistants or ministers are executing all the punishments to Prahlaada carefully or not! He thinks that Prahlaada was not subjected to any of the above-mentioned hardships because his ministers were compassionate towards the little child. Hence, Hiranya-Kashibu decides that he has had enough with all of this! After lot of deliberation, he comes to the conclusion that Prahlaada is not going to mend his ways with whatever harsh treatment that he was meted out with. Hence, he decides to kill him by giving poison! Accordingly, Hiranya-Kashibu comes to Prahlaada with a glass full of poison and asks him to consume it right in front of him! Immersed into ardent devotion towards Bhagawan Narayana, Prahlaada thinks thus, “Oh! I’m now going to consume this glass of poison! Once I consume this, my body would become blue in color, isn’t it? My Bhagawan is also of the same blue color! It would be wonderful to worship Bhagawan Ghanashyaama (Bhagawan Narayana in blue color), which, until today I’ve never got the opportunity to do so!”

Thinking thus with ardent devotion, little Prahlaada starts consuming the poison! As the child starts consuming the posion, Bhagawan Narayana is boiling with anger! How can Hiranya-Kashibu insult and plot His devotee in this absurd way? Although Bhagawan was fuming with anger, He decides to wait for the right time to teach this Hiranya-Kashibu a lesson! However, little Prahlaada had to be saved immediately before the poison enters his body, isn’t it?  It is at this moment, Bhagawan enters the child’s body and stops the poison from spreading anywhere! As this was happening, little Prahlaada did not realize any of these! He is totally absorbed into chanting the divine names of Bhagawan Narayana! Hiranya-Kashibu too didn’t realize what was happening to his son! Finally, as Prahlaada consumes the whole cup of poison, his body becomes blue, but there is no collapse! Prahlaada is totally fit and fine! His lips are fervently chanting Bhagawan Vishnu’s names non-stop! After a few minutes, with Bhagawan’s timely divine grace, the poison looses its sheen! It becomes totally useless and Prahlaada comes back to normal!

Upon seeing this, Hiranya-Kashibu is shell-shocked! He couldn’t believe his eyes! How can even a cup full of poison not harm this fellow? What is that, which is protecting him to this extent? Unable to show off his shock, Hiranya-Kashibu calls Prahlaada towards him, and explains thus, “Oh Prahlaada! See what’s happening to you! You’re being protected because of my power! Nobody including the Devas, Asuras, Vishnu, Shiva, etc. can come near me in terms of valor and all of them have great fear for me! It is only because of this, nobody is coming forward to kill you! See my power and status! Atleast from now, change your stance and forget Narayana completely! He is useless! He cannot save you! Only I can protect and save you from anything and everything in this world!”

As Prahlaada listens to his father’s “funny” accord, he doesn’t know whether to laugh or to cry! He is totally amazed by his father’s ignorance and prays to Bhagawan Narayana to mend his father’s ways! This is an exceptional characteristic of a great “Mahatma”! Even though someone is trying to harm them or kill them, or whatever, they have an unchanged level of compassion and love towards the plotters! Rather than taking revenge on those people who’re trying to kill him, Prahlaada only wishes the best for his enemies too! This characteristic is one that sets Prahlaada apart from all human beings and this is one important message from all of us from this episode!

Upon witnessing Prahlaada’s escape from the fatal effect of poision, Hiranya-Kashibu is thinking what to do next. What is his next approach going to be? What is Hiranya-Kashibu’s next plan of action? Let us wait and witness this in the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊







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