Episode # 172 –Prahlaada is thrown from the top of a cliff – Bhagawan Narayana protects him yet again!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important point of discussion from the ongoing interesting Prahlaada-Charithra as to how Bhagawan responds to the prayer of an ardent devotee without any delay. Every time when little Prahlaada was subjected to hardships by his father Hiranya-Kashibu, Bhagawan Vishnu ensures that His devotee is unharmed! We had witnessed Hiranya-Kashibu throwing Prahlaada amidst a herd of wild elephants, amidst a swarm of poisonous snakes, amidst the ocean wherein aquatic animals galore! However, none of these attempts bore any fruit for Hiranya-Kashibu as Bhagawan Narayana unleashed a “ring of protection” around little Prahlaada.

So far, Hiranya-Kashibu had made three main attempts to scare his son, so that he can mend his ways, but all the three attempts turned futile. Realizing thus, especially after Prahlaada walked unhurt from the ocean waters, Hiranya-Kashibu couldn’t believe his eyes! Upon interviewing Prahlaada to check whether he had mended his ways or not, Prahlaada remained unmoved and solid as a rock! He stood firm to his ground! This infuriated Hiranya-Kashibu more and slowly he started doubting whether something fishy was happening here!

Unable to accept the “superpower” in Bhagawan Vishnu, Hiranya-Kashibu thinks of the next plan – Now he’s going to roll Prahlaada from the top of a mountain, all the way to the ground! Perhaps would this punishment mend his ways? Now we are witnessing that the intensity of hardships that Prahlaada is facing is multiplying. As instructed, Hiranya-Kashibu’s assistants take Prahlaada to the top of a mountain and are about to throw him off its peak! However, “Mahatma” as Prahlaada was, he started thinking within himself thus, “Oh! Now it is the turn for me to worship the mountains! So far, I’ve worshipped animals, snakes, the ocean, etc. But till now I’ve not got the opportunity to worship the mountain! It is this same mountain wherein my Bhagawan Narayana resides at Bhadri Ashram, Tirupati, Ahobilam, etc. isn’t it? My Bhagawan is omni-present everywhere in this world and I’ve to thank Bhagawan for this opportunity to worship Him in all the different places of His divine residence!”

As Prahlaada thinks thus, his chanting of Bhagawan Narayana’s divine names started to increase, and his calls started becoming more fervent! As the little child was thrown off the cliff, Bhagawan Narayana immediately appeared in the form of the mountain itself, held the child in His arms and prevented him from falling on the ground! Such was Bhagawan’s response to Prahlaada’s ardent prayer! This is yet another example to substantiate our yesterday’s discussion that Bhagawan immediately responds to the sincere and innocent prayer of His ardent devotee! The moment Prahlaada was facing danger, we’re able to witness here as to how Bhagawan immediately rushed His way to protect him! This is the lesson that all of us have to learn here. If our prayers are sincere, honest and innocent, Bhagawan’s heart will definitely melt and He would come running towards us! How can a father keep quiet when his child is suffering? Won’t his heart melt in love and compassion? Bhagawan is no different here, as He is our divine father! If we call upon Him fervently with all our devotion, the compassion in Him would overpower and thus, He would immediately respond to our calls!

Saving Prahlaada thus from the free fall, Bhagawan once again re-established the fact that there is some power that is more powerful than Hiranya-Kashibu was! As little Prahlaada returns back home unhurt, his father was shocked again! How can a person come unhurt when he was thrown off a cliff? What’s happening here? He initially doubted whether his assistants were really meting out all the punishments to Prahlaada, or are they having some element of compassion on him that they’re shying away from their duty! Upon inquiry, it was revealed to Hiranya-Kashibu that all the punishments are being meted out as per his instruction, but somehow Prahlaada is escaping from all of them!

So now Hiranya-Kashibu wants to make sure that he is personally present at the place where the punishments are being meted out to him! He wants to understand what is happening! Thus, he decides the next course of action! In fact, Hiranya-Kashibu now takes one more step forward that he himself is going to be the person to met out the next punishment to his son! There is no use of trusting his assistants anymore!

Deciding thus, Hiranya-Kashibu calls upon Prahlaada and gives a cup full of poison for him to drink! Hiranya-Kashibu has had enough with his son now and decides to do away with him permanently! It is to be seen here how “quest for power” overrules love and compassion towards one’s own son! Although Hiranya-Kashibu’s wife tries to stop him from doing this, he proceeds further! He gives a glass of milk, which contained fatal poison in it! Now Prahlaada is going to consume it! What is going to happen next? Is Prahlaada going to escape this too? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 😊





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