Episode # 175 – Bhagawan Vishnu prepares Himself for an “all-out assault” on Hiranya-Kashibu!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Prahlaada’s devotion towards Bhagawan Vishnu being put to test by his father Hiranya-Kashibu. Upon deliberation, Prahlaada exudes confidence that his Bhagawan Vishnu is omni-present and that, Hiranya-Kashibu’s ignorance is preventing him from realizing this fact. As this conversation was unfolding, and as Prahlaada was exuding more and more of confidence on his narrative, Bhagawan Vishnu Himself started to get jittery! He has the inherent responsibility to answer Prahlaada’s prayers and uphold his narrative! Bhagawan Narayana thus decides that the time is coming closer for Him to show His true colors against Hiranya-Kashibu. He’s thus fuming in anger against Hiranya-Kashibu and it is now only just a matter of few more minutes before the anger is unleashed for the world to see!

As this argument reaches the pinnacle point, Hiranya-Kashibu is fed up with Prahlaada’s words and narratives and finally asks him a question thus: “Oh Prahlaada! If that coward Vishnu is said to be omni-present, as per your stupid narrative, tell me, if that fellow is inside this pillar which is in front of us!” This question was like making a mockery of Bhagawan Vishnu’s omni-presence and Prahlaada too realized the same. As his father asks the question thus, Prahlaada’s immediate reply was “YES! Bhagawan Vishnu is very much inside this pillar in front of you!” As Prahlaada confidently replies thus, Bhagawan Narayana comes to a conclusion that enough is enough! He immediately makes sure that He enters into the pillar in front of Hiranya-Kashibu and is ready now to unleash any moment!

Hiranya-Kashibu, on his part, also comes to a conclusion that there’s no other option but to thwart the pillar up with his weapon, and thereby kill Vishnu, who is supposed to be hiding inside the pillar! Accordingly, Hiranya-Kashibu raises his “Gadha” (A type of weapon used in olden day warfare) and as Prahlaada was watching, hits the pillar and breaks it open!

The event is unfolding rather quickly here! As Bhagawan Vishnu enters inside the pillar, He has to satisfy the boons which Hiranya-Kashibu had asked Bhagawan Brahma isn’t it? Bhagawan should capture the loopholes correctly, and if not, Hiranya-Kashibu can never be killed! The attempt will backfire! If readers can recollect Hiranya-Kashibu’s boons, which we had discussed few episodes ago – He had asked Bramha that he shouldn’t be killed by an animal, or a human being, or during the day or during the night. He shouldn’t die inside the house or outside the house. Also, he shouldn’t die in the sky (“Aakaasha”) or on the land (earth’s surface). Thus, Bhagawan comes to a conclusion as He enters inside the pillar: He should take a form in such a way that above the neck portion, He should be an animal, and below the neck portion, He should be a human being! Only if He takes a half-animal and a half-human form, will He be able to satisfy the loophole here! Even at that stage, Bhagawan couldn’t understand as to which animal form should He take above His neck! It can either be a lion or an elephant or a tiger or anything!

As Bhagawan was contemplating thus, Hiranya-Kashibu lets out few more words of fury towards Prahlaada thus: “Oh Prahlaada! If in case, your Vishnu doesn’t appear from this pillar, I shall hit your face with this same weapon, and just like how a lion is hungry and thirsty for the blood of human beings, I shall also drink your blood that comes out of your head!” This is where Bhagawan decides thus, “Oh! This fellow is insulting and threatening my devotee that he’s going to drink his blood like that of a lion, isn’t it? Now let me take the form of that same lion and drink Hiranya-Kashibu’s blood, by plundering his head!” Thus, Sage Shukaachaarya clearly explains here that, Bhagawan Vishnu decides to come out with the face of a lion, only at the last minute when He enters into the pillar!

Thus, as this conversation unfolds to this level, Bhagawan Vishnu is fully prepared to come out of the pillar in the form of a lion and a human being combined! He’s waiting for Hiranya-Kashibu to break open the pillar! Let us also wait till the next episode to witness how the important event unfolds! An interesting accord awaits us tomorrow! Stay tuned! 😊



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