Episode # 169 – “My teachers are useless” – Prahlaada complains to Hiranya-Kashibu!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the “Prahlaada Charithra”, one of the most important sections of the Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana, wherein the concept of “Ardent Devotion” towards Bhagawan is depicted in the form of Prahlaada’s life incidents. In that way, we are now at a point wherein little Prahlaada is being sent to the “Gurukula”, wherein his teachers are trying to teach him to chant “Om Hiranyaaya Namaha”, as per the stern instruction from his father, Hiranya-Kashibu. To their utter dismay, Prahlaada is not even moved an inch from his ardent devotion towards Bhagawan Narayana. His lips will only chant “Om Namo Naarayana” irrespective of whatever his teachers are teaching him. At one stage, the teachers handed him over to his father, saying that his son is “incorrigible” in nature! However, Hiranya-Kashibu gives them one more chance to “mend his son’s ways”!

But during the second time, the problems started complicating for the teachers. Unlike the first time wherein only Prahlaada was chanting Bhagawan Vishnu’s divine names, this time, even the other Raakshasa kids were also influenced by Prahlaada’s strong defiance! Now almost the whole of the Gurukula is resonating with the divine names of Bhagawan Narayana – Courtesy, little Prahlaada! 😊 In this line, we also witnessed few important messages alongside Prahlaada’s strong defiance – Bhagawan is equal for all living beings in this world. He is easily accessible for His ardent devotees 24*7*365 days in a year! If we follow the right path of “Bhakti”, Bhagawan is going to come to us by knocking our doors! So it is upto us to follow it and make ourselves accessible for Bhagawan to come!

Explaining thus, Prahlaada starts a huge “Upanyaasa”! He starts giving a huge discourse, which stuns the two teachers Chanda and Amarka even more! Firstly, they didn’t understand for a moment, who is the teacher and who is the student here! 😊 Secondly, how come a little boy have so much of in-depth spiritual knowledge and understanding that he is able to influence the whole crowd in a jiffy? As Prahlaada’s audience starts getting bigger and bigger, he even starts doing the “Naama-Sankeerthana” of Bhagawan Vishnu’s divine names! This totally frustrated the teachers, and at one stage, unable to bare the situation any further, Chanda and Amarka drag Prahlaada by his hands and take him to his father! They complain to Hiranya-Kashibu thus, “Oh Hiranya! Look at your son! He is such an incorrigible and a spoilt boy! We tried all possible ways to teach him the ‘right’ lesson, but yet, he is not willing to accept any of our lessons! It’s only a mere waste of time in teaching such students!”

As Hiranya-Kashibu listens from them thus, he thinks and devises a plan as to how to “teach” and “divert” his son’s attention from that of Bhagawan Vishnu. Strategizing thus, Hiranya-Kashibu comes up with few important questions to his son thus, “Oh Prahlaada! Please answer me correctly and honestly here – Who is that person provoking you to chant Vishnu’s name? Under whose influence are you acting this way? Irrespective of whatever your teachers or your father is trying to teach you, why are you in such a defiance mode? Tell me honestly, who is that person behind this heinous act of yours?” Prahlaada replies back thus to his father, “Oh father! Please don’t send me to that school again. I’m not liking what they’re teaching me! They’re teaching me who are friends, who are enemies, etc. But for me, I don’t have any differentiation as such between a friend and an enemy! All people are equal isn’t it? If “Paramatma” Shriman Narayana is dwelling inside the hearts of all people in this world, who can be a friend or an enemy? Aren’t all people the same? Everybody are equal in my eyes, and thus, whatever the teacher teaches me, is totally wrong!”

This answer totally irks Hiranya-Kashibu and his anger is starting to get over him now! He is raging and fuming! As Hiranya-Kashibu boils thus, Prahlaada continues further, “Oh father! These teachers are teaching the same lesson that they had taught me yesterday too!” Hiranya-Kashibu, upon hearing his son’s answers was shocked beyond words! How come he can learn things so quickly within just one day? Don’t we need constant practice for two or three weeks to gain mastery over the subjects? Prahlaada had extremely sharp intellect and this is solely because of his ardent devotion towards Bhagawan! If our mind gets immersed in Bhakti, our brain automatically becomes sharper and whatever is taught to us would be grasped by our mind very easily without any struggle! Prahlaada thus had an extremely sharp intellect that he didn’t like his teachers teaching anything more than once! He was in deep quest for spiritual knowledge and his thirst for learning knew no bounds! This virtually made the teachers Chanda and Amarka look like jokers!

Upon hearing these answers from the little child, Hiranya-Kashibu came to a conclusion thus, “This fellow is not going to mend his ways if we’re going to negotiate with him or talk with him in a nice way! All what is required is some harsh ways and some punishments! So let me start giving him a taste of what his father really is! Let him realize that Hiranya-Kashibu is more powerful than Vishnu!” Thinking thus, Hiranya-Kashibu starts to ponder over what punishment can be given to the little Prahlaada so that he mends his ways! Whatever it might be, the path of Bhakti is not going to be easy from now for Prahlaada. Is he going to still sustain the path of Bhakti, irrespective of the “punishments” that his father is going to met out to him? Let us wait and witness in the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊






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