Episode # 170 – Hiranya-Kashibu’s punitive plots to scare Prahlaada end in failure!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the interesting “Prahlaada-Charithra” wherein we’ve witnessed how little Prahlaada is posing a “major threat” to his father’s quest for power! As Prahlaada’s teachers desert him for his so-called “arrogant behavior” for literally mocking them, his father Hiranya-Kashibu starts interviewing the reasons why this was happening! To this, Prahlaada replies back to his father that his teachers are totally useless in nature – The reason being, they are teaching the same thing over and over again, which had irritated the little boy! It is to be remembered that “Mahatmas” have extremely sharp intellect, that they would be able to grasp things immediately, just like how a matchstick would catch fire when rubbed with the matchbox. Prahlaada was too sharp and smart for his teachers to handle and thus, Hiranya-Kashibu was puzzled as to what to do with his child further! Upon further investigation, Prahlaada let out his mission loud and clear – That he’s in full pursuit of ardent devotion towards Bhagawan Narayana and nothing in this world would stop him from doing that. Upon listening to this from his son, Hiranya-Kashibu initially tried to advise him, talk to him in an affectionate way, so as to make him change his path from Bhagawan Narayana. However, this didn’t bear any fruit! Prahlaada was steadfast in his approach and no words can really bring any sort of change in him!

It was at this point that Hiranya-Kashibu decides to take the stick in hand! He came to a conclusion that words aren’t going to suffice. This boy requires some harsh treatment to be changed. Thus, Hiranya-Kashibu makes up his mind to think of some punishment to be meted out to his 6-year-old, although he had the love and affection towards little Prahlaada. So the first punishment that is going to be meted out to Prahlaada was that, an elephant would come and frighten him in such a way that it is going to stamp him to death! Accordingly, Prahlaada was taken to a spot wherein he was amidst a herd of wild elephants screaming with full vigor! Hiranya-Kashibu’s expectation was that, upon seeing these wild elephants hurling at him, Prahlaada would immediately relent from his devotion towards Narayana! However, what happened here was a miracle! Young Prahlaada thought to himself thus, “Oh! It is this same elephant whose name is “Gajendra” for whom my Bhagawan Narayana came running all the way to protect! Looks like Gajendra has come to meet an ardent Vishnu devotee today!” Thinking thus, his lips started chanting Bhagawan Narayana’s name more fervently! Upon seeing this, the elephant started moving backwards! Instead of frightening the child with its loud scream, the elephant bowed down to the Mahatma, prostrated in front of Him, worshipped Him and went back! This is the first amazing miracle that Bhagawan unfolded, so as to ensure that little Prahlaada is protected and safe.

As Hiranya-Kashibu learns that his first plot had failed, he started thinking of the second! He took little Prahlaada to a place where there were a bunch of extremely poisonous snakes around! He let him inside the room of snakes, thinking that if these snakes are scaring him of death, Prahlaada would immediately change his resolve. However, to the contrary again, Prahlaada’s devotion towards Bhagawan Narayana only increased exponentially! He now thought within himself thus, “Oh! I’ve read in many places that “Aadisesha” is the divine serpent, over which my Bhagawan Narayana reclines on! Perhaps today I’m getting that blessing from my Bhagawan to meet Aadisesha today! Oh goodness! How fortunate is this Aadisesha to have Bhagawan’s “darshan” every minute of his life! When am I going to get such a great fortune in my life?” Thinking thus, Prahlaada’s longing for Bhagawan Narayana increased manifold! Upon seeing Prahlaada going into a state of estacy and divine bliss, the snakes moved away from him! Rather than coming close and scaring him, the snakes understood the sanctity and greatness of the “Mahatma” in Prahlaada and instead worshipped him!

This came as a huge jolt to Hiranya-Kashibu! Firstly, the elephants were scared away! Secondly now, the snakes too met with the same end! Why is all this happening? How come Prahlaada is totally unharmed even by the scariest of all animals? Is Bhagawan Narayana’s devotion more powerful than Hiranya’s power? An important answer awaits us in the next episode, as we continue with the interesting “Prahlaada-Charithra”! Stay tuned! 😊




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