Episode # 168 – Bhagawan is accessible 24*7 for His ardent devotees – Prahlaada’s important message!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a beautiful section of the “Prahlaada-Charithra” wherein we saw how little Prahlaada stood his ground when it came to chanting of Bhagawan’s divine name “Narayana”! Even though his teachers Chanda and Amarka tried repeatedly to make him forget the “Narayana” Mantra and teach “Om Hiranyaaya Namah”, it did not yield any fruit! Initially when both Chanda and Amarka took him back to his father, Hiranya-Kashibu, Prahlaada beautifully explains that he had learnt the nine different forms of ardent Bhakti towards Bhagawan Vishnu from his teachers! Upon hearing this, Chanda and Amarka were stunned beyond words! They did not teach any of what Prahlaada was saying! It was a blatant lie from Prahlaada! Thus, Hiranya-Kashibu gives both Chanda and Amarka, one more chance to prove their mettle – Else, they would be hanged to death!

Fearing this intensive punishment, Chanda and Amarka take away Prahlaada for one more time, but the output was the same! In fact, the problem got complicated when Prahlaada started pulling other Raakshasa kids too in chanting Bhagawan Narayana’s name! This irked the teachers beyond limits and on the other hand, their fear of being put to death by Hiranya-Kashibu was also gripping them! As this proceeds further, the Raakshasa kids innocently ask Prahlaada thus, “Oh Prahlaada! We are also born in a Raakshasa community like how you are born! Yet, we do not have even an iota of “Bhakti” towards Bhagawan Vishnu till date, unlike you! How is that you are so different from all of us? You’re such a blessed soul, but sadly and unfortunately we are not!”

Upon this, Prahlaada is moved by the children’s innocence and replies thus, “Oh children! Why do you want to cry and worry like this? Bhakti is common for all people in this world, including the Devas, Asuras, etc. Who on earth told you that you are ineligible to practice Bhakti? All of us have the equal rights to be ardent devotees of Bhagawan! So please shed this illusion thought that you are inferior and ineligible for doing Bhakti! If we are born as Raakshasa kids, so be it! Bhagawan never says that we should change our background and come to him! We can still be whatever we are, and still chant Bhagawan’s names and attain Moksha. All what is important is whether we are prepared to exhibit Bhakti from the bottom of our heart. If we’re able to do that, then Bhagawan lovingly receives all of us into His divine abode!”

What an important answer is this from the little child! It has lot of important meanings to it. This is not going to be the end of what Prahlaada is saying. The other Raakshasa children aren’t very convinced yet, just like all of us! 😊 They follow up with Prahlaada with few more questions thus: “Oh Prahlaada! Whatever you’re saying is fine. However, there are still some doubts. We hear that Bhagawan Vishnu is largely inaccessible to anyone including Bhagawan Brahma, Indra, etc. If those people aren’t able to meet Him, how can we? We are such insignificant people that Bhagawan might not even be interested to listen to what we are saying and doing for him!”

Prahlaada replies them back thus, “OH children! Please don’t think that way! Yes, you are right that Indra cannot meet Bhagawan that easily and this is because of his arrogance! Bhagawan is always accessible 24*7 for ardent devotees! All what is important is to call Him fervently from the bottom of our hearts! This will definitely go to Bhagawan’s ears and once that happens, He would come rushing towards us immediately! You can trust my words! Don’t compare Indra with us. If we follow the right procedure, we can be sure of attaining Bhagawan very easily!”

Prahlaada continues further thus, “Oh children! Please understand this – Even a squirrel has gone near Bhagawan and had a deep friendship with Him! Monkeys have done so too! And so have other animals like bears, dogs, etc. too! If animals like these can have direct and easy access to Bhagawan, why not us? We are blessed with the sixth sense called “discrimination” and we are blessed with the power to think and take decisions. We can definitely use our intellect, focus our devotion towards Bhagawan and finally attain Him very easily! This is definitely possible! Thus, Bhagawan is a person who is easily accessible to ardent devotees any time! It is only for those people with arrogance and pride that He is largely inaccessible!”

Thus, from this beautiful answer, the message is loud and clear – All of us are equal under Bhagawan’s eyes! It is only we who should decide whether to let Bhagawan access us or not! If we’re going to encourage our ego and arrogance, Bhagawan is going to ignore us every time! However, if we’re able to get to that level of maturity of shedding the ego completely and focus our attention on devotion, Bhagawan is also prepared to become our slave! He would start following us wherever we are going and will start giving us 100% access to Him whenever we want! So for today, let us realize and understand this important message. We shall wait till tomorrow’s episode to continue this further! Stay tuned! 😊





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