Episode # 161 – Is it fair on Bhagawan Brahma to grant boons to Raakshasas? An interesting discussion!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Jaya and Vijaya taking birth in this world as two Raakshasa brothers. Jaya took birth as Hiranyaksha and Vijaya took birth as Hiranya-Kashibu. We’ve already witnessed that Bhagawan Varaha had killed Hiranyaksha and with this, his brother Hiranya-Kashibu is angered and is waiting to take vengeance against Bhagawan Vishnu who conspired and killed his brother. Accordingly, Hiranya-Kashibu sets out for a deep and an intense penance towards Bhagawan Brahma. Eventually, Bhagawan Brahma gets impressed with the intensity of Hiranya-Kashibu and thus appears in front of him. Pleased with Hiranya’s dedication, Bhagawan Brahma gave him the opportunity to ask for a boon. Accordingly, Hiranya-Kashibu comes up with a huge list of boons! 😊 We’ve witnessed this huge list yesterday and with this list, he seemingly becomes invincible, wherein even Bhagawan Brahma starts shaking with fear! As Hiranya-Kashibu finally finishes his long list, he concludes it by asking thus, “Oh Bhagawan Brahma! Grant me the boon that I would never be killed by any living being which is created by you!” Hearing this, Bhagawan Brahma heaved a huge sigh of relief! He knew the loophole that was evident in what Hiranya-Kashibu had asked! If there’s nobody of Bhagawan Brahma’s creation who can kill Hiranya-Kashibu, there might be someone who hasn’t been created by Bhagawan Brahma! He’s none other than Bhagawan Narayana Himself! At that moment itself, Bhagawan Brahma realized that this Hiranya-Kashibu is destined to be put an end by none other than Bhagawan Vishnu only!

We had finished the previous episode with an important and an interesting question – Why is that, the Raakshasas are always being granted with innumerable number of boons by Bhagawan Brahma? In every instance in the Sanaathana Dharma scriptures we would see a clear pattern emerging thus – If there’s a Raakshasa, he would do penance towards Bhagawan Brahma, obtain boon after boon, do all sorts of atrocities possible in this world and finally Bhagawan Vishnu has to break his head and come and kill the Raakshasa, so as to save the world! This can be seen in Hiranyaksha, Hiranya-Kashibu, Ravana, Kumbhakarna, Kamsa, Sishupaala, etc. The list goes on and on! Why is this happening like a trend? Why is Bhagawan Brahma granting boons to those people who do not deserve to have them in their possession? Isn’t it unfair on Him to do so? Let us witness the answers to these questions now.

To begin with, we should understand one point very clearly here – It is the rule of nature and Bhagawan that if any person follows the due procedure in doing intense penance, he / she would be destined to obtain the benefits assigned to it. Even in today’s world, we have the “Phala-Stuthi” at the end of every important sloka. For instance, if we consider Vishnu Sahasranama or the Lalitha Sahasranama, at the end of both these verses, we would have this “Phala-Stuthi”. This section explains the various benefits that a person would obtain if he / she chants this sloka. This “Phala-Stuthi” is a rule and it is thus applicable to all people in the world, irrespective of whether the person is good or bad in nature. The only difference here is that, for people who are wicked, the “Vairaagya” or the “Will-power” to achieve the benefits is very high, whereas, for people who are good in nature, generally lack this will power! We can witness this trend in almost all cases of Raakshasas in the Sanaathana Dharma – Right from Hiranyaksha to Sishupala, everybody had that dedication to obtain something in the form of boons! As per the law thus, if someone follows the procedure with the required “Vairaagya”, Bhagawan Brahma cannot deny the benefits to that person. Just because a person might be bad, it would be unfair if Bhagawan Brahma denies it. This is the reason why all the Raakshasas obtain all possible boons from Bhagawan Brahma and eventually involve in all sorts of atrocities to push their personal agenda.

Just like how the Raakshasas were steadfast in their approach towards boons, in today’s world too, we find the same characteristic, isn’t it? Those people with a divisive agenda or those people whose only aim is to destroy the world by any ways or means are always united and steadfast in their approach, and fight for their so-called “basic rights”! We’ve witnessed this characteristic even few days ago when the Indian government took a bold step forward to deny few basic rights for that particular destructive community of people. We witnessed their destructive and divisive agenda coming to the forefront with all the violence that erupted in various parts of the country! Hence, the point here is that, just like how the Raakshasas had that dedication towards penance, so as to obtain boons, why can’t we do it as well? We should look at it in this way only, rather than saying that Bhagawan Brahma only gives boons to Raakshasas! The rules are the same for both good and bad people. If bad people are able to follow the rules correctly and obtain whatever they wanted, why can’t good people too follow the same rule and obtain whatever we want? Did Bhagawan deny good people anything at any stage? No, isn’t it? Hence, it is upto us to make up our mind and follow the rules of the game, if we’ve to obtain whatever we want from Bhagawan. We should always remember that Bhagawan is an embodiment of love and compassion. It is upto us to reach out to Bhagawan in the stipulated way. Just like how only the crying child would get milk, we should also make sure that we “cry” for the good things from Bhagawan!

Thus having said this, moving on with Hiranya-Kashibu’s narrative, he had by now obtained all the boons from Bhagawan Brahma and returns back to his kingdom. By the time he comes back, his wife had a “good news” for him that she was pregnant. Hiranya-Kashibu is double happy now! He had obtained all the requisite boons and also he’s going to get a baby! Is this happiness going to sustain for him in the long run? What is going to happen next? Let’s wait for the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 😊







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