Episode # 162 – Indra tries to kill Hiranya-Kashibu’s baby in the womb itself!

Little Krishna

The previous episode witnessed an important discussion wherein we answered the question on why do the Raakshasas attain so many boons from Bhagawan Bramha and is it fair on his part too, to grant all what these Raakshasas ask for. Even after knowing very well that the Raakshasas are going to use these boons to destroy the world (just like how some people are doing today), why is Bhagawan Brahma granting them whatever they ask for? We witnessed interesting but important answers for these questions, wherein the crux of the discussion was that, the rule book is the same for all people. Those who follow the rules, would get benefitted and those who don’t, do not get any benefit. It’s as simple as that! Unfortunately the fact of the matter is that, the Raakshasas are steadfast in what they want to achieve, and thus they obtain it as well. However, it is always found to be wanting on the side of the people who are good and kind-hearted.

Moving on further, as Hiranya-Kashibu obtains all the boons from Bhagawan Brahma, he returns back to his kingdom victorious! Eventually as he entered his palace, he had another sweet news awaiting him! His wife by name Kayaathu was carrying and was about to deliver a baby! This added to his happiness and both Kayathu and Hiranya-Kashibu were eagerly waiting for the baby to be born. It is to be remembered meanwhile that this Hiranya-Kashibu was the biggest enemy to all the Devas, including Indra. Since Indra knew what was conspiring, he started thinking thus, “Oh! Anyway, this Hiranya-Kashibu is a Raakshasa and is torturing all of us mercilessly. Now that he is expecting a child, this child will also eventually turn out to be a Raakshasa. Hence, to save the world’s future generations atleast, we should destroy this child even as it is in it’s mother’s womb. By this, we shall prevent the birth of one more new Raakshasa in this world!” Having this thought thus, Indra comes down to the world, kidnaps Kayathu and takes her along with him, before Hiranya-Kashibu comes back from the forest after the penance. Readers should understand that this Indra’s kidnapping of Kayathu is happening while Hiranya-Kashibu was in deep penance. He doesn’t even know what was happening to his wife at this point in time.

However, it was Sage Naarada who stops Indra from proceeding further. Sage Naarada stops Indra mid-way and scolds him left, right and center! Sage Naarada says thus, “Oh Indra! Do you know what kind of a grave mistake you are about to commit? You’re trying to punish a pregnant woman and her new child, for no fault of theirs! Just because her husband is a Raakshasa, how is it fair to punish anybody other than him? If you have the guts, go and wage a war with Hiranya-Kashibu, win over him and do the needful, rather than punishing someone else. Moreover, do you even know what is the significance of the baby which is going to be born from her womb? You’ll not understand it even if I explain to you properly. Hence, stop this atrocity and hand over this woman to me. I shall take care of her until Hiranya-Kashibu returns back!”

Saying thus, Sage Naarada takes away Kayaathu to his ashram and nurtures the pregnant woman with all the care that he could give. As Sage Naarada keeps her in his ashram, he narrates all stories of Bhagawan Vishnu to her and this baby is also listening to all of these stories from the womb itself. Although Kayaathu is falling asleep occasionally dur to her tiredness of bearing the pregnancy, this baby inside the womb is widely awake, listening to every word that Sage Naarada is uttering! Because of this, the to-be-born baby has another significant name called “Garbha-Shreeman”. This is such a unique ability isn’t it? In the womb, normally the baby might not even be fully grown. Even then if this baby has the capability to listen and appreciate Sage Naarada’s stories, how fortunate was this baby and how much blessed was this baby to obtain all this information and that too from none other than Sage Naarada himself?

As this baby listens more and more to Sage Naarada’s words, the devotion (Bhakti), knowledge (Gnyaana) and will-power / persistence (Vairaagya) starts growing automatically. This baby is thus fully transformed into an ardent devotee of Bhagawan Vishnu even before it takes birth! Now who is this “special baby” that I’m talking about? Who is it that Sage Naarada himself is giving so much of importance? Why is he doing this? An interesting next episode awaits us tomorrow! Stay tuned! 😊











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