Episode # 160 – Hiranya-Kashibu’s “long list of boons” to Bhagawan Brahma – An interesting accord!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed commencement of yet another major event that Sage Shukaachaarya is explaining to King Parikshit – Advent of Bhagawan’s incarnation – Bhagawan Narasimha. As we get into the major event, we had been witnessing the background narrative that had been described at length in the text. We witnessed a brief about Jaya and Vijaya, who were security guards outside of Bhagawan Vishnu’s divine abode, Vaikunta and how they tried stopping Sages Sanaka and Sanatkumara from meeting Bhagawan Vishnu. Also we witnessed that Sages Sanaka and Sanatkumaara became angry when they were stopped even after repeated requests and finally cursed both Jaya and Vijaya that they would be born in the world as Raakshasas thrice in three upcoming “Yugas”. Each of their Raakshasa births would culminate with Bhagawan Vishnu Himself killing them and sending them back to Vaikunta!

Eventually, Jaya and Vijaya were shocked beyond words! How can they become enemies to their most beloved Bhagawan? They didn’t know what to do as they broke down into tears! As they approach Bhagawan Vishnu for a solution, Bhagawan also says that He cannot do away with the curse just like that and if things have to happen this way, there is no other option! Thus, Jaya and Vijaya had to undergo the curse fully and they eventually start taking births in the world. The first pair was Hiranyaaksha and Hiranya-Kashibu. The second pair was Ravana and Kumbhakarna. The third pair was Sishupala and Dandravakta. We’ve already witnessed how Hiranyaksha was killed by Bhagawan in the form of “Varaaha Moorthi”. Now it is time for Hiranya-Kashbu ‘s story. This Hiranya-Kashibu was also born alongside Hiranyaksha. In fact, in all the three birth cycles, this Jaya and Vijaya took birth as Raakshasas as brothers together. We can witness the same in Ravana and Kumbhakarna and Sishupala and Dandravakta too.

Now it’s time for Hiranya-Kashibu to take center-stage. Since his elder brother, Hiranyaksha was brutally killed by Bhagawan Varaaha, Hiranya-Kashibu was raging in anger to take revenge on Bhagawan. Hiranya-Kashibu was steadfast in his decision that he would somehow take revenge and show who he is to Bhagawan Narayana! Thus, he went into a forest, concealed himself for so many years and entered into a deep penance! When I mention “so many years”, it is not one or two or ten or twenty! It is almost one crore years! 😊 Thus, Hiranya-Kashibu entered into an extremely severe penance towards Bhagawan Bramha! At one stage, there was nothing left in Hiranya-Kashibu’s body, except his skin and mere bag of bones! Moved by the intensity of his penance, Bhagawan Bramha was moved and thus appears in person before Hiranya-Kashibu.

As Bhagawan Bramha appears, he asks thus, “Oh Hiranya-Kashibu! I’m moved by the intensity of your deep penance! You’ve made me extremely happy with the way you’ve performed the penance. You may feel free to ask me anything that you want! I shall grant you whatever boon you ask for!” As Bhagawan Bramha asks thus, Hiranya-Kashibu feels that his sole purpose of doing the penance had been fulfilled! He sees this as an opportunity to ask for a “smart boon” wherein he would become extremely invincible in nature and nobody could kill him! Having this thought thus, Hiranya-Kashibu starts asking for the boon thus, “Oh Bhagawan Bramha! Now that you’ve given me an opportunity to ask you for a boon, here you go! I should not meet death in any of the following places and forms – I shall not be killed inside or outside the house. I shall not be killed during any time of the day or the night. I shall not be killed on the earth’s surface. I shall not be killed in the “Aakaasha” (Sky). I shall not be killed by any of the Devas or Asuras. I shall not be killed with a weapon that has power and life in it. Rather, I should not be killed by a weapon that is lifeless and powerless!”

Hiranya-Kashibu is continuing further and further like this! Upon seeing this, Bhagawan Bramha started realizing that he is slowly closing all the possible doors through which death might occur for a person! In fact, at one point, even Bhagawan Bramha started shaking with fear! He thinks within himself thus, “Oh my God! Looking at the way this fellow is asking for a boon, I think I shouldn’t even have committed myself to grant a boon in the first place! If he continues like this, there would be nobody in this world who can stop this guy! The world would face an imminent danger of getting extinct under him! We should somehow stop him from going any further!”

As Bhagawan Brahma thinks thus within himself, Hiranya-Kashibu uttered the last of his wishes thus, “Oh Bhagawan Bramha! I should not be killed by anybody whom you had created!” Upon listening this from Hiranya-Kashibu, Bhagawan Bramha heaved a huge sigh of relief! Why did he do that? It is because, there is one person who was not created by Bhagawan Brahma and in fact, Bhagawan Brahma was himself created by this one person! He is none other than Bhagawan Vishnu Himself! Immediately Bhagawan Brahma understood the ploy here – It is only Bhagawan Vishnu who can stop this guy and nobody else!

Thus, as Hiranya-Kashibu finishes his lengthy accord, Bhagawan Brahma replies back, “Oh Hiranya-Kashibu! Here you go! I hereby grant all of the boons that you had asked me for! From this moment, all what you’ve asked me would come true!” We might have a doubt here – Hiranya-Kashibu was a wicked person by nature. Given this fact, why does Bhagawan Brahma grant this many number of boons as and how he asks? Isn’t it unfair on Bhagawan’s part in offering all what wicked people ask for? An interesting answer awaits us in the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊





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