Episode # 159 – Sages Sanaka & Sanatkumara curse Jaya and Vijaya!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the conclusion of the event wherein Indra (Leader of the Devas) is killing Vriddhraasura with his newly-found weapon called “Vajraayudha”. We had witnessed the sequence of events that led to this grand finale. We had witnessed that Vishwa-Vasu, who had taught the “Narayana Kavacha” to Indra and to the world, being killed by none other than Indra himself for some reason. Vowing a revenge to this heinous act of Indra, Vishwa-Vasu’s father decides to conduct a grand sacrificial offering and from thus, Vriddhraasura was created with all the powers of the manthras chanted. This Vriddhraasura was an invincible person by all means and he was a huge scare for Indra and Co. Unable to find a solution to curtail and kill Vriddhraasura, Indra explores various ways and means and finally knocks on the doors of Sage Dadhyaka, who removes his own backbone, makes it into a lethal weapon, called the Vajraayudha. It was with this Vajraayudha, that Indra finally manages to kill Vriddhraasura. With this, the world became free from the atrocities of this great Raakshasa and so did Indra leave a huge sigh of relief!

With this event, we came to the end of the sixth “Skandha” of the Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana. Moving on thus, we now enter into the seventh, wherein the highlight of this Skandha is the story of Prahalada and how Bhagawan takes the form of a lion (Bhagawan Narasimha) to put an end to Hiranya-Kashibu, who was torturing little Prahlada for no fault of his. But before we enter into the actual event, we need to look into some interesting background events, which lead to Bhagawan Narasimha’s and Prahlada’s advents. Many readers might already be knowing these events, however, it is always a pleasure if we read through Bhagawan’s stories, isn’t it? For instance, even though all of us know the Ramayana story right from our childhood days, why do we keep repeating it every day? The reason why we read the Ramayana, Mahabharata, etc. is not because we do not know the storyline. The main purpose is to experience Bhagawan’s grace, enjoy the divine plays of Bhagawan and in turn, this aids in our spiritual growth. This should be the ultimate aim. Hence, the point here is that, readers shouldn’t get complacent while going through sections that might be known to us already. Even though we might know them. It is always nice to go through things that we know, as it adds a divine flavor to our spiritual life.

With this note, let us now witness an interesting introduction to this whole story. We’ve already witnessed two important people by name “Sanaka” and “Sanatkumara” in our previous episodes. These two people were great sages with ultra-high powers of penance. One fine day, Sages Sanaka and Sanatkumara decide to pay a visit to Bhagawan Vishnu at His abode, Vaikunta! Thus accordingly, both the sages make their way to Vaikunta, only to be intercepted by Bhagawan Vishnu’s “security guards”. These two security guards were none other than “Jaya” and “Vijaya”. As the two sages come by, Jaya and Vijaya stop them and tell them thus, “Oh great sages! I’m very glad to see and worship both of you! I know you’ve come to meet Bhagawan! However, Bhagawan is resting for the moment. So please, can both of you wait for some time till Bhagawan finishes His resting period?”

As Sages Sanaka and Sanatkumara hear this accord from Jaya and Vijaya, they are adamant in their stance of meeting Bhagawan Vishnu now itself, without any delay! However, Jaya and Vijaya too stood by their stance by not allowing both of them to enter into Bhagawan’s abode! Getting irritated thus, the two sages fumed at Jaya and Vijaya thus, “Oh Jaya and Vijaya! You’ve done a great mistake here today! Without knowing our background and stature, you’re asking us to wait to meet Bhagawan Vishnu? Who are you to stop us like this at the gate? Since you’ve insulted both of us in a ‘derogatory manner’, we are issuing a curse to both of you – Very soon, both of you would be born thrice in the world as Raakshasas! Each time you would be killed by Bhagawan Himself and only at the end of the third time, you would be able to get back your position which you’re holding today!”

According to this curse from Sages Sanaka and Sanatkumara, these Jaya and Vijaya together start taking series of births in the world. During the first round, they take birth as Hiranyaksha and Hiranya-Kashibu. The next round witnesses the birth of Ravana and Kumbhakarna. The third and final round witnesses the birth of Sishupala and Dandravakta. It should be remembered that all these three births that Jaya and Vijaya took together, they were born as Raakshasas. Bhagawan Vishnu incarnated in different “Yugas” and had to finish these Raakshasas, so that they attained liberation finally! It is to be noted that this first birth by name Hiranyaksha has already taken place and Bhagawan Vishnu in the form of Bhagawan Varaaha had already liberated Jaya once. Now it is the time for Hiranya-Kashibu to take birth in the world and the stage is set for the events to unfold from now!

We shall also prepare ourselves today and wait till tomorrow’s episode for the interesting and mind-absorbing events to start unfolding! Stay tuned! 😊


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