Episode # 153 – Daksha-Prajapati curses Sage Naarada!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the commencement of the next important event, wherein Sage Sukhaachaarya explains the story of Daksha-Prajapati. We’ve already witnessed the family lineage of Daksha-Prajapati yesterday and how he was continuing the job of creating the world further, as his earlier ancestors did. As Daksha-Prajapati marries and obtains 10,000 children known as “Harieshwaras” he passes on the responsibility of creating the world to his sons. As these Harieshwaras were continuing with the job, Sage Naarada comes down to have a chat with these people. Upon seeing these people working hard in creating more and more of the world, Sage Naarada gives them a suggestion thus – Rather than “wasting time” in creating the world further and further, with all sorts of uncertainties that exist with it, why don’t they focus on themselves and their spiritual growth, so that they can attain Moksha? Instead of doing something which is never going to be beneficial in any way for them personally, they can focus on meditating, penance, chanting of Bhagawan’s divine names, etc. and finally attain Vaikunta! Paying heed to Sage Naarada’s “valuable” advice, the Harieshwaras undertake deep penance and finally attain Moksha too!

Upon understanding that his sons were “misguided” and “tricked” by Sage Naarada into something that is unwarranted of at this stage, Daksha-Prajapati fumes in anger! He straightaway goes to Sage Naarada and demands an answer for what has happened to his sons! Sage Naarada understands that Daksha-Prajapati is in deep anger and thus tries to console him. Sage Naarada explains to him thus, “Oh Daksha-Prajapati! Don’t worry! These 10,000 people were not destined for the job of creating the world and this is why I had to intervene and re-route them to Moksha! Now don’t worry! Go back to your place and you would again reproduce. The people who would be born to you now, would carry out the job of creating the world further!” Accordingly, Daksha-Prajapati’s anger came down and he goes back to his place. As per Sage Naarada’s words, Daksha-Prajapati had the next set of 1000 sons, who were referred to as “Shabalaaswaras”! As these “Shabalaaswaras” grow up and mature, Daksha-Prajapati hands over the responsibility of creating the world, into their hands.

According to their father’s instructions, the “Shabalaaswaras” go about their job, which was half-left by their “Harieshwara” brothers. After few years pass by, Sage Naarada again comes back. This time he meets the “Shabalaaswaras” and offers the same advice as he did to the “Harieshwaras”! Sage Naarada says thus, “Oh Shabalaaswaras! Why are you wasting your time doing this mundane job day in and day out? Instead, why don’t you strive to attain Moksha, which is not that difficult as you think! I shall advice you in such a way that all of you would be able to attain Moksha seamlessly! Hence, stop this work and focus on the higher goal in your lives!”

As we read through this, we might think thus, “Oh wow! Attaining Moksha is much easier than going here and there, doing lot of work, etc. Just let us sit in one corner of the room and meditate and we shall reach Moksha!” But it’s still early days! Let’s wait for the story to continue further and then let’s witness whether it’s easy or tough to attain Moksha! 😊

Thus, the Shabalaaswaras also get brainwashed by Sage Naarada’s “seemingly pleasing” words of advice and they too enter the severe penance mode! As the Shabalaaswaras get into the spiritual direction, eventually they too attain Moksha with the divine grace of Bhagawan! As these 1000 people too make their way to Moksha, the creation of the world comes to a grinding halt, yet again! This angers Daksha-Prajapati even more as he rushes out of his place, this time with a savage resolution! He’s going to take Sage Naarada head-on! He goes to Sage Naarada and again fumes thus, “Oh Sage Naarada! What did you tell me last time when we met? You advised me to go and have thousand more children, so as to continue with the job of creating the world and now again you’ve played spoilsport by sending all of them to Moksha! Now I’ve had enough and more with you! You’ve cheated me in a big way and not only that – You’ve become a disgrace to the whole world!”

Hearing thus from Daksha-Prajapati, Sage Naarada didn’t know what to reply! He was clearly caught red-handed for what he had done! As he tried explaining his stance to Daksha-Prajapati, he is in no position to listen again! Daksha-Prajapati continues with his accord thus – And this time with more intensity – “Oh Sage Naarada! For what you’ve done, not once but twice, I’m issuing a curse on you! From now onwards, you would not have one place to stay in this world! Instead, you would be roaming around the world here and there! From that day onwards, till today, we see Sage Naarada roaming around all the time from one place to the other with his “Veena” and the “Tanpura”, chanting Bhagawan’s name of “Narayana”!

There is also another deeper meaning as to why Sage Naarada keeps on roaming around the world every time. We shall wait till the next episode to find out! Similarly, we also need to find out what did Daksha-Prajapati do after cursing Sage Naarada! What is going to be Daksha-Prajapati’s next step? Let us wait to find out in the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊



















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