Episode # 152 – Creation of the world continues further – Role of Daksha-Prajaapati!!!


The previous episode witnessed the culmination of Ajamila’s episode with an extremely important point in regard to the significance of “Nama-Sankeertanam” and how does it pave the way for attaining Moksha. The primary point that we tried understanding yesterday was that, Nama-Sankeertanam” doesn’t directly guarantee us a place in the Moksha but gives us the right direction through which we can attain Moksha. From the story, we witnessed how by chanting Bhagawan’s divine name of “Narayana”, Ajamila was blessed with an opportunity to be part of a great “Satsanga” wherein there was an important discussion on what is “Dharma” and “Adharma” in this world. This was a great learning, not only for Ajamila himself, but also for the entire world. Eventually after the discussion culminated between the Yama-Dhootas and the Vishnu-Dhootas, Ajamila realized his mistakes and repented that had he spent his entire lifetime chanting Bhagawan’s divine names, more and more good things would have happened in his life! If by chanting Bhagawan’s name just once was so powerful enough to bring about a huge “Satsanga” and a discussion, imagine what would have been Ajamila’s fortune had he devoted his entire life in chanting Bhagawan’s divine names!

Thus, from this Ajamila’s episode, readers should understand that chanting Bhagawan’s divine and sacred names in the form of Vishnu Sahasranaama is of paramount importance, and of course this is not going to directly take us to Vaikunta. By doing so, Bhagawan’s heart is going to melt in happiness and this happiness and heart-filled contentment of Bhagawan is what is going to ultimately take us to our goal. Thus, we should not confuse ourselves by “blindly” believing just the outward part of the story. We should become mature enough to undertake in-depth analysis like this, to understand the deeper meaning behind every instance that the Bhaagawatham text is offering to us!

Moving on further thus, Sage Sukhaachaarya continues his narration on how the whole world came into existence. Readers might be able to remember that the entire story started with how Svaayambhuva Manu commenced the entire agenda of creating the world. Subsequently his next generations including Utthaanapaada, Dhruva, Anga, Vena, Pruthu, Priyavratha, Aagneedhra, Naabhi, Rishabha Deva, Jada-Bharata and finally now we’ve witnessed the event of Ajaamila’s life. Readers might be familiar with these above-mentioned names, however, if some readers have newly joined us, I request all of you to go back few episodes and read them to get continuity. All these stories aren’t rocket sciences. They are easily understandable and comprehendible by all of us. Hence, readers need not worry whether we would understand all of this at one shot or not. All episodes are available in our blog and readers are hereby requested to read and re-read all of them, so as to get a solid understanding of whatever we are discussing here. It is to be understood that it is not enough if we read these things just once and get away. We should repeatedly keep reading them, take notes and ponder over all the important points that I’m stressing at the end of each and every instance that are discussed. Only then we would be able to understand and retain whatever we’ve read and learnt. Most importantly, it is not enough if we just understand and keep quiet. We should also make it a point that we follow all of them in our day-to-day life. Implementation is the key here. Listening, reading, understanding, etc. would take us only up to a certain point. But the real effect comes only when we start implementing all what we read, listen, understand, etc.

As Sage Sukhaachaarya moves on thus, we go into the next story – The story of “Daksha-Prajaapati”. So far we’ve witnessed the stories of the Dasha-Prachetasas. These people eventually got married and the son who was born out their marriage was none other than this Daksha-Prajaapati. Daksha-Prajaapati grows up and gets married. His next generation comprises of many women who were born out of his marriage. These women in-turn got married and gave birth to around 10,000 people, who are referred to as “Harieshwaras”. After the birth of these “Harieshwaras”, Daksha-Prajaapati passes on the job of further creating the world, to the hands of these 10,000 people. Accordingly, the “Harieshwaras” continue with the job.

As the “Harieshwaras” were performing their stipulated tasks, Sage Naarada arrives into the scene once more – This time again, to create some confusion amongst the Harieshwaras! “ 😊 Sage Naarada comes and talks to these 10,000 people thus, “Oh Harieshwaras! I’m happy that you’re taking over the job of creating the world further, from your father Daksha-Prajapati. However, let me tell you something important. Just think for a while – What is the purpose that you’re going to achieve by creating the world further and further? Don’t we have enough and more people already? What is that you’re going to gain by doing this mundane job? You’re not going to know what is going to happen to the people whom you’re creating further. Nether, are you going to know the tenure of the world that you’re creating people into! Neither are you going to know how long these people are going to live in this world! Given so much of uncertainties around, why do you want to waste time in creating things that are totally out of your control? Instead of doing this useless task, why don’t you focus on attaining Moksha by meditating and chanting the divine names of Bhagawan and thereby securing your life? If you really understand what I’m saying, just follow my words of advice!”

Saying thus, Sage Narada literally brainwashes these 10,000 people! Eventually, all of them start quitting their jobs and go into meditation and spiritual practices! As days, months, years roll by, these 10,000 people attain Moksha with the grace of Bhagawan! Now the entire creation agenda comes to a grinding halt! Upon understanding this, Daksha-Prajaapati learns that his sons have attained Moksha, rather than doing the job of creation which was allocated to them! Hence, he starts raging with anger! His anger knew no bounds because Sage Naarada has (as usual) spoilt his agenda!

What happens next? What is going to be Daksha-Prajaapati’s next reaction? Let’s eagerly wait to understand in the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊





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