Episode # 154 – After Sage Naarada, Daksha-Prajapati curses Chandra Bhagawan too!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of Daksha-Prajapati’s accord as to how the creation of the world was progressing from generation to generation. We had witnessed that initially, Daksha-Prajapati took over the reins from his father and eventually passed it on to his 10,000 odd sons, also known as “Harieshwaras”. As the “Harieshwaras” were going about their job of creation, Sage Naarada thought of playing some “pranks” here and thus, “advised” them to focus on their own spiritual development, rather than creating the world further and further, which is of no use to anybody! Paying heed to Sage Naarada’s words, the Harieshwaras changed their focus from creation to spiritual growth. Thus eventually, the Harieshwaras attain Moksha and the job of creating the world came to a grinding halt! This angers Daksha-Prajapati and he immediately understands what had conspired! He rushes to Sage Naarada, fuming with anger and thus demanded an answer for what he has done to his sons. Realizing that Daksha-Prajapati wouldn’t be convinced with any answer, Sage Naarada asks him to go back and obtain another set of children and to give them the responsibility of creating the world.

Accordingly, Daksha-Prajapati goes back, obtains a thousand children this time, known as “Shabalaaswaras”. As Daksha-Prajapati hands over the responsibility to these Shabalaaswaras, after few days, Sage Naarada again comes and plays spoilsport! Just like how he advised the Harieshwaras, he did the same with the “Shabalaaswaras” as well. Eventually, moved by Sage Naarada’s “great words of wisdom”, the Shabalaaswaras too attained Moksha and thus the job of creation again comes to a grinding halt! Angered again at Sage Naarada’s action, Daksha-Prajapati realized that there’s some conspiracy going on here! He immediately goes to Sage Naarada, fuming with anger and this time he didn’t ask anything to Sage Naarada! Rather, he directly curses Sage Naarada saying that from this day onwards he would have to keep wandering all over the world, without a permanent place to live! This is why, till date, Sage Naarada keeps roaming around the world with his “Veena” and the “Tanpura”, chanting Bhagawan’s divine name of “Narayana”!

This is just one reason why Sage Naarada keeps moving from one place to the other. There’s another reason as well – If a “Mahatma” or a highly realized Spiritual Master stays in one particular place all the time, He / She risks the accumulation of lot of “Bandhus” (Bonding’s between people)! This eventually might become an enemy to their “Sanyasa-Dharma”. For instance, if a spiritual master sits under a huge banyan tree, performs some miracles and transform the life of one person, what would happen next? This one person would go and spread the news about this “New Mahatma” to another ten people. These ten people would subsequently flock their way towards the banyan tree. Subsequently, these ten people would inform another hundred people! The number would only continue to grow further and further and at one stage, the entire time of the Mahatma would only be utilized in performing miracle after miracle! What about the other aspects of the “Sanyasa-Dharma” which the Mahatma should follow? This is the reason why we would witness, great Mahatmas would never stay under one roof for a long time. They would constantly be on wheels, travelling from one place to the other! This is exactly why we see Sage Naarada too, wandering from one place to the other, without being stay put at one domicile.

Moving on with the story thus, knowing that his second set of sons have also gone to Moksha, Daksha Prajapati goes back to his place and obtains sixty daughters. As the daughters grow up, he gives 27 of them in marriage to Chandra (Moon). The next thirteen daughters by names Aditi, Diti etc. were given in marriage to Kashyapa-Prajapati. After all these marriages took place, the bunch of clouds were born to one of Daksha-Prajapati’s daughters by name Lamba. Another daughter by name Kambu gave birth to “sorrows” in the world! Another daughter by name “Vishwaa” gave birth to “Vishve-Devas”. Another daughter by name “Vasu” gave birth to the “Ashta-Vasus”.

We would have often heard that the Devas (Celestial beings) are thirty-three in number. This number “thirty-three” is a very interesting composition. If we look at this composition of the “thirty-three” – Readers should remember this point very significantly here – Eleven “Rudras” (Bhagawan Shiva), Twelve “Aadityas” (Bhagawan Soorya), Eight Vasus and two Ashvini Devas. If we add up all of these – 11 + 12 + 8 + 2 = 33. All these thirty-three people put together, comprise the Devas or the Celestial beings.

Having said thus, we have previously mentioned that Chandra Bhagawan (Moon) had married 27 of the daughters of Daksha-Prajapati. Of these 27, Chandra Bhagawan had an interest only with one of them by name Rohini. For some reason, Chandra Bhagawan never had any interest towards the other 26 of them! Upon knowing this, Daksha-Prajapati who was the “father-in-law” of Chandra Bhagawan, got angry with Chandra Bhagawan and cursed him thus, “Oh Chandra! From today onwards you would be affected with “Kshaya-Roga”! “Kshaya-Roga” is a problem wherein the moon has a cycle of disappearing and re-appearing. This is why we see that the moon’s illumination keeps increasing for fifteen days, till the “Pournami” (Full-moon day) and henceforth, the illumination starts decreasing till it becomes zero (“Amaavaasya” or the “No-moon day). This happens for the next fifteen days. Subsequently, the cycle continues.

Thus, from all of these narrations, we can witness one thing very clearly here – This Daksha-Prajapati is an “expert in giving curses” to everybody! 😊 He doesn’t spare even great people like Sage Naarada, Chandra Bhagawan, etc. too! Hence, one learning for all of us is that, we too need to be careful in dealing with Daksha-Prajapati! 😊 For today, let us understand these narratives that we’ve discussed so far. We shall wait till the next episode to continue further! Stay tuned! 😊



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