Episode # 149 – The “War of words” shifts to Yama-Dharma-Raja!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the culmination of the argument between the Yama-Dhootas and Vishnu-Dhootas on the case of Ajaamila reaching Moksha! While the Yama-Dhootas refuse to relent from their stance that this Ajaamila, who was a criminal all through his lifetime can never reach Vaikunta by just chanting one of Bhagawan’s thousands of divine names, and that too just once! However on the contrary, the Vishnu-Dhootas substantiate and defend their stance that it is not important as to whether a person chants Bhagawan’s names knowingly or unknowingly or once or twice or a thousand times. All what is important is that, if Bhagawan’s divine names come out of a person’s mouth,, for whatsoever reason, he or she becomes eligible to attain Moksha then and there!

We might think how easy this for all of us is to attain Moksha! In fact, it is easier said than done! This is where we witnessed yesterday that if we do not have the continuous practice for anything in life, we would not be able to succeed. For instance, if I’ve to become a professional singer, I should make it a point that I do “Saadhagam” (rigorous practice) of music every day. If I’m skipping this routine for whatsoever reason, how on earth am I going to sing to the expected level, if I sit on a stage with a huge audience? Similarly, if we do not have the practice of chanting Bhagawan’s divine names right from a young age, how am I going to even remember Bhagawan during my old age? Hence, we should make it a point in all our lives that we should start our “NaamaSankeertanam” exercise now itself, rather than postponing it for some other day in the future. Also, it is extremely dangerous to postpone good activities, sheerly because our future is uncertain in this world. We do not know if at all we would be alive next minute! Given such an extremely high level of uncertainty of our life, we should never postpone activities that would take us closer to Bhagawan. So let us start now, rather than leaving it too late!

Concluding the argument thus, in the case of Ajaamila, the Yama-Dhootas were still not convinced totally. They replied to the Vishnu-Dhootas saying, “Okay fine! Even though we are totally not convinced yet, we shall take a break here. We shall meanwhile go to our master, Yama-Dharma-Raja and consult him for his opinion and then come back. Till then, do not take Ajaamila to Moksha!” The Vishnu-Dhootas accordingly agreed to the deal and thus the argument now shifts to the boss – Yama-Dharma-Raja. As Yama-Dharma-Raja is sitting on his high throne, his messengers, the Yama-Dhootas come running to him! Upon seeing them running towards him, Yama-Dharma-Raaja gets shocked. Normally the Yama-Dhootas are more confident and aggressive as compared to Yama-Dharma-Raja himself, but why is it the reverse today? 😉

Yama-Dharma-Raja becomes concerned and asks them, “Oh Dhootas! What happened to you guys? Why are you running towards me like this? Is there any problem?” Hearing thus, the Dhootas reply: “Oh boss! There’s a huge confusion. There is a guy by name Ajaamila. He has been a criminal all through his life and at the end of his lifetime, we went accordingly with the fateful rope, so as to bring him to the ‘Naraka Lokha’. However, the Vishnu-Dhootas came and interrupted our path with an argument that since Ajaamila has chanted Bhagawan Vishnu’s name once, he is supposed to go to Vaikunta and not the Naraka Lokha! How can it be possible that a person can commit all sorts of sins and still get away by just chanting one of the thousand Bhagawan’s divine names? Isn’t it unfair?”

Saying thus, the Yama-Dhootas continue further, “Oh Yama-Dharma-Raja! As this episode unfolds, there is a huge doubt and a war of words going on! Who is the real leader of this world? You or Vishnu? Who can decide the fate of a person, whether he/she can reach Vaikunta or the Naraka Lokha? You’re the person who maintains all the accounts of every individual, with regards to their sins and good deeds. You’re the person who decides which path a person should take. Given this fact, there is a group which is trying to challenge your decisions and accounts! What do we do now?”

Listening out to the Yama-Dhootas thus, Yama-Dharma-Raja is going to give an important reply. This reply is an extremely significant lesson, not only in the context of Ajaamila and his sins, but also for all of us to learn. What was Yama-Dharma-Raja’s reply? Let’s eagerly wait for it till the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊








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