Episode # 150 – “NEVER go close to Bhagawan Vishnu’s devotees!” – Yama-Dharma-Raja warns his messengers!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important shift in the Ajaamila’s case, wherein the Yama-Dhootas weren’t ready to get convinced with the Vishnu-Dhootas’ narratives. The Yama-Dhootas come to a conclusion that “war of words” with the Vishnu-Dhootas is not going to help their cause. They thus decide to escalate the matter to their boss, who is none other than Yama-Dharma-Raaja himself! 😊 Thinking thus, the Yama-Dhootas rush their way to their boss and explain the entire story of how Ajaamila had committed all possible crimes during his lifetime and how the Vishnu-Dhootas are preventing him to enter the “Naraka Lokha”, just because Ajaamila had chanted the sacred name of “Narayana” of Bhagawan Vishnu, just once! They complain to Yama-Dharma-Raja in such a way that there is a confusion as to who is the leader of this world. They pose a question thus to their boss in this accord and ask him to intervene immediately in this case to clarify the confusion that currently prevails in the world. Their narrative is that, how can someone attain Moksha just by uttering one or two sacred names of Bhagawan Vishnu, even after committing heinous crimes during their lifetime!

As Yama-Dharma-Raja listens carefully to his Dhootas thus, he goes into a thought-process. He calls them closer to him and says thus, “Oh Dhootas! Whatever might be your problem with Bhagawan Vishnu and His devotees – Please do not shout and talk like this! Reduce your volume of your talking, so that nobody can hear what we are conversing!” Upon hearing thus, the Dhootas were confused more! They started thinking thus, “Oh! Why is our boss asking us to curtail their volume? What is wrong with him today? Normally, all what we’ve seen till today is how confident and loud he talks to everyone! Why are we seeing a different Yama-Dharma-Raja today?”

As the Dhootas think thus within themselves, Yama-Dharma-Raja continues further, “Oh Dhootas! Do one thing! From today onwards, if you find someone to be Bhagawan Vishnu’s devotees, please do not go near them for anything! In case, if at all you happen to go there, better circumvent them thrice, bow down in front of them, worship them and come back! Don’t use your “tactics” of throwing your rope on them and don’t ever dream of taking them to our Naraka Lokha! This is what I feel at the moment, because by the way things are going, I’m feeling afraid within me that I might lose my position and might be chased out!”

Hearing thus from their boss, the Dhootas didn’t understand anything! They didn’t know whether to laugh or cry upon hearing Yama-Dharma-Raja’s accord! How can a person like him be scared to this extent? What’s going on?

As Yama-Dharma-Raja sees his Dhootas starting to get a bit jittery, he explains to them further thus, “Oh Dhootas! Listen carefully here! The reason why I tell you guys to talk with less volume is that, if Bhagawan Vishnu is able to listen to our conversation that you have gone near a devotee of Him, the very next moment He would strip off my position and the entire Naraka Lokha would be destroyed within seconds! Hence, please remember my point very clearly and I’m re-iterating it once more. Never ever go near Bhagawan Vishnu’s devotees. If you do so, it would invite great danger to us, and our very existence would be under threat. Hence, don’t ever do this mistake again. Now please go and seek an apology to the Vishnu-Dhootas for coming in their way of taking Ajaamila to Vaikunta. Let them take Ajaamila to Vaikunta and whatever argument they pose, makes sense to me. So please do not interfere in this Ajaamila’s or any other cases of Bhagawan Vishnu’s devotees! We have other important things to do in life!”

Hearing thus from their boss, the Yama-Dhootas understand the reality and make their way back to Ajaamila’s place, where the Vishnu-Dhootas are waiting. Seeing both these camps of Dhootas argue intensely all this while, we might have an important question here: We might immediately tend to ask thus, “Oh! Whatever has been said till now for the past few episodes sound meaningless and funny! How can someone chant “Narayana” just once and still get away after committing all possible sins in this world? Doesn’t it become so easy then, to attain Moksha? Do Bhagawan’s divine names have so much of power that they themselves can singlehandedly take us to Moksha? An important answer awaits us in the next episode, which all of us should understand! This answer is going to be the crux of the entire Ajaamila episode! Stay tuned! 😊








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