Episode # 148 – It is highly dangerous to postpone the start of “Naama-Sankeertanam”! Why???

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had extended the discussion on the significance of “Naama-Sankeertanam” as discussed by Sage Sukhaachaarya, through the Ajaamila episode. We’ve witnessed that Ajaamila, who was an epitome of all possible sins in his life, was to be “escorted” to the “Naraka Lokha” by the “Yama-Dhootas”, for all what he had done! However, during the end of his life, as Ajaamila calls out for his son by name “Naarayana”, which melts the heart of Bhagawan Vishnu! This one chant of Bhagawan’s divine name was enough for Bhagawan to send His “Vishnu-Dhootas” running! They rushed to bring Ajaamila to Vaikunta! Eventually, a huge war of words broke out between the two camps, with one arguing that Ajaamila has to be severely punished and not let him get away for all his misdeeds, with just the chanting of one of Bhagawan’s thousands of names, only once! However, the Vishnu-Dhootas were quick enough to revert back by saying that even if a person chants Bhagawan’s name(s) knowingly or unknowingly, atleast once in lifetime, he / she becomes eligible to attain Moksha! Eventually, in yesterday’s episode, we had witnessed how Bhagawan’s divine names are more powerful than Bhagawan Himself. We had witnessed why Bhagawad Gita doesn’t invite much of an interest amongst many of us, however, the Vishnu Sahasranaama does! Why is it so? It is primarily because, when Bhagawan wants to proclaim so much about Himself, none of us take Him seriously! However, if someone by name Bhishmaachaarya explains about Bhagawan in detail, we are ready to appreciate it! 😊 This is the nature of the world, and Bhagawan Himself had to adjust to it!

Thus, the important point here is that, chanting of Bhagawan’s divine names are of paramount importance, and readers should be able to understand and appreciate this point after reading through these few episodes of Ajaamila’s story. As per Bhagawan Krishna, attaining Moksha by chanting Bhagawan’s divine and sacred names is perhaps the easiest way to attain Moksha! If there is an easy way like this, why can’t we exploit it fully and try to attain our ultimate goal? Hence from today, let us make a conscious effort in allocating some time amidst our busy personal and professional schedule for chanting Bhagawan’s names.

This might be easier said than done! I say this because of an important reason, which we are going to highlight upon in today’s episode. Now let us look at an important point here – If we call upon people today, for some “Naama-Sankeertanam” practices such as chanting of Vishnu Sahasranaama, Lalitha Sahasranaama, etc., many would reply by saying, “Oh! I’m too young for all this! I have many other professional and personal commitments for now! Let me finish all of them first! I shall come for all of these spiritual practices after my retirement age (60 years of age and above)! Till then, let me enjoy my life with all the money that I’m earning!”

Let me stress upon one thing here – To be upfront and blunt in this context, what is the guarantee that we would live till the age of 60 or 65? What if we encounter some physical illness or accident or whatever at a young age and pass away? Of course, I pray to Bhagawan wholeheartedly that none of us should have a pre-mature death, but having said thus, what if we encounter such a situation owing to our “Karma”? Our lifetime would be wasted away without even chanting one of Bhagawan’s names even once isn’t it? Hence, my point here is, rather than “postponing” our spiritual practices and “Naama-Sankeertanam” exercises, why can’t we make an effort to begin them now? Given the hard fact and truth that the future in front of us is so uncertain, why do we have to postpone good things to a later time, if we’re not even sure of being alive by then? This is the first point for all of us to ponder. Moreover, if we start postponing such constructive aspects in life, there would be no end for it. We would eventually keep postponing it further and further, simply because we do not have the mindset do it! Rather, if we can create that mindset right away and start doing it, many things would get resolved, isn’t it?

Secondly, in continuation of the previous point, assuming that we have a long life of say, 90+ years in this birth, if we don’t have the practice of chanting Bhagawan’s names from our younger age, it is going to become difficult for us to get into this habit overnight as we get older, isn’t it? Nothing in this world can happen overnight in a miraculous manner! Hence, if we do not have the practice of chanting Bhagawan’s names throughout our life, we wouldn’t be able to do so when we are at the deathbed! Our mind would never be able to think of Bhagawan at the time of death, if we get carried away with all sorts of worldly attachments! I hope readers remember the story of Jada-Bharata, which we witnessed few episodes ago, wherein Bharata passed away in his previous birth with the thoughts of how his deer would survive after his death! Eventually what happened to Bharata after that? He took the next birth in this world as a deer! This is exactly what would conspire, if we do not have the practice of “Naama-Sankeertanam” all through our life.

Therefore, the point that all readers must note here is that, we should refrain ourselves from postponing spiritual practices to the age of 60 and above. There is no point in doing so, simply because our future is so uncertain, given our exposure to innumerable challenges that we face day in and day out! If we’ve to start a spiritual practice, we should start now. There should be no “tomorrow” for this. So, now that we are totally aware of the significance of “Naama-Sankeertanam”, let us start chanting Bhagawan’s divine names now and today itself, at any cost! Let us not postpone this to some other day in future, as in many cases, this “day in future” would never come! We shall wait till the next episode to continue further with what Sage Sukhaachaarya has to say! Stay tuned! 😊




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