Episode # 141 – Those who make a mockery of Sanaathana Dharma are making a mockery of themselves!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the commencement of an important point that Sage Sukhaachaarya emphasizes, as part of his discussion on who reaches the wretched “Naraka Lokha”. Here he says that those people who try to defame Bhagawan in open public, who create false propaganda about Bhagawan and the Sanaathana Dharma, and those who openly force people to act against Bhagawan’s words and move away from Sanaathana Dharma, would get the “privilege” of reaching the “Naraka Lokha” with a “Rockstar welcome”! 😊 It is indeed interesting to note here that Sage Sukhaachaarya has perhaps knew what would conspire thousands of years into the future! All of us must be aware of what is happening in the present-day scenario in this regard! We are sadly at a stage wherein our Sanaathana Dharma is being challenged in perhaps the most unethical way the world has seen till date! There are innumerable instances through which, certain groups of people are trying to drive their agenda to move people away from Hinduism. This happens openly and deliberately in some places in the form of “religious conversions” and “religious prosecutions”, and some other places it happens in a covert and a secret manner. Moreover, there are certain other groups of people who try to create a mockery of various sacred practices that our Sanaathana Dharma has prescribed.

Recently for instance, we had a fringe group trying to cook beef (cow’s meat) in the open public, just on the pretext of mocking Hindu traditions wherein we treat the cow as a sacred animal. Some other fringe groups had organized a “feast” on the road, to “create awareness” amongst people that we can consume food during a solar eclipse! My only response to such so-called “intellectuals”, “secularists” and “lobbyists” is very simple – Try doing whatever cheap things you can! The more mockery you do, the more you’re exposing yourself and your ignorance! End of the day, Sanaathana Dharma is thousands of times greater than what you are! Those who get involved in such heinous crimes, might seem like escaping the law of the land today! But none can escape the law that Bhagawan has laid down! The entire world is bound by it and those criminals who commit such “mockery shows” would be dealt with by Yama-Dharma-Raja in the appropriate manner in the “Naraka Lokha”!

Having said thus, one might ask a question here – Given that we’re living in this scenario wherein our Sanaathana Dharma is getting challenged meaninglessly and baselessly, what should be our role as ardent Sanaathana Dharma followers to either stop such hate campaigns or to sustain such attempts? My answer to this question is very simple – Whatever might be the situation, as ardent followers of Bhagawan, we should never give into any of these hate mongers! Let them do whatever it takes to malign Sanaathana Dharma. We should always remember that our Sanaathana Dharma is way stronger than all of these fringe elements put together and can never be destroyed. Even till date, if we look at our ancient Indian history, how many invasions has our Bhaarata Desha faced so far? How many people have tried to play their dirty religious tricks and agendas? This has been happening for the past thousand years now! Yet, has any damage occurred to any of our Sanaathana Dharma texts or principles? We’re still having access to key texts like Valmiki Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhaagawatha Puraana, Vishnu Puraana, Shiva Puraana, etc. isn’t it? We still have many people who are ardent followers of our Sanaathana Dharma, who are scholars in our spiritual literature in today’s world, isn’t it?

Thus, we should always remember what Valmiki Maharishi has said when he commenced writing the Ramayana text. Of course, we had discussed it during our early days of this blog, and it is worth to recollect at this crucial point. As Bhagawan Bramha blesses Valmiki Maharishi to commence writing the Ramayana text, he says thus, “Oh Sage Valmiki! Please note this important point – Until the River Ganges keeps flowing, Until the Himalayas exists in this world and Until the seas and forests exists in this world, your Ramayana text will also co-exist in this world with the same amount of reputation and name!” We should always remember this as we get along with our spiritual life.

In fact, Valmiki Maharishi continues further thus, “Oh Sage Valmiki! Having said that your Ramayana text would always never fall short of reputation, there might be some threats arising from few anti-social elements that try to spread venom! You don’t need to worry about all of it! Bhagawan Rama knows how to deal with those elements, and just like how He dealt a blow to Ravana and Co., He would make sure that these anti-societal elements would be taken care of!” Saying thus, Bhagawan Brahma blesses Valmiki Maharishi as he begins his assignment! Thus, the point that all of us should understand here is that, we shouldn’t be too much worried about whatever crap that these anti-Hindu elements keep doing. Our focus should only be on the Sanaathana Dharma and how best we can follow it, to attain spiritual progress. We should never pay heed to any of those fringe elements. Moreover, if the situation becomes threatening, we should at the same time, be ready to challenge and throw them out of our Bhaarata Desha! At testing times, we should of course not sit as mute spectators! Hindus should unite and rise to the occasion to challenge the fringe elements and to throw them out of the country!

So for today, let us ponder over this important point and we shall wait till the next episode to continue it further! Stay tuned! 😊




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