Episode # 142 – “Those insulting Spiritual Masters, Gurus, Aachaaryas, etc. reach Naraka Lokha” – Sage Sukhaachaarya explains!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the extension of the discussion on the important point made by Sage Sukhaachaarya that those people who indulge themselves in activities that are against Bhagawan and against our Sanaathana Dharma would directly reach Naraka Lokha without fail! In due course of yesterday’s episode, we had also witnessed some unfortunate incidents that keep happening in the present-day wherein some fringe groups of anti-Hindu and anti-social elements constantly involve themselves in instigating people against Sanaathana Dharma, thereby making a mockery of it. These people indulge in such activities primarily because of three reasons – Firstly, they are jobless, and do not know what to do in life! Secondly, they’re pushing a hidden agenda promoted from vested groups outside of our Bhaarata Desha, whose sole aim is to malign Hinduism. Thirdly, these groups are being heavily funded behind the screens (black money) by so-called non-governmental and “charitable” organizations elsewhere in the world and their sole agenda is to get India out of Hinduism.

Given the present scenario thus, it is up to all of us as ardent followers of our Sanaathana Dharma, not to give in to any such rubbish from all these groups and in turn try as much as possible to propagate the significance of our Sanaathana Dharma principles to our people, so that we can save our society and thereby our great country from becoming slaves to these third-rated elements.

Now moving on further, Sage Sukhaachaarya explains the next point wherein he says that those people who misbehave with the Heads of their territory or with the people who are in service to the Heads of their territory will directly go to the Naraka Lokha. Similarly, those people who misbehave with our great Gurus (Spiritual Masters), Aachaaryas, Mathaadhipatis (Heads of Hindu Spiritual Mutts), etc. will also meet the similar end! Now this is a very important point and requires some pondering here.

Again, in today’s scenario, how many times are we seeing in the recent past (atleast for the past 5 years or so), some people trying to demean and malign our Head of the country? In fact, some people go to the extent of making personal remarks, derogatory statements with unparliamentary words that shouldn’t be otherwise used in the public domain! We’re sadly witnessing such incidents growing in number every passing day! What makes me sad is that, such ignorant people are not only paving their way to the Naraka Lokha but are also exposing their bad character and corrupt nature to the common public. In the recently concluded general elections in India last year, if we happen to watch the trails of campaigns made by some opposition leaders in the camp, it sometimes gets so disgusting to a point wherein it portrays how cheap these so-called “leaders” are! Ultimately what conspired during the elections is that, these opposition leaders were exposed for their ignorance and hallow campaigns and finally the present leader of Bhaarata Desha was re-elected with an even better margin than before!

Thus, the point here is that, we should make sure that we do not try to malign someone in open public, which would rather expose our hallow attitude, rather than the person whom we’re trying to malign.

While Sage Suhaachaarya says thus, he also adds on to this point by explaining that we should refrain ourselves from maligning Spiritual Masters, Heads of prominent spiritual Mutts, Aachaaryas, etc. This is because, these people are ardent devotees of Bhagawan. If we try and insult such ardent devotees, we are only provoking Bhagawan’s anger and fury, which is ultimately going to ruin us forever. We’ve already witnessed this during our Ramayana project, wherein we saw how Bhagawan Rama was extremely patient even when Ravana tried to hit Him with thousands of arrows. However, Bhagawan’s anger got triggered only when Ravana attacked Hanuman, who is an ardent devotee of Bhagawan! We should understand clearly that Bhagawan would not spare us if we try to insult or malign or attack any of His ardent devotees! Spiritual Masters, Heads of prominent Mutts, etc. fall under this category. Neither it is inappropriate to feel jealous about people who are Heads of Mutts, nor it is to malign them in any possible way. Given our levels of maturity and lowest of the low levels of spiritual progress, we can never become what they are! Those who are Spiritual Masters are “spiritually realized souls” and it is our bound duty to respect them and learn whatever we can from them.

Saying thus, Sage Sukhaachaarya lists out twenty-five different categories of people who would reach the Naraka Lokha, of which, of course we’ve witnessed only the important ones. Sage Sukhaachaarya concludes this discussion by saying thus, “Oh Parikshit! Whatever I’ve discussed so far as part of the Naraka Lokha episode, is just a tip of the huge iceberg! There are many more categories pertaining to the Naraka Lokha and I shall continue discussing them if we had the time!” Hearing all of this, King Parikshit starts shaking with fear! He doesn’t know in which category of Naraka Lokha is he going to fall into! He asks Sage Sukhaachaarya thus, “Oh Sage! You’ve so far spoken so much about the Naraka Lokha and I think this itself is enough to induce my fear! Now instead of giving more descriptions about the Naraka Lokha, tell me some ways as to how to escape from this treacherous pit!”

Hearing thus from King Parikshit, Sage Sukhaachaarya is going to give an important answer to him, so as to calm him down. What is that answer? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 😊






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