Episode # 140 – People spreading venomous anti-Hindu agenda for personal gains would reach “Naraka Lokha”!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode we had witnessed the continuation of Sage Sukhaachaarya’s discussion on the various categories of people who reach the “Naraka Lokha”. In that, we’ve witnessed yesterday as an extension to an already discussed point on refraining ourselves from harming other living beings, including small and insignificant ones. Sage Sukhaachaarya explains that more than not just harming them, we should also make it a point to feed them and ensure that they’re taken care of in an adequate manner. This is where we discussed why we have a traditional practice of consuming food on a banana leaf. Apart from few health benefits that we might know of, consuming food on a banana leaf opens up opportunities for feeding thousands of other living beings in some way or the other. We witnessed that the leftover food items that we dispose along with the banana leaf, serve as primary food items for some stray animals like dogs and cats on the streets, for cows if we have a cowshed nearby, etc. More than all of these, this leftover food and the banana leaf is fed upon by thousands of invisible microbial organisms and eventually all of it put together, we’re indirectly serving food to all of these living beings. This accounts for a great level of “Punya” (Good deeds) that we would accumulate in our human birth.

This apart, there are few other traditional practices that are in place for years and generations, and all these practices have a deeper meaning behind. Let us take another example here – Especially in the south of India, we have the practice of drawing a “Kolam” in front of every house, two times a day. This “Kolam” is nothing but a beautiful drawing or art work that is done during the dawn and the dusk of every day. This “Kolam” is traditionally drawn with rice flour. Now why do we have such a practice? Spiritually, it is believed that if the entrance of a house is decorated with this “Kolam” in a beautiful manner, this sends an open invite of Goddess Lakshmi to come and reside with us! All of us know what the result would be if the Divine Mother resides at our home – The house would be devoid of all sorts of problems and dangers! This apart, there is a scientific reason too, as to why this practice is of significance. By laying the “Kolam” with rice flour, it serves as food for ants and other small insects. Especially, if we try and understand the life cycle of ants, they tend to “collect” maximum amounts of food grains during the dry season and store it for the rainy season, so that they do not need to come out of their homes in search of food, amidst the water. Thus, if we have a “Kolam” comprised of rice flour, this serves as a vital food component for these ants, and by doing so, we are serving food for tens of thousands of ants! We should imagine what amount of “Punya” are we accumulating here! More than the “Punya” accumulation, as per Sage Sukhaachaarya, it is our bound duty to ensure that all living beings are happy, peaceful and contended!

But in today’s scenario, hardly anybody is aware of all these positive effects behind these important practices. Nowadays we’ve started to have “sticker Kolams” in front of all houses! 😊 Especially if we reside in big apartments wherein, there are many houses within a restricted area, this has become the norm of the day! By “sticking” kolams in front of our house, the key purpose behind having the Kolam gets defeated totally, isn’t it? Which ant will come behind a “Kolam” that is drawn on paper and stuck on the floor?

Thus, the point here is that, with the passage of time, we’ve forgotten the science behind each of the traditional practices that we’re following. These practices have thus become mere “rituals” and we follow these rituals just for the sake of doing so! This is where, many people in the present day are losing faith in our Sanaathana Dharma – The main reason being, “Lack of Awareness”! Thus, we should make it a point from today that we make a conscious effort in knowing and understanding the science behind every traditional practice that we follow as part of our Sanaathana Dharma. Of course, as part of this “Indian Dharma” blog, we are also making conscious efforts to bring out the significances behind many traditional practices, however, owing to various human limitations, I might not be able to address all of them at one go! Hence, it is up to the readers to take a conscious effort in this direction to understand the science behind every practice that we follow.

Thus, the overall point here is that, we should make sure that we do not harm any form of living beings, as much as possible and at the same time, we should ensure that they’re well fed, happy, peaceful and contended.

Moving on to the next point thus, Sage Sukhaachaarya drops the next bombshell! He says thus, “Oh Parikshit! Those people who are trying to create false narratives and false propaganda about Bhagawan and those people who squarely put the blame on Bhagawan for all what they go through in life would definitely reach the Naraka Lokha!” Now, from this point, one thing is very clear – In the present day scenario, especially in India, there are few people who directly qualify for entering the “Naraka Lokha”, with just this one point! We see many people of late, trying to spread false narratives about Hinduism and Sanaathana Dharma, for their own personal gains! We see many people spreading a venomous agenda and inciting communal violence amidst the society! We see many people trying to use this opportunity to make money, name and fame! Sage Sukhaachaarya sends out a stern warning to all of these anti-Hindu elements that they’re going to face the heat from Bhagawan, sooner or later in their lives!

A detailed discussion on this point awaits us in the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊

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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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