Episode # 137 – “Killing small insects too will secure us a place in the ‘Naraka Lokha’” – Sage Sukhaachaarya thunders!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important extension on Sage Sukhaachaarya’s point of illicit relationship leading us to “Naraka Lokha”. As an overall blanket view, Sage Sukhaachaarya mentions that those people who try to involve themselves in affairs outside of their marriage, would end up reaching the “Naraka Lokha” and in yesterday’s episode, we had witnessed how exactly this “affair outside marriage” typically takes shape in today’s scenario. The point here is that, we should be extremely careful and watchful within ourselves as to what kind of actions are we involving ourselves with. This is why we repeatedly keep emphasizing that we should think twice before committing ourselves into any action and there is no point thinking about at a later stage, when we’ve already committed into something. This applies for relationships too, in particular.

Of course, having spoken at length about illicit relationships outside marriage, the rule of “Naraka Lokha” applies also to those people who are trying to torture women, just to satisfy their physical pleasures. In today’s world we are witnessing an increasing number of such instances wherein women are being raped and killed by voracious and barbaric men. Such people too, according to Sage Skuhaachaarya would definitely reach the “Naraka Lokha” wherein the same punishment as discussed in the last episode would be meted out to them! I don’t wish to talk any further on how women are tortured in this context, and it is for all of us to know and understand from whatever is going on. The only point which we should remember is that, never in life, for whatsoever compelling reason, should we indulge ourselves into such heinous crimes!

Moving on thus, Sage Sukhaachaarya drops the next bombshell! He now extends this point on women to all other living beings in this world! For instance, if we see some small insects crawling at some corner of our home, or if we see some mosquitoes or flies flying around in our living room, what do we immediately tend to do? We make sure that we bring that insect or mosquito or fly within our palms and kill it immediately! According to Sage Sukhaachaarya, this itself is a huge sin, because we do not have the right to kill any living being in this world, be it small or big, significance or insignificant! So, from today, whenever we see any insect like an ant, cockroach, flies, etc. crawling past us in our home, all what we need to do is to drive them away to a different place by not harming them in any way!

If we think of this practically, why do insects enter into our home? Just like how we require food for our everyday survival, insects too require food for their survival, isn’t it? Thus they come out of their dwelling place in search of food. There is a huge “food chain” that Bhagawan has designed as He created this world! One insect becoming a food for another insect and this insect becoming a food for lizards, lizards becoming food for another living being….. This cycle continues. Thus, if we’re going to kill one insect, just because it has “allegedly” entered our living room, we’re going to disrupt the ecological cycle and balance! More than that, we’re denying food for another variety of living beings, which might solely be dependent on these insects for their daily survival! Indirectly, by killing one insect, we’re pushing another variety of living beings into “poverty” and “hunger”! Just like how we feel bad if our fellow human beings suffer from the want of three meals a day, we should also feel bad that other living beings might also face a similar form of struggle! This is the empathy we should create within ourselves, not only for our fellow human beings, but also for all the living beings in this world – Be it an ant or a fly or a lion, tiger, etc. till a human being! More than anything else, there is a bigger cause of worry for all of us – If we’re going to kill an insect, we’re still killing a living being and as per Bhagawan’s “law book”, we are a murderer and a criminal! Thus, whatever punishment Bhagawan might give us if we kill a human being, would be exactly applicable even if we kill an ant or an insect too! This is the danger that we are facing! Thus, the point here is not to scare anybody with all the punishments and stuff, but to mend our ways in such a way that we create a peaceful environment, not only for mankind, but also for all living beings in this world! We should always remember in life that just like how we have the right to live in this world, every living being including animals, plants, insects, etc. also have the equal right to make a living in this world. Just like how we do not have the legitimate right to kill or torture a human being in this world, we do not have any legitimate right to torture or kill an animal or plant or a tree, or any living being in this world. Just like how we consume water for our survival, all living beings excluding humans also have the same right. Just like how we have the right to inhale fresh oxygen for our survival, animals excluding humans also do!

Thus, we should make it a point not to kill any form of living being, as much as possible. Even if an insect or any animal comes dangerously close to us and tries to hurt us in any way, it is always better to “push them” aside, rather than going to the extent of killing them! So, for today, let us ponder over this important point and let us try maximum not to harm any kind of insect that comes by our way, wherever we are! We shall continue with the next point of discussion on this important topic of “Naraka Lokha” in the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊




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