Episode # 138 – Why does Bhagawan hold only human beings accountable for sins every time? An interesting accord!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Sukhaachaarya’s continuation on who would reach the “Naraka Lokha”. He is in the process of listing out various categories of people in this regard and yesterday, he had included one more category of people – Those who even harm the smallest of the small insects or any forms of tiny living beings are also on their way to reach the “Naraka Lokha”! This is indeed a word of caution for all of us here. Even at home, if we find a small ant or group of ants or flies or mosquitoes, etc. we should be very careful not to kill them at one go! Instead, we should try our best to relocate them to some other place. Even if they try to create harm by biting us, we should not go to the extent of killing them with our palms. Rather, we should have the graciousness to chase them away with minimal damage to them.

Of course, this might sound a bit awkward or funny for few of us wherein some of us might ask questions thus – How on earth can we be careful to this extent of not even killing a mosquito or an ant? Is it really possible for us to live this way in today’s scenario? How can Bhagawan and Sage Sukhaachaarya be so merciless upon us? How is that, those mosquitoes, ants or whatever animals get away even after harming us, whereas we human beings are being penalized for anything and everything by Bhagawan? Are human beings Bhagawan’s scapegoats? If such is the case, is there no way that we’re going to liberate ourselves from all what we’re doing every passing day? Of course, these are very valid questions and after reading such episodes from the Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana, we would obviously be concerned and scared of what might dawn upon us in future! But there are few points to ponder over, as we continue our discussion on the “Naraka Lokha”. Let’s discuss these points one by one and these points would perhaps serve as (possible) answers for the above questions as well.

Firstly, we should note here that all what Sage Sukhaachaarya is listing out (the various categories of people who go to the “Naraka Lokha”) is not to scare King Parikshit or us. He is just trying to create an awareness amongst all of us to lead a peaceful life. We should not consider these points to be “fear-mongering” or “blackmailing” or “moral-policing”. All what he’s trying to explain here is that, we should mend our day-to-day routine life in such a way that we create a peaceful environment for us as well as for the surroundings. For instance, if we’re restraining ourselves from unwanted killing of any kind of living beings, we not only create peace and harmony for ourselves and for the other beings, but also play an important part in maintaining the ecological balance of Mother Earth. It is an awareness creation process wherein Sage Sukhaachaarya is emphasizing and re-emphasizing through these points that every living being on this earth has the right to lead its own life in whatever way it wants to. Just like how we respect our fellow human being’s life as important as ours, we should also learn to respect the life of every other living being, irrespective of whether it is small or big, significant or insignificant, etc. The moment we go in for killing of any living being, we should understand that it creates a bad vibration, which is extremely harmful and detrimental for our spiritual progress, and this is the main reason why Sage Sukhaachaarya is asking us to avoid. We should make sure that we understand this point in the right sense and make considerable progress spiritually.

Secondly, we asked the question as to how come other living beings get away even after harming us or others and why are only human beings being held accountable for all of these. The reason behind this is that, human beings are the only species on this Mother Earth, who has the ability and power of discrimination. All other living beings do not have this capability. Since Bhagawan has gifted us with this unique ability, He expects us to use it in the right way. He expects us to understand what is right and what is wrong. He wants us to think once, twice or thrice before committing into any action. More than all of these, Bhagawan It is only because human beings have this ability, we are held accountable for all what we do. Since, other animals are devoid of this ability, Bhagawan doesn’t hold them accountable, even if they commit the worst of the worst crimes of killing each other for their daily food.

If this is the case, the third point is more important here – We might feel that we’ve committed innumerable such wrongdoings all these days and it is going to be inevitable for all of us to reach some form of “Naraka Lokha” at the end of this birth. Here is where we should note that, so far whatever we’ve done is out of ignorance. We might have not known about the consequences of doing such actions. Now that, we’re slowly gaining the awareness about the possible repercussions of certain wrong actions, we would be able to still make spiritual progress towards Moksha if we start taking all these points seriously from today onwards. This is where Bhagawan is an embodiment of love and compassion. If we wholeheartedly surrender ourselves and our hearts to Bhagawan and cry to Him that we’ve been on the wrong path till date and that, we’re willing to correct ourselves as per His will and wish, Bhagawan would definitely be kind upon us and accept us with all his love and compassion. Ultimately, Bhagawan wants all of us to be His messengers of peace in this world, and if we try and fall in line with what Bhagawan expects from us, we can be sure of attaining Moksha. So, there need not be any worry amongst any one of us that we would be penalized for all what we’ve done till today. If we take the pledge that we would mend our ways from today onwards and if we’re steadfast in the pledge that we’ve taken, this itself would melt Bhagawan’s heart. In turn, He would take over the responsibility of washing away all of our sins. Therefore we always emphasize that fate can be changed through strong willpower and meticulous spiritual practices.

So for today, let us realize these three important points as we are in progress with our discussion on “Naraka Lokha” and who goes there. In the next episode, we are going to witness few examples as to how normal people like us have achieved this feat of escaping death and “Naraka Lokha” through meticulous devotion to Bhagawan as we move on further. Stay tuned for an interesting episode ahead! 😊


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