Episode # 73 – Are we amidst a constant fear all the time? Sage Kapilaachaarya’s important message!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the extension of the discussion on Atma-development and how we should prioritize it in our daily lives as we move forward. We witnessed some present-day challenges that we keep facing, when it comes to the development of our Atman and in turn our spiritual progress. Of course, we’re into a lifestyle that compels us to be in a hurry for everything that we keep doing in life – The resultant of which we face all sorts of problems in life, both physically and mentally. Today we witness many people suffering from mental depression and some physical ailments too that are associated with it. The best antidote for this problem is to focus inward within ourselves and our Atman. The moment we realize the significance of our Atman and how the Atman is on a much higher plane as compared to our worldly and materialistic pursuits, all our tension and worries would start coming down and we would ultimately be able to find peace. Many people nowadays are in the pursuit of “searching for peace” and ultimately we again fall into the traps of materialistic pleasures and lose their way! However, we should realize that peace doesn’t lie anywhere in the external world. Real peace and happiness is within us and it is nothing else but the process of Atma-Development that can give us immense peace and divine bliss. We should realize this point most importantly as we move forward.

Moving on further thus, Sage Kapilaachaarya continues his explanation on why we should focus inwards on our Atman. He explains clearly that if we only keep looking at the exterior world, we would always be in some sort of a fear within us. Whereas, if we try and focus our mind inwards, all that fear would automatically vanish, and we would be able to make ourselves contented. Why is Sage Kapilaachaarya saying thus? Even in today’s world, every passing day we keep witnessing in the news channels or by reading in the newspapers that someone is being killed or murdered for some cause, some untoward accident has happened and so many people have died because of it. In addition, we occasionally also read about some terrorist attacks that take place at some corner of the world and as a result, hundreds of people have lost their lives! What would happen to us if we keep reading and hearing to such news items day in and day out? Won’t we slowly start developing an inert feeling of fear and insecurity within us? Nowadays we even keep talking casually within each other that wherever we go in this world, no place is safe for leading a peaceful and a secure life. We can see here that the world has gone to that extent!

However, the media is to be blamed here too – All the bad news comes on the first page of the newspaper and if there are some constructive things that happens somewhere, these kinds of things only go to the last page or somewhere in the middle with a small column article! It is sad and unfortunate that today’s media is only projecting negative news on top priority, which automatically instills fear amongst people for no reason. This, in my opinion, is totally unwanted and could be avoided by the media – both print and visual. Although this is on one side, by merely looking at happenings around us, we feel terrified many a times! All of this contributes to our negative feelings and fear that has been imbibed into us for so many years now. We’ve to remember here that spiritual progress would happen only if we’re able to come out of this inert fear that we have. How do we now come out of this fear factor? It is only by focusing our mind inwards and by looking at our Atman. How do we do that? It is only through constant chanting of the divine names of Bhagawan and by constantly performing “Mantra-Japa” (Repeated recital of one of Bhagawan’s divine names). The moment we start getting involved into these practices, we would slowly start coming out of the fear and automatically we would start experiencing peace and bliss.

So for today, let us realize this important message that is conveyed to us by Sage Kapilaachaarya and let us try to put the message into practice. We shall wait till the next episode to witness the next message of Sage Kapilaachaarya! Stay tuned! 😊






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