Episode # 74 – “Extreme pressure for excellence” – Is it driving us away from spiritual growth?

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Kapilaachaarya’s continued message on what hampers our Atma-Development agenda and here he explains how our “fear” in the external world contributes to pegging us away from the one-pointed agenda for life. Of course in the yesterday’s episode we had witnessed the role of today’s media – both print and electronic, spreading some sort of a fear amongst all of us. Many of us might not be realizing this upfront, but subconsciously we do keep accumulating all of the negative news that is being spread across in the media platforms. When time comes, these subconscious feelings and fear that we’ve developed over a period of time, comes to light and this can be extremely dangerous. Because of this, we would start getting scared even for small things in life.

This is exactly what Sage Kapilaachaarya presents here – If we’re going to live all our life in some sort of fear, we’re never going to make any spiritual progress, for, fear is one of the huge hampering factors for Atma-development. Of course, it is not only the media that is the sole cause of spreading fear amongst the people, but there are many factors too in today’s context. Sadly, even when we are children, we’re constantly being brought up in an environment of fear – Fear of performance! If for instance, we flunk in one exam or we score lesser marks due to some reason, our family and school would immediately take us to task! I still remember my schooling days, where children would be beaten with the scale and stick if they fail in exams! Upon seeing this, I as a child would get extremely terrified and this itself would trigger a negative sense of feeling within me! The worst part is when we start comparing the performance of one child with the other’s. This is perhaps the most pathetic thing to do ever, because every child has his or her own individuality and not every child can excel in every subject! It is to be realized that one child can never be compared with another and it is like comparing an apple with an orange! Parents should have this basic understanding as they mold their kids. We should realize that every human being is differently created by Bhagawan and every human being is born in this world for a variety of purposes. So, just because one child fails in one exam, it doesn’t mean that the poor child is bad! This child might be able to excel in some other domain, if trained in the right direction and as parents, we need to identify the interest of our children, thus mold them accordingly.

Thus, the moment a child feels that he / she is being compared and contrasted with other children, it leads to a fear and sort of a depression. As a result, an “inferiority complex” sets into the child’s tender mind and in many cases, this becomes an irreversible phenomenon as the child grows up! This also leads to a situation wherein the child totally loses his / her individuality and he / she starts to “fake” his / her whole life ahead, just to please someone else! How dangerous is this situation? Although we might realize the graveness of the problem, unfortunately, many of us would have gone through this knowingly or unknowingly!

Hence from this discussion, the point that I’m trying to drive home is that, today’s “pressure for excellence” is only creating fear and scare amongst our younger generation and this is an extremely dangerous trend moving forward. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why our younger generation is slowly moving away from spirituality and spiritual growth. I’m dedicating one full episode on this because of the graveness of the situation, and if this continues for another 10-15 years, threat is looming large and is casting a huge shadow on our people as we move further and further away from spiritual progress. This again validates Sage Kapilaachaarya’s claim that not many people are showing interest in realizing their purpose of birth!

So for today, let us ponder over this important point and let us do the needful! We shall wait till the next episode to witness more of Sage Kapilaachaarya’s explanations! Stay tuned! 😊







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