Episode # 72 – “All the world’s a stage & we’re mere actors and actresses” – Sage Kapliaachaarya explains!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the extension of Sage Kapilaachaarya’s important message on his purpose of birth in this world. Of course, Sage Kapilaachaarya incarnated during the Krita Yuga, but whatever messages he has conveyed through his life, stands valid even in today’s Kali Yuga after so many thousands of years. While he describes his purpose of incarnation, Sage Kapilaachaarya’s important agenda is to create an awareness amongst mankind that the development of our Atman (Soul) is of paramount importance. We’ve also been witnessing this important point in different dimensions during our series of discussions in the past couple of episodes. Notably yesterday we had taken this point forward to witness why people in the present-day are getting dejected very soon and for very small things too in their lives!

Yesterday, one of our esteemed readers had added more value to this whole discussion and as we move on further, I would like to share his views with our audience and it is definitely worth taking these points forward. It was indeed a very interesting and this gave an entirely different dimension to ponder about – He opines that in the present day, even school and college going students go to the extreme extent of hanging themselves, just for the petty reason that he / she has failed in one examination. This almost never happened 20-30 years ago! The reader aptly points out that as years roll by, we’re drawn by innumerable materialistic attractions and passions and we’ve totally moved away from spirituality and gaining spiritual strength. Also of course, the present-day lifestyle is full of hurry and rush for everything and anything and this also takes a heavy toll on all of us.

Yes! This is where the problem exactly lies. Till yesterday we had witnessed that we’ve to give atleast equal importance to our materialistic (both professional and personal) advancement as well as our Atman’s development. But many of us might have a question within us that whether this is possible or not! This is a major cause of worry for many of us. In fact, to go one step back in this, it is not that we’re not aware of all these messages of Atma-development. We know many of these things right from childhood as we listen to our scriptural texts right from our early age. But the main problem is that, we’re unable to balance and allocate sufficient time for this. Of course, as our reader has aptly pointed out, our lifestyle today is one of the major factors that keep pegging us back everytime when we try to make spiritual progress. In today’s scenario, all of us are in some form of hurry for everything – This hurry can be from going to office or school on time in the morning, to the pressure at the workplace, heavy academic pressure (in case of students), etc. Ultimately if we witness today, at every walk of life, we seem to keep “running” all the time! However, if we’ve to sit back for few minutes and ponder over the reasons for which we’re running so fast, many a times we do not get an answer!

This can be a good self-assessment exercise for all of us here. Let us sit for 2-3 minutes silently and ask within ourselves the following questions – What is that we’re going to achieve by running all the time? Are we spending atleast a little time for thinking about Bhagawan? We might immediately tend to give a counter here – Why should we think of Bhagawan? What has He done for us? Isn’t it a fact that it is only with His divine grace that we are in a good job and are able to earn sufficient money to sustain our life? Of course, nowadays “unemployment” is a huge threat to many people across the world – At a time when thousands of people are struggling to get a good job, we’re having one and is able to make the most of it, isn’t it? But here is a counter question – How do you say that Bhagawan has got me this job? Isn’t it because I’ve educated myself to that level and isn’t it only because of my qualifications that I’m in this position? We should remember here that there are so many educated people like us out there, who are still looking out for jobs, and here we are, with a credible job and earning a decent sum of money! If we go on pondering like this, we’ll never get answers for many questions about ourselves! However, there is some person who is making all this happen! There is somebody who is blessing us with loads of grace, so that we’re better-off as compared to many other people in this world! So, isn’t it our duty to have the basic gratitude to thank that person for bestowing us with all what we’re having today in our lives? This is where, our Atman’s development comes into the picture!

Thus, whatever might be our priorities during the day, we should try and allocate some time to think about Bhagawan and our Atman. Although we might find it difficult to do it, we should give it a try, because this is our duty. The moment we start thinking of Bhagawan and our Atman’s development, we would automatically start gaining the inner strength, which is unfortunately missing amidst many people, especially in youngsters today. The moment we focus our mind on Bhagawan, we would slowly start realizing that it is Bhagawan who is driving all of our daily activities and everything in this world, be it good or bad happens for a purpose. We are just instruments in the divine hands of Bhagawan. As Shakespeare rightly points out too – “All the worlds’ a stage and all of us are actors and actresses!” This is exactly what Sage Kapilaachaarya explains too!

So the point here is, we should realize that it is Bhagawan who drives all of our actions, minute after minute. If we’re able to surrender at the lotus feet of Bhagawan, all our tension, nervousness, mental pressure, sadness, depression, etc. would slowly start coming down. If we start realizing that it is not me, but Bhagawan who is doing all what we do, we would slowly start gaining mental strength. Once our mind becomes stronger, we would slowly be able to endure any sort of difficult situations in life and we would never go to the extent of committing suicides. Moreover, as we move on with dedicated efforts, we would slowly start realizing that all our physical and mental illness coming down, as our mental strength increases!

So for today, let us ponder over these important points from Sage Kapilaachaarya’s messages and thanks to our esteemed reader that we were able to add an entirely new dimension today as part of this discussion on Atma-development and making spiritual progress. We shall wait till the next episode to witness Sage Kapilaachaarya’s further messages. Stay tuned! 😊


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