Episode # 71 – Why do people suffer from numerous “mind-related issues” today? Sage Kapilaachaarya has an answer!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an extended discussion on the significance of our Atman as demonstrated by Sage Kapilaachaarya as he explains his purpose of birth in this world. This is a very important point for all of us to ponder over even in today’s context, given our hectic personal and professional commitments. In the midst of all these, there would be both happy and sad moments in our life and it would always keep alternating. If we’ve to maintain our balance of mind at all times, we’ve to definitely try and give space for our Atman’s development as well, just as we focus heavily on our physical and professional development.

Extending yesterday’s discussion a bit further, in today’s world we see people getting sad very easily. People tend to lose their calmness quite frequently and also tend to break down very easily as well! Why does all this happen? We can witness in the present day’s context that many people are suffering from mental depression, mental pressures, early-ageing, frequent sickness, blood pressure-related issues, diabetes-related issues at early ages, etc. Every now and then we keep hearing that people are under constant medication for all of these issues too. Stunningly in fact, nowadays people are even talking about committing suicide for petty things in life and this is happening more frequently of late! Why is all this happening? What is the problem here? Are our present-day’s problems too big that they can never be solved in any way? Why is there a mental-block in whatever we do? Let us analyze these questions in today’s episode, based on what Sage Kapilaachaarya has said.

In fact, these are the important messages that we can absorb from this segment of the Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana. If we look deeply, all our modern-day problems have definitive solutions in our Sanaathana Dharma literature – both at a professional level and personal level as well! Most of the problems that we face today is because of our mind and its attitude towards the world. If we’re able to mend our mind according to the ways that our Sanaathana Dharma teaches us, we can definitely look forward to be better individuals and thus contribute to the development of the whole of mankind towards peace and harmony!

Now coming back to this context – Why are people taking extreme steps in life and why do people break down so easily? It is only because in today’s world, we are primarily focused on our worldly development (includes both family and professional development), and never have the agenda of our Atman’s development at all! This is where the imbalance sets in. If we direct our focus entirely on our worldly human life, if there is some downfall associated with it at some point in time, we’re not able to take it! Hence, we are feeling let down and have a feeling that our world is coming to an end! Whereas, if we can create that “balance” between our worldly development and the development of our “Atman”, any kind of downfall in our worldly pursuit would be cushioned by our Atman’s development agenda!

This is like investing our savings – If we invest all our money in just one bank or one fixed deposit or one mutual fund, or whatever, and if this bank runs into a problem or a closure, we would lose our entire sum of money isn’t it? Instead, if we can split our money into smaller portions and invest in multiple places, like 3-4 banks, mutual funds, company portfolios, etc. we reduce the “risk” factor of losing our money completely. That is, even if one bank or financial institution closes down, we would only be losing that small portion of money that we had invested in that bank and the rest is intact! Thus by doing so, we are reducing the “risk” factor and we create a big cushion for ourselves.

Similarly, if we can allocate some time for our worldly development and life, and similarly some time for our Atman’s development, by thinking about Bhagawan, meditating, singing His divine names, etc. we can reduce the “risk” of failure in our worldly development. It is to be remembered by our readers that there is a probability of failure only in our worldly pursuits. There is no concept of “failure” when it comes to our Atman’s development. Every small step that we take towards Bhagawan yields us extensive results and it would never go a waste at any point in time! Hence, if we are able to balance out between the two parameters, even if there are major setbacks or failures in our professional or personal life, we would not get dejected so quickly. We would be able to maintain our calmness and composure and would be able to accept whatever comes to us – Both success and failure!

This is exactly what Bhagawan Krishna tells in the Bhagawad Gita too – We should be able to see failure and success with equality and balance! That is, we shouldn’t jump up and down like a crazy ball during success, and at the same time, we shouldn’t get dejected and break down when we meet with failure! We should try and develop that balanced frame of mind in whatever we do. How do we develop such a balance? It is only by giving equal importance to our worldly pursuits as well as our Atman’s development. If we’re able to achieve this balance, our mind would never go into unwanted fights with people, extreme steps like divorces, suicides, mental depression, etc.

So for today, let us understand this point very clearly and let us take a conscious step forward in trying to develop this balance! We shall wait till the next episode to move forward with Sage Kapilaachaarya’s further points! Stay tuned! 🙂









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