Episode # 70 – Sage Kapilaachaarya demonstrates the significance of our “Atman” (Soul) – An important discussion!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important discussion wherein Sage Kapilaachaarya discloses his main purposes of birth in this world. In due course, we’ve also witnessed that Sage Kapilaachaarya comes under the family lineage of Kartama-Prajaapathi and is also considered to be one of Bhagawan Vishnu’s incarnations. Yesterday, we had witnessed how Sage Kapilaachaarya is lamenting to his mother that in this world, there aren’t many people who are interested in attaining Moksha anymore! It is to be remembered that Sage Kapilaachaarya said this during the Krita Yuga! If such was the situation during the Krita Yuga itself, we don’t even need to talk about all this in the context of our present Kali Yuga! Who on earth is really interested and determined to attain Moksha and follow the path for it?

Saying thus, Sage Kapilaachaarya explains to his mother that the purpose of his birth in this world was to teach people that all these sufferings that we undergo today – Hunger, sleep, sadness, happiness, laugh, cry, tension, nervousness, etc. would never be the order of the day when we reach Moksha! It is only in this world that we are going through all of these things. This is one purpose. The next purpose as He explains – To make us realize that we have to focus our mind and actions “inwards” and not always “outwards”. This means that we should focus more on the development and upliftment of our Aatman (Soul), rather than the development and upliftment of our physical body and the surrounding environment.

In the meanwhile, I had requested all of us to start taking a statistics as to how much of time do we spend for “outward” activities and how much of time do we spend for “inward” activities (focused on our Atman) every day! I’m sure readers would have started doing it and of course, this is a long process that should continue every passing day! The moment we start taking such statistics for ourselves, we would be alarmed and shocked to see how much time are we wasting in doing unwanted activities everyday! This is the first step for improvement. We should realize that in our life time, as we progress with age and maturity, we should allocate more time for our Atman and lesser time for our other worldly activities! Of course, if I start talking about all this now, readers might never look into my blog again! 🙂 However, there should be a start somewhere isn’t it? We cannot just continue the way we are wasting our time every moment! To start with, we should atleast try to siphon equal amount of time for our worldly requirements and for our Aatman. Of course I’m not saying that worldly requirements should be shunned completely! We should of course have a family, have a professional life, earn money for our day-to-day survival, educate and update our skillsets every day, educate our children, spend quality time with our family and spouse, etc. All these are required and there is absolutely no doubt about it. But what I’m trying to convey here is a bit higher than all these. Let us try to answer this question within ourselves – In spite of all our personal and professional day-to-day commitments, are we spending atleast a little time to think of Bhagawan or our Aatman? Are we trying to take steps to up-lift our Aatman in some way? If our answer is “yes”, it infers that we’re on the right track as prescribed by Bhagawan. The problem comes when the answer is a “No”!

Sadly in many of our cases, the answer is the second one – A Big “No”! But why is this answer a “no”, many a times? The main reason is because, we never understand the significance of our Aatman! On the other hand, we get to know so many things with regard to our worldly life, be it professional or personal. We constantly keep hearing or reading something about various aspects of our physical health, personal well-being, professional competencies, etc. Say for instance, if we get a physical illness like Blood pressure, Diabetes or any illness of that sort! The moment we come to know that we have such an illness in our body, what do we do? We search for different sources to find out what is the cure for it – Whether to go for Allopathic medicines or to try out traditional medications like Ayurveda, Siddha, Unaani, etc. and ultimately make conscious efforts to get our physical illness cured, isn’t it?

Hence, what is happening here? This physical illness of ours, affects us in a big way and because of that, we try and create an awareness within ourselves as to how to come out of this illness and how to uplift our physical health! Moreover, in today’s world many of us are becoming “health conscious” and we hit the gym every day, go for exercises like swimming, jogging, walking, etc. to keep ourselves physically fit. In fact, to aid our exercising stint, there are dedicated technological “Apps” too, that add to the awareness factor on physical health! But consider this – Just like how we have so much of awareness about our physical health, body conditions, etc. do we have a similar awareness about our Aatman and its significance? The answer is an obvious “No”!  The reason behind this answer is that, just like how we’re taking conscious steps to create that awareness of our physical health, we aren’t taking this many conscious steps to understand about the Aatman. How do we understand about the Aatman? Just like how we read or hear about various aspects of our physical health, we should equally hear or read about the Aatman and it’s significance. The moment we start doing this and the moment we start gaining the awareness about our Aatman, we would automatically start focusing more on it and will take steps to try and improve on our spiritual progress. This is exactly what Sage Kapilaachaarya expects from us and this is the reason why he is lamenting that people aren’t taking progressive steps forward to attain Moksha.

Thus, the moment we start to understand the significance of our Aatman, this would pave the way to be the first step in walking the path of Moksha and this is exactly what Sage Kapilaachaarya’s wants us to do! So the message is loud and clear for all of us! From today, let us take a conscious step forward in this regard! We shall wait till the next episode to continue more on the discussion of Sage Kapilaachaarya’s purpose of birth! Stay tuned! 🙂




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