Episode # 43 – The sage scolds his son for cursing King Parikshit – Importance of “Patience”!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had been at an important juncture wherein King Parikshit falls into the trap laid by himself! It was the same King Parikshit who had allocated “Rajo Guna” (Anger) wherein Kali Purusha can reside. Despite Kali Purusha’s warning, not to enter into his territories, King Parikshit allegedly enters into the territory of anger and gets a terrible curse.

We witnessed the series of incidents that pulled King Parikshit into the trap – As he was going for hunting, he suddenly starts feeling thirsty and hungry. To satisfy his hunger and to quench his thirst, he goes to a sage who was in deep penance. Owing to the non-responsiveness of the sage to King Parikshit, he becomes angry at one point and throws a dead snake around his neck and leaves that place! Upon seeing the dead snake around his father’s neck, the sage’s son gets angry and curses King Parikshit that he would meet his end within the next one week and his end would be through a snake-bite!

This is how King Parikshit was cursed and this is an important lesson for all of us – If we’re falling into any of the ten traps that King Parikshit had declared, we’re bound to get into trouble like this, as Kali Purusha is not an easy person to handle! 😊 If we mess up our lives by falling into these traps, Kali Purusha is surely going to mess our lives up! Hence, we need to be extremely careful and watchful here. It should be seen here that nobody is an exception in this case – Even King Parikshit himself, who was the person to allocate the ten dwelling places of Kali Purusha, was not exempted! He too met his end by falling into one of the ten traps! If such is the case for King Parikshit himself, where are we in this world? Hence, the only option for us is to be very careful and make sure that we do not fall into any of the ten traps laid down by Kali Purusha!

Thus, the sage’s son curses King Parikshit. The sage’s son was equally powerful in terms of penance and high level of spiritual development! Within a fraction of a second, he realized what had happened. He realizes that it was none other than the king who had come to this place and the king had tried to insult his father by performing such a heinous act! He decides to teach the king a fitting lesson thus:

“Ithi lankithamaryaadham takshakahstaptame hani!

Dakshateesma kulangaaram choditho me tadathvadaam!!

Tathobhyetatyaashramam baalaha gale sarpa kalevaram!

Pitharam veekshya duhkhaarthaa bhokthakanto ruroodhaha!!”

Thus, the son couldn’t tolerate the insult done by the king to his father and curses the king that he would meet his end very soon. He curses thus, “King Parikshit would be bitten by a snake by name “Dakshaka” on the seventh day from today and would be meeting his end with that!”

Upon hearing his son’s loud proclamation thus, the sage gets disturbed from his penance and opens his eyes thus. He sees his son with anger written all over his face and enquires what had happened and why is he so angry all of a sudden. The son replies thus, “Oh father! Look at what is there around your neck. It is only upon seeing this, I became terribly angry. Putting a dead snake around a sage who is in extreme penance is a huge insult! I wanted to punish the person who had insulted you this way! Thus, I cursed him and this is the reason why I’m standing in front of you with anger!”

Upon hearing this from his son, the sage got very angry on his son and scolds him thus, “Oh son! You’re supposed to be part of a great dynasty of sages! Sages who are spiritually elevated people, should not give room for anger like this. If the king had done such a thing, he is a “Kshatrya” and he is bound to get angry like that. Whereas, as a “Brahmana”, you are supposed to have control on your anger, and here, you’re not even able to tolerate such a small thing! Hence, rather than cursing him, you should have enquired the matter and then decided the next course of action! Just because he had put a snake on me, it hasn’t affected me in any way! Moreover, the snake is dead! So it hasn’t affected me in any way. If such is the case, the king hasn’t done any fault and you’ve still cursed him for no fault of his!”

Scolding thus, the sage continues further, “Oh son! Do you know one thing? Parikshit has only put a dead snake around me! However, the object (my body) on which he had put the dead snake is none other than another snake which is alive! Upon hearing this, the son was stunned and asks his dad for more explanation! The sage replies thus, “Oh son! Please realize that the snake is nothing but our body! (Shareeram). You are more concerned with my human body than my Aatman and thus you have cursed the king! You’ve been carried away by the insult done to this physical body and thus, you shouldn’t have done such a big mistake!”

From this part of the discussion, we should realize that “patience” is very important for any human being in this world. If we’ve to hurry up in whatever we are doing, and if we’ve to take even small things as big insults, there is no end to the suffering that we are voluntarily accumulating within ourselves. If we start developing the characteristic called “Patience”, we can have a balanced frame of mind while thinking and taking important decisions, both personally and professionally. Here we’re witnessing the sage’s son cursing King Parikshit owing to lack of patience. Had he been a bit slow and steady in enquiring what had happened and why did the king do such a thing, this curse wouldn’t have come by and King Parikshit would have been saved! This is what happens amongst all of us in today’s world as well! We commit something wrong, owing to a sudden rush of emotions, and later keep repenting for what we did for our entire lifetime! This is what we need to be careful about!

So for today, let us realize this important point and wait till the next episode to witness what happened to King Parikshit after this! Stay tuned! 😊






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