Episode # 44 – King Parikshit decides to end his life – Entry of Sage Sukhaachaarya !!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed how King Parikshit attained the curse of being bitten by a snake within the next seven days. It is to be recollected by readers that King Parikshit fell into the same trap that he himself had laid down – He had once given ten places for Kali Purusha to dwell in this world, which included anger too! However, it was this same anger that pulled King Parikshit into the trap of Kali Purusha. Here we can witness how smart is Kali Purusha in this world! If King Parikshit himself was not an exception for Kali Purusha to punish, where are we then? Hence, the important message from this point is that, we should be extremely careful not to fall into any of the traps that Kali Purusha has laid for us! Although these traps might be extremely tempting for us to go into, we should use the power of discrimination given to us by Bhagawan, to stay away from all of these!

Moving forward thus, we saw yesterday that the sage upon whom King Parikshit showed his anger wakes up from his penance and learns what had just happened! The sage realizes that the king had come to see him but due to his non-responsive state, the king had got angry and threw a dead snake over his neck. The sage also realizes that not withstanding this “great insult” done by the king to his father, his son had cursed him severely too! The sage pulls up his son and scolds him for this act! However, all is too late now and King Parikshit’s date of death has been fixed!

Meanwhile as King Parikshit reaches back his palace, he realizes that he had committed a huge mistake! He shouldn’t have fumed in anger like that to a sage who was in deep penance. As a King, he should have had the balanced frame of mind to think and then act. But here, King Parikshit realizes that he had acted without that thought process. Of course, it was due to extreme hunger and thirst, and that moment was beyond his control! Yet, the story remains that he had committed a mistake, which he shouldn’t have! He was sure that this mistake is going to cost him huge!

Hence, he decides to end his life by sitting towards the northern direction and by undertaking a “fast until death”.

“Ahovayam dhanyatamaam dhrupaanaam nirveda moolo dvijashaapa roopaha!
Ithih shamraajastyavasaayepthaha praacheena mooleshu kushechu jeeraha!!”

Dejected with himself thus, King Parikshit realizes that the world is moving slowly into the intense hold of the Kali Yuga and he decides that it is worthless to live any further! Although he tried his best not to fall into the traps of Kali Purusha, he still fell into it owing to his fate! Hence King Parikshit decides that he has had enough! He thus sits facing the northern direction with a staunch decision of fasting unto death.

As fate would have it, it was at this crucial juncture that Sage Shukaachaarya along with his disciples pass through that very place where King Parikshit was sitting with his savage resolution. Realizing that Sage Sukhaachaarya is walking towards him, King Parikshit gets up from where he sits, bows down and pays respect to him. King Parikshit also realizes that it is a great thing that Sage Sukhaachaarya has come to him for something!

“Aho adhyavayam brahman saksebhyaaha kshatra bandhavaha!

Kripayaa atithi roopena bhavadbhih teerthakaah gruthaaha!!”

Upon the arrival of Sage Sukhaachaarya, King Parikshit bursts out into tears! King Parikshit is trying to seek some solace under the expert guidance and expertise of Sage Sukhaachaarya! As King Parikshit is all in tears, Sage Sukhaachaarya tries to console him and asks the reason behind his outburst. Upon which, King Parikshit narrates the entire set of events to Sage Sukhaachaarya and that, his death is scripted to happen by the end of the seventh day from today!

Now what does Sage Sukhaachaarya reply? How is he going to take this forward? What is that solution he’s going to give King Parikshit so as to alleviate him from this curse? Let’s wait to witness in the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊




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