Episode # 42 – King Parikshit falls into Kali Purusha’s “trap” & receives a terrible “curse”!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the extension of the conversation between King Parikshit and Kali Purusha, wherein both of them strike a “deal”! According to the deal, King Parikshit lists down places wherein Kali Purusha can dwell in this world at his free will and wish. King Parikshit initially lists down four important places where Kali Purusha can dwell – Places wherein “Dyuutham” (Gambling) happens, “Paanam” (Drinking excessive alcohol and wreaking havoc), “Striyaha” (Wherein crimes against women are on the rise) and “Soonaha” (Wherein animals are being slaughtered and tortured). Having said thus, Kali Purusha is not very satisfied with the number of “places” that King Parikshit has given him. He wants for more. King Parikshit now comes up with the fifth place – “Gold”. People who are crazy behind gold, clearly would invite Kali Purusha to their places! In today’s world we’re witnessing a huge surge in gold imports to India and we’re witnessing many crimes and issues that arise due to the craze behind gold!

Even after giving the fifth place to Kali Purusha thus, he was still not satisfied! It is here when King Parikshit comes up with five more places thus – “Anrutham” means “talking lies”. “Madam” means having lot of “head-weight” that I’m everything in this world! “Kaamam” means having excessive desire. “Rajaha” means extreme anger. “Vairam” means “enmity” over someone, or taking vengeance against someone for some reason. Thus, these are the next five places wherein Kali Purusha dwells in this particular Yuga.

After giving these ten places, King Parikshit asks Kali Purusha if this is enough! Within his mind, Kali Purusha was still feeling that these ten were insufficient, however, due to the fear for King Parikshit and his prowess, Kali Purusha calls it a “deal”, with lot of reluctance from within him! As Kali Purusha turns his back and leaves the place, King Parikshit asks him one last question – “Oh Kali Purusha! Please tell me one thing! I’ve given you ten places to reside. If I’ve to ensure that I wouldn’t come into your area, what should I do?” Kali Purusha replies thus, “Oh King Parikshit! It’s very simple! Please ensure that neither you nor your people enter into this territory and everything would be fine! Unless and until people do not enter these ten areas, I would never harm anyone in this world. If however, by mistake or hook or crook, people try to enter into the territories where I reside, I’ll surely take all of them to task!”

Thus from this important episode, we understand that we should make sure not to give an “entry” into any of these ten designated places where Kali Purusha dwells in today’s world! The point is that, we’ve to use our discrimination capability given by Bhagawan and make sure that we do not get tempted by any of those ten items! The biggest problem here is that, all these ten places are like “magnets” and they would try to attract us towards them with all the possible temptations. For instance, we set our goal as to lead a luxurious lifestyle. There are of course many ways to get to that goal. One is of course with due hard work and prayers. The other is always by taking a “short-cut”, by bullying others, cheating people, involving in gambles, etc. All of these “short-cut” methods to attain success would automatically “attract” us into those ten places where Kali Purusha resides. This is why we say in today’s world that there is no short-cut for success. We need to struggle and slog the hard way, so as to attain sustainable success!

Moving on thus, Kali Purusha departs to dwell in all of his ten places and that conversation comes to an end. Days, months and years roll by, and King Parikshit ensures that neither he nor his people fall into the traps wherein Kali Purusha actively resides. One fine day, King Parikshit sets out for some hunting. He takes his sword, artillery, etc. and enters into a deep forest area. As he was going deep and deep inside the forest, he suddenly started to feel hungry and thirsty at the same time. However, since he was so far away from his place and since he was inside a dense forest, King Parikshit did not get anything to eat or drink. As he passes through the forest, he sees a saint (“Rishi”) who was doing deep penance. He was the only person around in that entire area and hence, King Parikshit goes to him to check if he can get something to eat or drink. He tries to see if he can somehow wake up the saint from his tapas and enquire with him for some sources of food.

However, King Parikshit realizes in due course of time that the saint cannot be woken up as he was in extremely deep stage of penance. As King Parikshit waits and waits, his hunger and thirst increases! At one point he becomes so desperate for food and water, that his anger takes over! This is what happens to us also – For instance, if we’re going on some tour (“Yatra”) and if we do not get proper food and water to consume, what do we do, and how do we react? We start getting giddy, sleepy, dull, tired, etc. and ultimately at one point, we would start fuming at other people because of our hunger, isn’t it? 😊 Same thing happens to King Parikshit too here! It is to be remembered that Kali Purusha very much resides in “Rajaha” (Anger), and King Parikshit has now clearly fallen into the trap! He thus becomes so angry on the saint that he has not responded to his repeated calls.

Accordingly, King Parikshit wanted to “punish” this sage very badly. He thus sees a dead snake in one corner. He takes that dead snake with the tip of his arrow and throws it on the sage. The snake falls around the sage’s neck! Even then, the sage doesn’t get disturbed from his penance! Such was the depth of meditation in which the sage was!

Not getting a response thus, King Parikshit drives away from that place with all his hunger, thirst and the resultant frustration. After some time, the sage’s son comes to see his father and he gets stunned upon seeing a snake around the neck of his father! He immediately pulls off the snake from there and he fumes in anger! He wants to punish that person who has committed this crime of putting a snake around his father’s neck, however he did not know who that person was! So, the sage’s son lets out a curse as he fumes! He declares thus: “Whomsoever might be that person who had thrown this snake around my father’s neck when he is in deep penance, will be bitten by a snake within the next fifteen days and would meet his death with the snake bite!”

This person who has been cursed, as we know, is none other than King Parikshit himself! It is thus, King Parikshit received this curse of being bitten by the snake within the next fifteen days. What happens next? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 😊


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