Episode # 39 – King Parikshit lists down places where ‘Kali Purusha’ dwells in today’s world!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the story wherein King Parikshit is seeking to take revenge on “Kali Purusha” for all the atrocities that are happening in this world, ever since Bhagawan Krishna left at the end of the previous Dvaapara Yuga. As King Parikshit witnesses Adharma after Adharma, he feels that he has had enough! Thus, with his sound skills on artillery and other forms of warfare, King Parikshit takes a savage resolution to take on Kali Purusha and kill him then and there and to restore Dharma in this world. Accordingly, he gives Kali Purusha a big chase. Initially Kali Purusha runs and runs to save himself from King Parikshit, as he knows that King Parikshit is a very powerful person. At one stage, Kali Purusha realizes that there is going to be no end to his running and King Parikshit is almost at the verge of catching him red-handed!

Hence, Kali Purusha decides to change his strategy a little bit. Now he turns back at King Parikshit and initiates a conversation. He tells King Parikshit that he is only wasting his time by chasing him and there is nothing that is going to change in this world, even if King Parikshit caches and kills him. Instead, Kali Purusha requests King Parikshit for a “deal”. According to the deal, Kali Purusha requests King Parikshit for a small place to live and he assures King Parikshit that he would never interfere with his pursuit of “Dharma”. In other words, Kali Purusha gives another assurance that he would never trouble people who follow the path of Dharma meticulously and that, his business would only be with those people who are into Adharma. Thus, Kali Purusha asks King Parikshit whether this deal is fair or not!

Listening thus from Kali Purusha, King Parikshit thinks for a while and makes sense out of it. He realizes that there is no point in capturing this fellow and killing him. Rather, it would be better for him to let him live wherever he wants to, unless and until he doesn’t create any trouble for aspirants of “Dharma”. Thinking thus, King Parikshit strikes the deal with Kali Purusha! Now what is the deal? King Parikshit lists down places wherein Kali Purusha can dwell in this world and gets the assurance from him once again that he wouldn’t come out of the places that he allots him. King Parikshit lists down the places thus:

“Dyuutham paanam striyah soonaa yathra adharmah chathurvitaha!

Punahscha yaahca maanaaya jaatha roopamadhaah prabhuhu!!”

This is an extremely important sloka for all of us to note here. King Parikshit says to Kali Purusha thus: “Oh Kali Purusha! You can go and live amidst those places wherever there are people who play illegal games like gambling (“Dyuutham”), wherever there are people who drink excessive alcoholic drinks (“Paanam”), wherever women are being insulted and ill-treated (“Striyaha”) and wherever there are people who are unnecessarily hurting animals and torturing them (“Soonaa”)!”

With this important message, the crux of Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana is out for all of us to witness! To explain this point further, “Kali Purusha” would dwell in those places wherever people try to gamble and cheat one another in terms of money and property, wherever people involve themselves in excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages and misbehaving with people around, wherever people involve themselves in insulting women by raping or molesting or any sorts of misbehavior with them and wherever animals are being tortured and killed! I’m repeating this point once again because, it is sad to see today that all these four items are growing into mammoth intensities! Especially in India, all these four “crimes” are on the rise every passing day and we’re witnessing the same in the newspapers! This is where the practical applicability of our Sanaathana Dharma scriptures come into play. We might simply discard these texts by saying that they’re not meant for the modern-day world, but if we witness point after point from our Sanaathana Dharma scriptures, we would witness how much of applicability they have for today’s world!

For instance, when we talk of the first point, “Dyuutham”, in today’s world, gambling has become even a full-fledged profession in many parts of the world. There are places called “CASINOs” in many cities, which attract huge scores of people and openly encourage them to involve in gambling. Similarly, when we talk of “Paanam”, today we have the culture of going to “Pubs” and “Parties”, wherein people are openly encouraged to smoke weeds, tobacco, etc., drink alcohol and behave in an uncultured fashion. If we go into the next point, “Striyaha”, people again are openly involved in various crimes against women and yet go unpunished! As such, our Indian judiciary system is totally incapable and inefficient to bring those criminals to justice, this adds the fuel to criminals that they can easily get away without getting punished, even if they commit heinous crimes against women! So what, if there are people who talk about it for just a day or two in the media? So what, if there are debates in news channels? So what if there are candle-light marches in cities against such crimes? Crimes against women keep happening despite all these, isn’t it? Finally, if we’ve to talk of “Soona”, it is a no-wonder today that we’re becoming experts in torturing and killing animals, for no fault of theirs! On the pretext of “religion”, “community”, etc. and to insult our Sanaathana Dharma, people openly conduct “beef parties” today, kill our sacred cows in the public, yet these criminals get away because of the blanket called “Secularism”! Nowadays it has become a “new fashion” that “Secularism” is nothing but giving importance to other religions to thrive in India, at the cost of Hinduism!

This out rightly defeats the entire fabric of India, which is a “Hindu-Raashtra” or “Land of Sanaathana Dharma”.

Hence, as citizens of this great “Punya-Bhumi” called Bhaarata Desha, we should strive together to defeat these “so-called Secular forces”, by reminding ourselves that “Kali Purusha” is dwelling upon all those places wherein our today’s secular forces are encouraging us into! As ardent followers of Sanaathana Dharma, we should never ever fall into the trap of the modern-day secularism, that only aims at insulting our Sanaathana Dharma and nothing else! For today, let us realize this important point and we shall wait till the next episode to continue this discussion further! Stay tuned! 😊





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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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