Episode # 38 – “I would never come near people who follow ‘Dharma’ in Kali Yuga” – Kali Purusha’s assures King Parikshit!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a very important message that Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana commences with. As King Parikshit started ruling the kingdom, one fine day he sees a tragic scene wherein a man is thrashing a cow and a bull mercilessly. Both the animals are crying profusely as they’ve lost three of their legs and just about managing to stand in one leg! As King Parikshit sees this, he sinks into tears of sorrow for these two poor animals, and at the same time he was raging in anger against the man who was mercilessly thrashing the animals. He immediately rushes to that spot and pulls up the man who was committing the heinous crime. At the same time he asked the cow and the bull to tell him the reason why they’re getting thrashed like this. For this, the animals reply to King Parikshit that they are none other than “Dharma” and “Bhoomi” (Mother Earth)! Their four legs are nothing but the four pillars of Dharma in this world, namely “Tapam” (Persistence), “Shoucham” (Purity), “Dayaa” (Mercy) and “Satyam” (Truth). The animals go on to explain that as “Yugas” transcended by, they had started losing one leg in each of the three Yugas that had preceded – Krita Yuga, Trethaa Yuga and Dvaapara Yuga. Now we’re in the Kali Yuga and their fourth leg is also getting hurt and are also about to lose it because of the thrashing that they’re receiving from that man!

This answer from the animals’ stuns King Parikshit! He couldn’t believe his ears! He doesn’t know how to react to the cow and bull’s tragic episode! But one thing was very clear – King Parikshit had realized that this Kali Yuga is the most treacherous Yuga ever! He was very sure that this Kali Yuga is going to be a “dark age” for Dharma! He wanted to change this. Hence, he decided to take on “Kali Purusha”, who was responsible for all “Adharma” that is happening in this Kali Yuga! He thus calls “Kali Purusha” for a war with him, so as to fight him down, and restore the “Dharma” back in this world!

Thus accordingly, King Parikshit finds out the whereabouts of the Kali Purusha, and started to chase him with his powerful artillery skills! After running for a while, Kali Purusha turns back and says to King Parikshit thus, “Oh Parikshit! Now why are you chasing me and why are you trying to destroy me? The person who had created the Krita Yuga, Trethaa Yuga and Dvaapara Yuga had only created me too! Hence, instead of going to Bhagawan Vishnu and asking him, why are you chasing me? By doing so, you’re only wasting your time! Rather, correct yourself and your path and make yourself sure that you don’t fall into the trap that I’m laying! Ensure to yourself that you do not fall into the bad lineage of people. Please remember that it is only those people who are bad and wicked who will suffer in this Kali Yuga because of me. Good people will never suffer!”

This is another important message for all of us! We should realize that there is no point in blaming the “Yuga” or Bhagawan for what we are going through! We ourselves are to blame for what sufferings we experience. Moreover, we are not here to correct others or to criticize them for what wrong they’re doing. It is their lookout! Rather, if we decide that we would lead a steadfast life according to the principles of Dharma, who can stop us from doing so? We are individuals and we are free to take our decisions for our own life, isn’t it? Hence, we should stop looking into what wrong are others doing and rather, focus on our spiritual growth. Of course if we’re steadfast in our Dharma, definitely Bhagawan would never let us down at any point in time! We should ponder over this important point for today!

Moving on thus, Kali Purusha continues to address King Parikshit – “Oh Parikshit! All I’m asking you is to give me a small place to reside. It might be in one corner of the world, wherein I can deal with those people who are into Adharma. You might of course ensure that neither you nor your people come near my place. By doing so, both you and me can live happily in this world in our own areas without any interference. I assure you that I wouldn’t come into your territory, provided you’re steadfast with your Dharma!”

Hearing thus, King Parikshit ponders over for a while and comes to a conclusion that whatever Kali Purusha is requesting is feasible! He realizes his folly that he can destroy Kali Purusha so that the world would be devoid of any Adharma! Thus, King Parikshit replies to him – “Oh Kali Purusha! This sounds a fair deal. I shall allocate few places where you can reside and be contented with! But you should assure me once more that you would never show your ugly face in those places apart from what I allocate for you! If you can give me this assurance, I shall straightaway allocate the places for you to reside!”

Listening to King Parikshit’s answer, Kali Purusha also accepts the deal and thus the place allocation starts. King Parikshit starts telling Kali Purusha that these are the places where you can reside freely at his will and wish! What are those places? An interesting and an important accord awaits us in the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊





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