Episode # 40 – India – The Land of “Hindu Sanaathana Dharma”!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an extremely important narrative in the Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana, with regards to how the world would be in this present Kali Yuga. In each episode, we’re witnessing glimpses of how the world is today, which is so aptly explained as early as 5000 years ago! In this narrative, King Parikshit, at the request of Kali Purusha, lists down four important places wherein Kali Purusha can dwell in this world – “Dyuutham”, “Paanam”, “Sthriaya’, and “Soonam”. In other words, King Parikshit declares to the world that Kali Purusha would be very active in those places where gambling happens, where people consume excessive alcoholic drinks, where women are being ill-treated and insulted and where animals are tortured and killed for no reason. The moment Kali Purusha enters these places, it should be remembered that he is not going to keep quiet! He’s going to kindle up all our problems and make sure that those people who are involved in such activities are duly punished, sooner or later.

Hence, this is a “red-alert” warning for all of us. As ardent followers of our Sanaathana Dharma, we should make sure that we keep away from these four places and these four heinous crimes. There might be forces around us that might be tempting us to enter into such things. But here is where our “discrimination” power comes to the play! The real test given to us by Bhagawan is that, inspite of all these forces, temptations, etc. are we able to resist them and move forward in the direction of Dharma or not! If we’re going to get stuck into any or all of these four “traps”, nobody can save us! Thus, it is primarily important for all of us to realize this important point and protect ourselves accordingly.

As an extended discussion to this point, we’ve stated yesterday, how today’s world, especially in the context of our “Bhaarata Desha” (India) is reeling under the influence of these four criminal activities. In today’s context for instance, we’re witnessing rape crimes, molestations and other allied insults and assaults on our women, which is extremely unfortunate to hear and read. Moreover, in the name of “Secularism”, our dear cows and their protectors are being thrashed and killed. Again, in the name of “Secularism”, Hindus are being unfairly targeted in all possible ways. Again, in the name of “Secularism”, crimes committed by those goons of other religions go unnoticed! Again, in the name of “Secularism”, successive governments in the country have failed to understand the crux of this term, owing to electoral opportunities!

Now what is the real meaning of “Secularism” and is the term “Secularism” applicable to a country like India? The definition of this term “Secularism” is that, all people across all religions and communities have the right to live in peace and harmony. Having said that, nobody has the right to impose his / her religion and ideas on another person and nobody has the right to convert people from one religion to another by force or by any illegal means. But if we look at how “Secularism” is practiced in 2019, it paints a completely different picture altogether! Now the situation has become in such a way that this so-called “Secularism” is being implemented for every religion, except Hinduism. In other words, there are “forces” that are predominant in today’s context, which propagates the fact that Hinduism is just a bunch of lies and that, other religions are the ways to reach Bhagawan! This started off with a small-scale propaganda, and with the “incentives” given by successive governments headed by few “Italian mafias”, Hinduism is being undermined in a huge way in many places across the country! Moreover, on the pretext of “religion”, many crimes like murders, assaulting of women, etc. go unnoticed and heinous criminals get away! Is this real “Secularism”? With this method of “preaching” secularism, the entire fabric of Bhaarata Desha (India), which is a staunch “Hindu-Raashtra”, deeply rooted in our Sanaathana Dharma, is slowly being eroded by these anti-national goons. Sadly, our citizens are falling into the trap laid by some western forces for their own vested interests!

This is exactly what Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana has predicted too – In this Kali Yuga, all such things are meant to be happening, and there might be situations wherein our Sanaathana Dharma might come under threats of existence. However, if we’re strong enough with our basic fundamental principles of life, and if we’re deeply rooted to our “Dharma” that our scriptures explain to us, we can stand tall and together to defeat such Adharmic forces that are trying to take over us. If we’re steadfast in our practices and approach, no opposition forces can even come near us! It is hence up to us to take this resolve and step up to the occasion.

Coming now to the second question – Can India really be secular? Or, is “Secularism” being “forced” and “pushed” on us for political interests? The answer from my side is that, India is and will always remain a “Hindu Country” or “Hindu Raashtra” or “Bhaarata Desha”, having its fundamentals built on our great and non-destroyable Sanaathana Dharma! Perhaps of course, India can give few small places for other religions to live, just like how King Parikshit gives four places for Kali Purusha to live upon, but not more than that! I’m not projecting myself as a person who is against other religions and their practices. But all I’m saying here is that, every religion has its own place and limits. For instance, can we freely practice our Hindu rituals in countries like Saudi Arabia or any other Gulf countries? It is not possible, isn’t it? Just like how those countries project themselves as hardcore Islamic countries, and just like how western countries project themselves as Christian-majority countries, India will always be a Hindu country! However, just like in western countries, people still have the freedom to practice other religions, in India too, people can have their freedom to choose their religion. But never can people be forced to convert from one religion to another, in the pretext of money, better standard of life, etc. This is where “Gambling” comes into play and this is where Kali Purusha resides!

Hence for today, let us re-visit the four places where Kali Purusha resides in today’s world, and let us make it a point, not to fall into the “trap” laid by these anti-Hindu forces that aim to ruin us, just like how they are ruined! We shall wait till the next episode to move on with King Parikshit’s resolve. Stay tuned! 😊





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