Episode # 344 – “Sleep can never be overcome with more sleep” – Vidura’s startling discussion!!!


The previous episode too saw an extension on the important discussion on the significance of good companionship. We witnessed yesterday how Duryodhana was a big victim of bad companionship, especially in the hands of his vicious uncle Sahuni. In fact, Sahuni was so venomous in nature that he used Duryodhana’s desperation to his fullest advantage. By pulling Duryodhana into his hands during the infamous gambling game, Sahuni eventually started to dictate terms in the Hastinapura kingdom in such a way that even King Dhirdirashtra couldn’t control beyond a point. This eventually made Duryodhana dance to the tunes of his wretched uncle Sahuni and eventually brought about his downfall.

Such is the effect of bad companionship in life. If we’re falling into this trap of bad companionship with people whom we should not mingle, it simply implies that we’re digging our own grave in the graveyard. Thus Vidura advises us to be very careful here. We’ve to indeed think twice or thrice before letting ourselves into the close quarters of someone. We’ve to do a credibility check thoroughly before choosing our close friends. This is extremely important in the modern-day world, especially due to the current challenging situations we keep facing everyday.

Now moving on further, Vidura now explains the next point wherein he says that we can never win over certain things in life by adopting certain means. This has lot of significance to us and let us witness this point in detail. Vidura explains thus:

“Na swapnena jayennidraan na kaamena jayeth striyaha!

Na indhanena jayeth agnim na paanena suraam jayeth!!”

Here, Vidura commences this sloka with the phrase “Na swapnena jayennidraan” – Here Vidura explains that we can never win over sleep, by thinking that we can still continue dreaming while sleeping more! Some people have this habit today – If we’re trying to wake up early in the morning and if we’re unable to get up from bed, we enter into this mindset of sleeping for 5-10 more minutes, and by doing so, we can get up fresh! This is a wrong mindset that many of us have! If we’re going to sleep for that 5-10 minutes extra, just because of that desire to sleep more, we’re never going to get up on time! It is because, these 5-10 minutes would again extend to another 15 minutes. This 15 would again keep extending further and further, thus ultimately, the very purpose of getting up early gets defeated! This is exactly what Vidura explains here – He says that we can never win over sleep by sleeping more or dreaming more! Sometimes in the morning, we might be amidst a dream while we wake up and when the alarm bell goes off, we might feel reluctant to get up, owing to the enjoyment that we get from the dream! Thus the only way to overcome sleep and get up on time is to forcefully deny our body the comfort that we would gain by sleeping a bit more. The moment we start giving that “extra bit of comfort” for our body, we would start becoming lazy! Thus it is important that we can never overcome sleep with “extra sleep” and we should realize it.

Next, Vidura says, “Kaamena jayeth striyaha” – This means that a man or a woman can never win each other’s love and heart only by indulging in physical pleasures. Of course, that is also required, but higher than just the physical satisfaction, true love can reign between the husband and the wife only with respect to each other’s character and the right attitude towards life. This is the reason why we give importance to the episode of the “Sita-Rama-wedding” as part of the Valmiki Ramayana. We had witnessed this famous sloka in our previous Ramayana project, wherein King Janaka says to Rama thus,

“Iyam sitaa mama suthaa saha dharma chareetava!”

This clearly signifies that King Janaka assures Bhagawan Rama that his daughter Sita is an epitome of Dharma and that, she would follow the Dharma meticulously all through the married life with Bhagawan Rama, till the end. This shows that a marriage between a couple is performed to initiate both of them together towards the pursuit of “Dharma”. Thus, the amount of mutual respect between the husband and the wife and their character, coupled with their attitude are the ones that would really make true love to prosper within them. Hence we should realize that, more than the physical aspect of love, the character and attitude aspects of love are of prime importance to sustain the relationship.

So for today, let us ponder over these two important points explained by Vidura. We shall wait till the next episode to witness the next two points as explained in this sloka. Stay tuned! 😊

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