Episode # 345 – “A fire cannot be dozed off with the material that kindles it more!” – Vidura asserts!!!


In the previous episode we had commenced the next important discussion after the long one on companionship and it’s importance. Here Vidura explains as part of this discussion, four important aspects in life and how can we not win over them! For the convenience of our readers, let us have a glimpse of the sloka once more. Vidura explains thus:

“Na swapnena jayennidraan na kaamena jayeth striyaha!

Na indhanena jayeth agnim na paanena suraam jayeth!!”

In yesterday’s episode, we had witnessed the first two points thus, wherein Vidura explains that we can never win sleep with sleep! In simpler words, if we’ve to wake up early in the morning, the only way to achieve that is to defy our body from getting that luxury of being in the bed, beyond the stipulated time of waking up. Rather, if we start giving that “extra-bit-of-comfort” by sleeping for another 5-10 minutes more, this will never end and ultimately the purpose of getting up early gets defeated fully! Hence Vidura explained that we can never win over our sleep by sleeping more. Rather, the only way to overcome it is to deny that comfort for our body beyond that stipulated point.

Secondly, Vidura spoke about the relationship between the husband and a wife. The hearts of each other can be won, not only by physical pleasures, but only by the attitude, character and true love from the heart. Nowadays, it is an aweful thing to witness many youngsters running behind each other, only to satisfy their physical pleasures and maybe some other worldly affairs. A relationship that is built only upon physical need satisfaction and money, would never sustain beyond a point. It is only the true love, affection, understanding between the two people and their character that would take the relationship forward towards sustainability over a long period of time.

Now moving on to the third point, Vidura says, “Na indhanena jayeth agnim” – This means, if a fire has to be dozed off, can it be done by using firewood, or any kind of wooden items? No, it cannot! To doze off fire, the appropriate material like water, carbon dioxide gas, sand, etc. are required, depending upon the nature of the fire. This is why even in the present day, it is important for all of us to ascertain the nature and source of the fire, before planning to extinguish it. For instance, if the fire is caused because of the burning of some wood items or furniture, it can be dozed off by using heavy cannons of water. However, if the fire is caused due to an electrical short-circuit, water cannot be used to doze it off. If we rather use water for it, we would only be aggravating the fire more and more, rather than dozing it off! The best method to extinguish fire caused due to electrical short-circuit is to throw sand on it. Since sand is an insulator, it would cut off the oxygen supply to the fire and thus be extinguished. Thus, these are some basic things that all of us should know, although many of us might be aware already. Thus, Vidura’s point here is that in general, if a fire is raging, we cannot doze it off by using those materials that would kindle the fire to spread easily.

Finally Vidura explains “Na paanena suraam jayeth!” – If a person has consumed excessive liquor and has gone to a semi-conscious state, he cannot be brought back to normal by making him drink more of alcohol! This is also a foolish act, isn’t it? Thus, rather than making the person repeat the same mistake over and over again, there should be a different approach to bring out the person from alcoholism. Of course, there are few cases wherein people who are addicted to alcoholic drinks are treated a bit differently. For instance, if the addiction has gone beyond a certain point to such a state wherein this person’s fingers would start shivering if he doesn’t have a bottle of alcohol in his hand, such cases should be treated a bit differently. Rather than completely stopping and denying alcoholic drinks to such people, it is better to reduce the consumption step by step.

This might be in a bit of a contradiction to Vidura’s point, but readers should understand that these are extreme cases. What Vidura explains, might hold good for normal people like us. If the level of addiction is less, then the approach might be that we totally take a pledge to avoid alcoholic drinks altogether from this day onwards. However, if the level of addiction increases and if it reaches the highest level, the only way to bring such people out of alcoholism is to reduce the alcohol consumption step after step, rather than doing it all at one go! This is done because, if the person is denied the alcoholic drink all of a sudden completely, the nervous problem would increase multi-fold and chances are high that this person would have a complete nervous breakdown, which would eventually lead to the death of the person. Whereas, if the reduction is adopted in a stepwise manner, this person would slowly start getting accustomed to the reduced intake, thus, atleast in the near to long term, there is a possibility that he would be able to quit drinking completely.

Thus, the message from today’s episode is that, if it is a fire, it cannot be dozed down by using those materials that would kindle the fire more, and similarly, if we’ve to bring out a person from alcoholism, it can’t be done by making him consume more of it. There is an important hidden message that Vidura is trying to convey through this sloka, wherein we’ve just witnessed the outward meaning till now. We shall wait till the next episode to witness and understand that hidden important message. Stay tuned! 😊

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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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