Episode # 343 – Uncle Sahuni – How did he spell doom to Duryodhana’s life???


In the previous episode we had witnessed yet another extension of Vidura’s point on good companionship. We continued the discussion further to establish the unfortunate fact of the modern day that in some way or the other we keep following people blindly for the purpose of attaining a social status and in some cases, name, fame and wealth. This is where we need to realize that we should follow those people who are more spiritually developed than us, and should keep a check on our following of those people who are financially and socially developed than us! If we go behind people of the latter category, all we’ll end up in is, wastage of our precious time, which could have been used effectively to develop ourselves, creating jealousy within ourselves, which is again unwarranted and ultimately culminating in loosing our peace of mind.

In fact, if we’ve to look at this from a different angle, this is one of the main reasons why many people land up in mental depression. The moment we see people who are financially and socially of a higher level than us, we immediately start craving for more and more money and other luxuries, just to prove a point to the other person that we are no less than him or her. As a result, we try to resort to any and every possible way to make money – be it legal or illegal. This means that, we’re slowly starting to move away from the path of “Dharma” and are getting prepared to make money by hook or crook! As this mentality kicks in, we start getting desperate in what we do and our craving towards money and materialistic achievements commence. This craving for money is never going to end, even if we’re able to make truckloads of money more than the other person. However, little do we realize that the more and more money we accumulate, is only going to make us more and more sleepless every night! Especially if we’ve made money through the illegal route, we would always have that innate fear within us as to what if someone would find out, and what if we go to jail because of our mistakes! This ultimately kills our peace of mind and thus we see many people today, although they might have all the riches possible under their possession, are having zero peace of mind and thus land up in depression. Thus it is very clearly mentioned by Vidura through this point that, the more and more wealth that we accumulate, is only going to reduce our peace of mind in that same proportion.

This is exactly where King Dhirdiraashtra is entangled here and Vidura tries to make him understand this folly of his through various means. The moment King Dhirdiraashtra and his son Duryodhana started craving for the Hastinapura kingdom (undivided), all hell broke lose for them! Now if we can relate the above explanation in the case of Duryodhana, we can witness exactly the same set of events that took place in the Mahabharata story. All of us know how Duryodhana, right from his childhood was against the Paandava brothers in anything and everything. As his craving for the kingdom increased with his age, Duryodhana started entering into bad companionship in the likes of his uncle Sahuni and the others. Because of this, he started to take the wrong route of “Adharma” to somehow deny the Paandavas their due share of the kingdom. In fact, he went to the extent to even kill the Paandavas, despite the fact that they were his own cousin brothers! This is what would happen if we enter bad companionship. At some point, we would get so carried away that we would forget what we’re doing and to whom we’re behaving in what ways! And of course, all of us know what happened during the infamous game of gambling and the Paandava brothers finally being sentenced to a harsh exile! All these things were motivated by Sahuni, the wrong companion whom Duryodhana was dancing to the tunes of!

In fact, if we witness the Mahabharata story carefully in depth, Sahuni, being the uncle of Duryodhana had a clear personal agenda for himself, being in the Hastinapura palace! He was a person who wanted to take vengeance on King Dhiridraashtra for a disastrous past incident that happened between both of them! Sahuni was a clever and a smart person and he “used” Duryodhana as the perfect victim to push forward his agenda of dethroning King Dhirdiraashtra! Seeing that Duryodhana is desperate to capture the kingdom from his father and the Paandavas, Sahuni played the “cunning intermediary” role for Duryodhana to perfection, wherein he befooled Duryodhana to be his “well-wisher”, but he was actually not! Sahuni ultimately wanted Hastinapura kingdom to be doomed, and he used Duryodhana to achieve what he wanted to! Sadly enough, Duryodhana failed to realize this fact, and thus fell into the wretched trap laid by Sahuni perfectly, thus spelling his and his father’s doom! Such is the effect of bad companionship!

Rather, if we look at the side of the Paandavas, they were the epitomes of good companionship and thereby following the path of “Dharma” in whatever they did. At all good and bad times of their lives, they had one of the best companions ever, in the form of Bhagawan Krishna himself! What more can one ask for? If Bhagawan is there with them all the time, what more good company can we ever ask for in life? 😊 Thus we can see, at every instance of their life, Bhagawan Krishna renders them with impeccable advice pertaining to the “Dharma” and the Paandava brothers meticulously followed all of them without any blemish. Such was the effect of good companionship and ultimately, the Paandava brothers, although they had to undergo innumerable trials and tribulations, were able to emerge victorious and to protect “Dharma” in this world.

So the message from today’s episode is also pretty much the same as yesterday’s and day before’s – We’re witnessing the greatness of good companionship and the repercussions of bad companionship. From all these descriptions, we should be able to take a firm stance in our life with regards to the people whom we move with every passing day. We should always remember that good companionship would lead us towards the path of “Dharma” and spiritual development and we should get into the “Satsang” of good people who are ardent devotees of Bhagawan without any blemish. We shall wait till the next episode to witness Vidura’s next important point of discussion! Stay tuned! 😊

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