Episode # 342 – “Good vs. Bad companionship” – Vidura’s detailed analysis!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed the continuation of the discussion on the point on companionship. Vidura had slammed King Dhirdiraashtra for his ignorance in selecting his right companions, which means that he had invited trouble to enter his life through them. This is a big warning to all of us too – If we’re entering into a bad companionship, we can be rest assured that we’re going to face doom very shortly in life! This is why it is always better to think twice before choosing our close companions and aides. It’s easy to get carried away by juicy words and praises from others and little we might know that these same people are those who are going to be instrumental in pulling us down! In the present day we need to be even more careful because of the advent of technology and the virtual social media. If some strangers are befriending us on social media or chat websites, it is always advisable to trod carefully along that path. Of course I’m not generalizing the argument by saying that the usage of social media is bad and not advisable. All what I’m trying to emphasize here is that, we should be extra careful while using the social media in today’s world as it has now become one of the important hubs for many criminal activities. When we’re meeting some new and unknown people in the virtual world, it is always better not to trust them blindly in the initial conversation itself. How many instances are we seeing today that people get entangled into unwanted crimes via the social media and by befriending strangers whom they don’t even know! Hence it is always better to be a bit more careful while we’re engaged in social media conversations. If we somehow slip into a wrong companionship, we should always remember what would be the repercussions of it. This is a very important point that we have to note as we move on in our regular life.

In fact, there is a popular saying in Sanskrit to highlight this point:

“Uparyupari pashyantaha sarvayeva dharidhrathi!”

This means, if we’ve to raise up our standard in life in terms of moral values, spirituality, etc. we should always look at those people who are at a level higher than us and move with them. Only then we would be able to raise up our bar, on par with them. If we’re rather moving with those people who are inferior to us in these regards, we would only go spiraling down! Unfortunately in today’s world, what are we doing? We’re following the above sloka correctly, but for the wrong reasons! We’re only interested in looking up at people who are superior to us in terms of wealth and luxuries, and are going behind them blindly.

This is why we see people blindly going behind so-called “celebrities” like movie stars, politicians, etc. who are only interested in making money and luxuries out of these innocent peoples’ lives and time! The sad thing is that, many of us do not realize this and we still go blindly behind these so called “stars” and “celebrities”. Rather than going behind such people, why don’t we strive hard and become one such person in our lives? This is what we need to think! If we’re blindly going behind them for the want of name, fame, luxuries, wealth, etc. where is our individuality? Where is our zeal to perform and give our best? Where is our effort to identify our talent and convert it into performance? We should spare a thought on this important sub-point of what Vidura is explaining here.

Thus the important message from today’s episode is that, we should go behind people for the right reasons – Adopting moral and ethical values, follow their path and guidance on spiritual growth and development, education, etc. For instance, if someone is highly educated in a particular domain, we should take this person as a role model for our life and should try and follow their footsteps. This is why we see many talented and focused youngsters in India have a role model as our great ex. President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam. His hard work, dedication, sincerity, confidence, straightforwardness in whatever he did, are all inspirations for the modern-day youngsters! Moreover, when Dr. Kalam was alive, he was very interested in interacting with the younger generation, so that they can take cues from his life experiences and use them to come out with flying colors! Thus, it is always good to have the company of such excellent people and interact with them often and this would pave the way for our future success in whatever we do. This is what Vidura explains here too – When he says “good companionship”, he means exactly this! If our companions are good and of a higher level than us, it opens up opportunities for us to raise up to that level. If it is vice versa, we’ve to be ready to spell doom to our lives!

Hence for today, let us continue to ponder over this very important point for our life, and we shall wait till the next episode to take Vidura’s next point of discussion forward! Stay tuned! 😊

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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