Episode # 341 – “It’s very easy to slip into bad companionship, but there’s no use repenting later” – Vidura slams King Dhirdiraashtra!!!


In the previous episode, Vidura highlighted the importance of our companionship during our daily life. The more impure our companionship becomes, the more we get impure by heart too. To illustrate this in a nice way, Vidura took an analogy on how gold starts getting impure as more and more silver gets added to it. The number of “carats” starts coming down as silver is added and thus, the metal gets diluted. Finally as more and more such “impurities” are added, this gold finally becomes brass and eventually gets to a situation wherein it becomes completely useless! Similarly in our life too, as our bad companions grow in size and intensity, our pure heart starts getting diluted and finally we also become one amongst the bad people of this world.

By explaining this point, Vidura slams King Dhirdiraashtra thus, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! Right from your early days when Duryodhana was a child, you had been associating yourself and him amidst all sorts of people who have their own selfish personal motives! By that, you have gradually developed the hatred towards Paandavas and the Dharma, both within yourself and within your son Duryodhana! As time has passed by, this hatred has only increased and you’ve been fueling it with more and more of it! Isn’t it your duty as a father to doze off any kind of strain in the relationship between the two sets of brothers? What wrong did the Paandavas do to experience such a lot of suffering from your son, just because he hates them? Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! Let me tell you one thing very clear – The companionship in which Duryodhana is amidst currently, especially in the likes of Sahuni, is only pushing him to the drain and not in any way aiding his development. Even during that dreadful day of gambling, it was only on the behest of Sahuni, the entire game was skewed in the favor of Duryodhana and it was a well-planned event. Sahuni had planned that event in such a way that he would be an instrument to demean and insult the Paandavas in every way possible amidst the public courtroom. And of course, none in your courtroom had the guts to stand up and question your crooked son Ducchaashana when he publicly insulted a woman by stripping her off her saree! This means that all of them in your courtroom encouraged Adharma to happen, which in turn means that they form a cartel of bad companions of yours! In other words, they just try to fulfill their personal agenda and selfish needs, and are ready to go to any extent to promote “Adharma” in your kingdom, and here is King Dhirdiraashtra, not realizing anything of it and still believes that all of them are good! It’s really a shame that we have such bad still being part of your group of ministers!”

Slamming King Dhirdiraashtra left, right and center, Vidura drives home the important point that if we fall into a bad company of people, it is the start point of our downfall in life. This is exactly what happened to Karna as well – Although he was a kind person by heart, he was ultimately killed during the Kurukshetra battle just because he fell into a wrong companionship of Duryodhana.

All these illustrations from the scriptures point out the important point that we would get doomed if we’re amidst bad companionship. Hence it becomes extremely important for us to constantly check out for ourselves whether we’re amidst the right frame of people. This is why our elders insist that we make ourselves part of “Satsanga” and “Saadhu-Samaagama”, which means that we should always be amidst those people who are directly in service to Bhagawan through some way or the other. We should always be present amidst those people who talk about Bhagawan, sing his names and stories, etc. This would automatically cleanse our mind and heart and enhance our purity, which in turn would lead us to spiritual development. The better our companions are, the better we become in life, and the world would look up to us in a good way.

So for today, let us ponder over this important point and let us take a conscious call within ourselves to check out our companionship from time to time. It is very easy to slip into bad companionship and we should be extremely careful about it! How many instances are we seeing today, wherein so-called good people struggle to prove themselves, when they get entangled amidst a bad company of people and get into allegations of some wrongdoings? These instances should teach us a lesson about good companionship and its significance in the present-day scenario. We shall wait till tomorrow’s episode to enter into Vidura’s next point of discussion! Stay tuned! 😊




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