Episode # 340 – “Your character will be judged by the world based on your companionship” – Vidura’s important message!!!


In the previous episode, we had concluded the important discussion on how do we handle different types of people in our life. In that way, we witnessed significantly that those people who keep peddling lies for anything and everything, can be effectively countered with the truth and authentic proof behind all what they say! Ultimately all of us should always remember from this point that truth would triumph at any situation and hence we shouldn’t feel scared or worries that those people who peddle lies would win. This will never happen and we shall feel confident about it.

Now moving on further, Vidura explains a very important point through an interesting analogy. He says that our character would be known to the world by looking and analyzing the friends with whom we move with every day. Here Vidura picks up a beautiful analogy of comparing gold with our character. He says, just how pure gold gets impure when added with more and more silver and dirt, our pure heart also starts getting impure by moving with more and more wrong companions.

Vidura says, “Suvarnasya malam hoobyam”, which means, gold starts getting impure when we start adding silver to it. If we visit any jewellery shop, we would be able to witness different categories of gold for making ornaments. Some varieties would be of 24 carat, some of 22 carat, and some below that. The pricing of the gold would start decreasing as the number of carats start decreasing. This means that, the lesser the number of carats, the more impure the gold starts becoming. As per the science of chemistry, gold can be made “impure” by adding silver to it. This is how fundamentally the number of carats of gold are decided and I’m sure many of us would be aware of this. This is exactly what Vidura is also pointing out with the above phrase.

Next, he says, “Hoobyasyaapi malam thrabhu”, which means that this diluted or “impure” gold can further be made impure into brass. This is perhaps one of the most impure form of gold. Of course, brass has lot of usage in our daily life, but still, it is considered to be impure gold. Subsequently Vidura says, “Nyeeyam tharmalam seesam”, which means that if there is more dirt or filth that accumulates on this brass, it becomes even worse that at a stage it becomes totally useless to be employed for anything in the world.

Thus Vidura talks here about the ways in which pure gold is brought down level after level to a stage wherein it becomes totally useless. As mentioned above, Vidura employs this beautiful analogy to warn King Dhirdiraashtra that he is moving around everyday with so many people who are “impure” by heart. The more “impurities” with whom King Dhirdiraashtra is going to interact with, the more quickly he and his entire clan is going to be destroyed. Hence it is important for all of us to realize that the company that we get associated with in our life, is extremely important and if this company is only adding more impurities to us, we would also become as rotten as brass with dirt, which would be completely deemed unusable by the world! Vidura slams King Dhirdiraashtra through this analogy that he is going to be known for all the wrong reasons and for all his wrong companions that he has encouraged all through his life. He warns King Dhirdiraashtra that all those people whom he sees around him are not trustable and good. Rather, these same people are going to be the ones who are responsible for all the mess that has happened in the Hastinapura kingdom so far. Even in the future, these are the very people who are going to be solely responsible for the downfall of the kingdom and its king together.

So for today, let us begin to ponder over this important point that Vidura stresses upon. We shall take this discussion forward in the next episode and subsequently will move on to Vidura’s next point of discussion! Stay tuned! 😊




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