Episode # 339 – “Satyameva Jayate” – Vidura explains its real meaning!!!


In the previous episode we had commenced to witness a deeper discussion on Vidura’s four categories of people and how best to handle each of them. For the convenience of our readers, we shall have a look at the sloka again as we proceed forward. This is a very important sloka and we’ve to derive due understanding from it.

“Ahkrodhena jayeth krodham asaadhum saadhunaa jayeth!

Jayeth kadhariyam daanena jayeth satyena cha anritham!!”

In yesterday’s episode, we had discussed the first point with sufficient elaboration – “Ahkrodhena jayeth krodham”, wherein, Vidura explains that anger can be effectively countered by a calm and composed behavior. Of course, there might be situations in life wherein, we need to get angry to counter “Adharma”, but “controlled aggression” is what is advisable, rather than going all out into a different unwanted level. We took up the example of our great Mahatma Gandhi to highlight this point, and eventually we witnessed why we Indians, as ardent followers of “Sanaathana Dharma” are revered highly intelligent and calm by the world.

As we now move to the second point, Vidura says “Asaadhum saadhunaa jayeth”, which means that a person who is dumb-headed and doesn’t know how to respect others in the apt way, can be handled by respecting him / her in the highest possible way and with the usage of good and pleasing language. In other words, a person who doesn’t want to listen to anything of “Dharma” and who is meticulously following only “Adharma” in all ways, can be handled effectively by educating and making him / her aware of the “Dharma” in the nicest way possible. This is exactly what Vidura is trying to do to King Dhirdiraashtra here. He’s explaining all the “Dharma” possible in the most beautiful way ever! However yet, King Dhirdiraashtra is unable to implement any of what Vidura is explaining. If he is unable to follow what Vidura is saying even in the nicest way possible, we shall imagine what would have been the condition if Vidura would have adopted a hostile approach towards King Dhridiraashtra. By explaining all the “Dharma”, Vidura is insisting that King Dhirdiraashtra follows this nice approach towards his son Duryodhana to slowly educate him and bring him out of the “Adharma” that he is committing, right in front of Bhagawan Krishna’s eyes!

Thus the point here is that, it becomes irrelevant to some people, if we explain the “Dharma” to them in a hostile way! The usage of language and the way in which we communicate is extremely important for our valid points to be fully heard by others. Hence communication is of prime importance here. This is what our present-day professional world demands too! In fact, one of the important criteria for recruiting new people has become “communication”. From this we should understand the importance that today’s world is giving to the way in which we communicate to others.

Moving further, Vidura explains “Jayeth kadhariyam daanena” – This means, by giving “Dhaanam” to the needy people, their hearts can be won! This is probably a well-known fact by all of us and I don’t think this would warrant much of an explanation. If we’ve to win the hearts of people who are needy and poor, the only way to do so is to satisfy them with their basic needs, which probably they might lack – For instance, food, water, shelter, etc. The moment we are able to take care of their basic needs of sustaining their everyday life, they would start becoming loyal and true to us, which in turn means that we’re winning their hearts!

Finally, Vidura explains “Jayeth satyena cha anritham” – This means that a lie can be won over by truth! This is an extremely important point that Vidura is trying to highlight here. Even a thousand lies that are peddled against someone or something, can be neutralized by one truth behind all of it! As we have the popular saying “Sathyameva Jayathe!”, which translates into “Truth alone triumphs”, we should always realize that peddling lies may only give us short-term name and fame.

In the present-day scenario, it is unfortunate to see many of us getting carried away by this short-term name and fame in whatever we do. We can have innumerable instances wherein people from many walks of life get into this trap, only to get caught and to repent for their foolish behavior at a later stage! Especially in politics, as India is fast-approaching towards its general elections, it has become a fashion nowadays for leaders of some opposition party to throw barbs and lies about various issues pertaining to the country’s security and still get away! All they aim for are power, fame, political mileage, etc. Unfortunately, they fail to realize that they are being exposed then and there for all the lies they keep peddling day in and day out! For instance, when the issue on the “Surgical strike” against our “most incompatible” neighbouring country is taken up, many of us might have witnessed that all our opposition party leaders ganging up against the Government of India, thus indirectly supporting the cause of our hostile neighbor! In the process, they keep peddling lies after lies to justify their wrong narrative! However, when adequate proof keeps coming from the Government and the Army, these people stand exposed and vindicated! This is the power of truth! Hence it is upto us as citizens of this great country called “Bhaarata Desha” to take a conscious decision to exercise our franchising rights to select the right people for the upcoming new government. If we’re going to elect those who try to peddle lies for gaining  cheap political mileage, we should realize what would be the status of our India in the future to come!

Thus the point that Vidura is trying to explain here is that, a lie can be easily won over by truth and this is the order of the entire world! So for today, let us ponder over these important points and try to implement them in our lives as much as possible. We shall wait till the next episode to witness Vidura’s next important point! Stay tuned! 😊


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