Episode # 305 – “Why should I write-off my hard-earned wealth to those who doesn’t deserve it?” King Dhirdiraashtra questions Vidura!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed yet another extension to the important point of taking care of our near and dear ones at all times. Vidura is stressing and re-stressing this point time and again because of its enormous significance, which King Dhirdiraashtra, Duryodhana and even ourselves in today’s world are failing to realize. Many a times in the present day, we take people for granted, use them, abuse them and throw them out of our lives even for petty reasons. Little do we realize that at our difficult times, these would be the same people on which we would be banking on for help. If such a situation arises and if we’re not even in talking terms with our close people, how would we survive? Worst of all, what would happen if the same people whom we take for granted, turn into our biggest enemies? We should think about all this, and make sure that we maintain a good rapport with our near and dear ones. It is always easy to hate and abuse someone today. However it is very difficult to patch up with that person again and this would eventually lead us to unnecessary breaking up of relationships.

Moreover as Vidura talks about this, he also cautions us that just because we’re getting closer to someone, it doesn’t mean that we share anything and everything with that person. Whatever might be the level of closeness of the relationship, we should make sure that we maintain a minimal distance from that person. This is just to avoid problems later on if at all there is a fight with that person in future. There is always this risk that just because we are getting close to someone, we would start sharing certain personal details along the course of the conversation. But during rough times, these personal details of ours, which are supposed to be highly confidential, might be blurted out or misused by the other person for his/her personal gain. Hence we need to be very careful here. Vidura clearly explains here that we need to have a perfect balance. On one hand we need to make sure that we maintain amicable relationship with our close people, and on the other hand we also need to make sure that we share only what is to be shared with them.

Saying thus, Vidura highlights the significance of maintaining good and amicable relationships with people who are near and dear to us. Now moving on further, Vidura extends this point in yet another different dimension thus:

“Sreemantham nyaatimaasaadhya yonyaatimavaseedathe!!”

Here Vidura explains that if we have one or more brothers and if one of them is rich while the other is poor, the brother who is poor would always be fearing the one who is rich! Even in our families today we would be able to find this quite frequently. Amongst two brothers at home, one would be highly educated and brilliant, also working in a reputed organization, whereas the other one would for some reason be poor and might not have a good job to support himself financially. Unfortunately the world is not kind enough to everyone! Some people might be blessed to have a good stature in the society while many others are not! Normally if this is the case, many families encounter fights between these two brothers and eventually they split apart. This is the reason why the brother who is poor gets psychologically affected and starts to develop a fear for his other brother who is rich. Even if there might be no such fights within them, the poorer brother would automatically start fearing of what if such a fight happens in future! Here is where Vidura explains that if we have such people in our close circles, we should never let them starve and struggle. It is our duty to protect them.

Listening to this advice from Vidura, King Dhirdiraashtra poses a counter question thus, “Oh Vidura! I cannot see sense in what you’re saying here. If I’m rich and my brother or sister is poor, what can I do? Is it my fault that he/she is poor? What can I do if the situation demands it? Why should I help such people if they do not concern me? Just because they are poor, should I write off all of my wealth to them? Isn’t this unfair on me? I’ve worked hard to earn whatever I have today and how can I give away all of it to someone who hasn’t worked as hard as me and who doesn’t deserve it?”

It should be noted here that King Dhirdiraashtra asks this question, keeping in mind his stance that he is not going to encourage the Paandavas to take any portion of the Hastinapura kingdom. It should be noted here that even after such a lot of advicing, King Dhirdiraashtra is only trying to find his comfort zone from whatever Vidura is trying to tell him! So for today let us stop at this point and we shall witness Vidura’s response to King Dhirdiraashtra’s question in detail. Stay tuned! 🙂

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