Episode # 306 – “By ill treating the Paandavas, you’ve failed in your ‘Raaja Dharma’” – Vidura slams King Dhirdiraashtra!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed yet another extension of the important point as to why should we take care of our near and dear ones properly. Here Vidura mentions that if for whatsoever reasons one of our brothers or sisters are relatively in a state of financial or any other distress, it is our prime duty to bring them out of their problem by supporting them. If we’re witnessing our brother or sister or any kith and kin suffering, we should never neglect them and if we do so, we are inviting the biggest sin on this earth! Hence the point here is that, we should give a helping hand to those near and dear ones who are in dire need of it.

As King Dhirdiraashtra was hearing this advice from Vidura, his mind started to search for the comfort zone, as he knew that Vidura was poking him indirectly for all the indifference he’s showing towards his brother’s sons (Paandavas). He thus asks a counter-question to Vidura that what could he do if his brother’s family is suffering. King Dhirdiraashtra asks Vidura as to why should that obligation fall on him to help the Paandavas come out of their suffering. His argument was that, if the Paandavas are suffering, it is not because of him, but was due to some other reasons. Here King Dhirdiraashtra clearly is underestimating the power of the Paandava brothers by saying thus, “Oh Vidura! If they’ve to come out of their current suffering, they should take an initiative for it! They should be willing to compromise on their stance! Why is that evreytime I should sacrifice my hard-earned property for them? Why is that I should give them something to make them satisfied? Why can’t they earn something on their own to sustain? Why should the Paandavas depend on me for everything?”

Vidura listens to all of King Dhirdiraashtra’s questions and now replies back thus. In fact, Vidura gives a befitting answer to all of King Dhirdiraashtra’s blemishes. He says, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! Please think for a moment – Did I ever tell you that you should go out of your way to help the Paandavas? Did I ever say that you should write off your whole wealth and kingdom to them? Did I ever say that only Yudishtra is to rule the Hastinapura Kingdom and not Duryodhana? I never said that and please do not misunderstand and twist my words! All I’m saying is that, both Duryodhana and the Paandavas should be treated equally. I’m only asking you to give the Paandavas what they deserve. I’m not asking you to give them anything more! The problem with you is that, you’re trying to abduct what belongs to them with due diligence. This is where I’m saying that you’re not treating your brother’s sons and family in the way you’ve to treat them!”

Vidura continues further, “Oh King! You know very well that the Paandavas are without their father. This means that you should adopt them and treat them as your own sons. Instead, you’re doing just the opposite! You’re treating them like your slaves and you’re disrespecting them to the core. However that is not the case with Yudhsitra and Co. All the five Paandava brothers hail and respect you a lot and treat you as their own father. Is this the way you would reciprocate their respect and affection towards you? Is this the way you would ill treat them just because your son Duryodhana should gain? Why are you differentiating between your sons and them? This itself is wrong on your part as a righteous king! As per the “Raaja Dharma”, it is your duty to protect your brother’s children and family in his absence!

Saying thus, Vidura slams King Dhirdiraashtra’s wrong approach towards the Paandavas as he sidelines them from the Hastinapura kingdom, so as to favor Duryodhana. Thus the point emphasized by Vidura is that, if a situation arises wherein our brother or sister’s family is in deep suffering, we should always lend a helping hand and should never let them down at any moment! Through this reply, Vidura re-emphasizes this point and re-iterates his stance on this matter.

So for today, let us ponder over Vidura’s reply to King Dhirdiraashtra and we shall wait till tomorrow’s episode to witness the next point! Stay tuned! 🙂

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