Episode # 300 – “Please do not inflict step-motherly cruelty to Paandavas!” – Vidura’s emotional appeal to King Dhirdiraashtra!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed the continuation of the important point being stressed by Vidura to King Dhirdiraashtra that we have to take care of our near and dear ones in whatever ways possible. In fact as we see, Vidura had dedicated a slew of slokas to bring out this point and we’re witnessing them episode after episode for the past 4-5 days now. He began by saying that we should never be selfish enough to ditch others and rise up in our stature and such a act is quite dangerous. Subsequently he went on to stress that we should take care of our near and dear ones carefully and ensure that they’re happy by all means. This is where we discussed the current day phenomenon of how nuclear families are killing relationships within families and how isolated are we becoming in this world gradually day by day! He then stresses the allied point that if we’re having a comfortable and a wealthy lifestyle, we should also make sure that our near and dear ones are taken care of, in the same kind of stature of us.

Ultimately through all these allied and interlinked points, Vidura is lamenting over the fact that King Dhirdiraashtra and Duryodhana are trying to exploit the Paandavas as much as possible and are just sucking their blood out at every given occasion! Vidura has been fighting against it for a long time now and it seems that he’s fed up with what’s happening! So he slams King Dhirdiraashtra with all the above points put together thus, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! For the past 13-14 years now you’ve been torturing the Paandavas and showing them Hell on earth! Your son started with the insult and humiliation, sent them to a wax palace with the intention of burning them down, pulling them into the infamous gambling game and publicly insulted them, sent them on a heinous exile for a long period of time, etc. Now what more does your son want? Why don’t you put yourself into the shoes of the Paandavas and think for a moment? They are like orphans! They do not have a father to protect them! Just because they are father-less, you’re trying to take full advantage of it and exploiting them to the core! Is it Dharma? Afterall they’re your own brothers’ children. They have so much of respect for you. They love you so much. They treat you like their own father. In spite of all this, how do you have the heart to treat them like third-rated criminals? What wrong did they do so as to experience a terrible period of exile like this? As a king, you have utterly shown disrespect to those who follow Dharma! This is the greatest mistake you’ve ever done! When your son was doing all these filthy things, what were you doing sitting on the throne? If you’re a king, it doesn’t mean that you and your sons can dictate terms in the kingdom. This is totally against “Raaja Dharma”. You and your sons are going to pay heavily for all what you’ve done to the Paandavas! If you do not mend your ways now, it’s going to be too late very soon!”

Such was the blasting that Vidura gives King Dhirdiraashtra! Even in our modern day family life, we should always remember this point – If unfortunately our brother or sister passes away at an early age, leaving behind their children, it becomes our fundamental duty to take care of those children as our own children and bring them up in their lives. If we fail to do so, Bhagawan’s heart is going to fume with anger and we’re going to face the most intense punishment ever! If we ever think that our brother’s or sister’s children are just a burden to us, it is totally against “Dharma”. We should never desert our close people ever in our life. This is why we always emphasize the point that it is not possible for just one person in this world to enjoy all the happiness and luxuries of life. It is only if all of us join hands together, we shall enjoy the real happiness in life.

Thus Vidura re-iterates this point to King Dhirdiraashtra by saying thus, “Oh King! Thus please do not think that your children alone should experience happiness and luxuries in life. Please let the Paandavas experience the same amount of happiness too, as they are your own brother’s children!”

So for today let us ponder over this important point and let us wait for the next episode to witness Vidura’s next point of discussion. Stay tuned! 🙂

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