Episode # 233 – Hanuman – An exceptional & a true messenger of Bhagawan!!!


In the previous episode we had commenced a very important discussion on who can be an ideal messenger to Bhagawan or to a Guru (A Spiritual master). It is extremely significant in a way that it gives us an opportunity to identify certain key pitfalls that we have in our lives and correct ourselves so that it enables us to walk the path of Dharma with more clarity. For the convenience of our readers we shall quickly re-visit the sloka that Vidura explains pertaining to this regard:

“Asthabdham akleebham adheergasuthramsaanukrosham slakshamahaarha manyaihi!

Arogajaatheeyam udhaara vaakyam dhootham vadath ashtakulopavannam!!”

Eventually we had discussed five characteristics of a true messenger to Bhagawan wherein we said that this person should completely be devoid of any kind of pride, jealousy, personal agenda, etc. and also should be having a pure and a noble heart! Now moving further from here, Vidura explains the next set of characteristics of a true messenger of Bhagawan:

Arogajaatheeyam udhaara vaakyam”Here Vidura explains that the messenger should be an epitome of speech & communication! That is, he/she should know which words to employ in which context and how to talk precisely to the point! We’ve discussed the significance of giving a good speech and talk at various occasions, both during our Ramayana project as well as during the current Vidura Neeti too! We’ve seen that whenever we talk something to someone, we should talk directly to the point without bluffing here and there out of the context. Moreover, we should also make sure that we talk in a pleasing manner, without hurting others’ sentiments and feelings. If there are good words to employ, why should we employ bad and unparliamentary words while we talk? Hence adequate care needs to be taken by all of us with regards to the choice of words that we make while talking.

This is also important in terms of our character. It is because, the people whom we’re addressing would judge us based on our choice of words and the way of communication. We should always keep this in mind! This is exactly what Vidura also says here – A true messenger can impress someone in a pleasing and an emotional manner only with the correct choice of words! This is also what we term in the modern day corporate as “Communication Skills” and certain “Basic etiquette while we address someone or a gathering. Thus Vidura concludes this sloka by explaining that all these above mentioned characteristics are of prime importance if we’ve to become trusted messengers of Bhagawan or a Guru.

One such epitome of being an able and an ideal messenger is Hanuman himself – If we trace back to the “Sundara Kaanda” of our Ramayana project (Episodes 200-250 – Life Lessons from Valimiki Ramayana), we can witness how Hanuman conducted himself as an epitome of each and every characteristic what Vidura is explaining currently! For instance, we know how smart was Hanuman in crossing the ocean, talking secretly with Mother Sita, advising Ravana about his misdeeds and finally by showing his immense power by burning down the entire Lanka city within minutes! In due course of the Sundara Kaanda, we also witnessed how Hanuman was an epitome of effective communication and how he conducted himself with Bhakti and Devotion towards Mother Sita and conveyed the vital information about Rama’s pursuit! In return he also listened to Mother Sita’s accord carefully and conveyed the same to Bhagawan Rama. Not only did he convey Mother Sita’s safety and security to Rama, but also the way in which he conveyed it to him, made Bhagawan Rama melt down to tears! At the end of Hanuman’s emotional and heart-touching accord on Mother Sita, Bhagawan Rama starts weeping and replies back to Hanuman thus: “Oh my dearest Hanuman! I’ve been moved so much by your selfless pursuit of my beloved wife Sita! The way you conveyed the events just melted me down! I really want to recognize your great help by giving you some prize, but unfortunately since I’m currently on an exile, I’m not in a position to give you anything for now!” Saying thus, Bhagawan Rama embraces Hanuman with him with all his love and grace and this wonderful gesture of Bhagawan Rama moves Hanuman into tears as well! What a gift he has got from his hero! Does any other materialistic gift matter to Hanuman more than what he has got from Bhagawan Rama now? Never at all!

Thus from this example we can witness how Hanuman was an ideal messenger with all the above-mentioned characteristics by Vidura! So for today let us appreciate this important sloka and let us enjoy the beauty of Hanuman as a divine messenger to Bhagawan Rama! We shall wait till the next episode to witness Vidura’s next advice! Stay tuned! 🙂


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