Episode # 232 – “Who can become an ideal messenger to Bhagawan?” Vidura has the answers!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed yet another important explanation and a message from Vidura pertaining to modern day Human Resources Management – This time he talks about recruiting the right person for the right job! Vidura in the above sloka mentioned that there are four categories of people whom an organization should never employ! The first category that Vidura explained was of those people who refuse to execute the tasks that are assigned to them duly by the organization. Secondly, a person who procrastinates his duties for no reason should also be thrown out with immediate effect! Thirdly Vidura explains that that those people who think too much about themselves and those who ignore the valuable advice of other people around him/her are very dangerous to have in an organization! Here is where we had a detailed discussion about how we should be extremely careful with those people who are “power mongers” or “mavericks” in an organization. We should realize that such people would go to any extent to pull us as well as the organization to low levels, just to gain personal power, name and fame. Finally Vidura explains the fourth category wherein a person who always have a negative response for everything in the organization is also dangerous in the long-run for an organization.

Thus HR managers of the current day should be very careful when they come across any of these four categories of people. It’s best to avoid such people’s entry into the organization, however if there are compulsions (of whatsoever kind) to have such people within, we should be extremely careful not to fall into the trap of these people.

Now moving on further, Vidura now explains who can be an able and an efficient messenger to Bhagawan or to a Guru. He explains thus:

“Asthabdham akleebham adheergasuthramsaanukrosham slakshamahaarha manyaihi!

Arogajaatheeyam udhaara vaakyam dhootham vadath ashtakulopavannam!!”

This is a very beautiful sloka and now let us try to understand the meaning of this, part by part.

“Asthabdham” – Here Vidura explains that a person who doesn’t have even an iota of self-pride is a perfect messenger. If our master has instructed us to execute a task, we should never have the intention that “I’m doing this and it’s only because of me, this is happening!” We should always have that “down-to-earth” characteristic in us to be a good messenger to Bhagwan or to a Guru (A spiritual Master). Ultimately we should realize that Bhagawan is just using us as an instrument to get something done for the benefit of the whole world and there is nothing for us to feel proud of! Perhaps we can feel proud of ourself that Bhagawan has chosen us more than anybody else and we shall feel happy about it. This is a different thought and we shall be grateful about it to Bhagawan. However, we should never ever think that the success of the task given to us is only because of our hard work and efficiency. We should realize that there is someone above us who wants things to happen this way and it is pure grace that makes it happen!

Akleebham” – A person would be a good messenger to Bhagawan or a Guru who would be devoid of unwanted fear in life. If a Spiritual Master gives us a task to perform, there is no point in fearing about its consequences or after-effects. This is because, Bhagawan is directly overseeing and supervising the work and He would ensure that things would go fine. Thus we should realize that whatever we do as our duty, we should always surrender it to Bhagawan and then perform. Once we do that, He takes care of what should happen and what should not happen. Thus the “fear” factor would automatically disappear from us if we develop this thought process. Thus we should realize that if we’re doing a duty, we should never fear for anything and should keep proceeding with the task and such people devoid of fear would make an excellent candidate for being Bhagawan’s messenger!

“Adheergasuthram” – A person who is steadfast in his duty and ensures perfection in completing the task would be an ideal messenger! Thus we should realize that the focus should be on the work in hand, rather than fearing about the consequences of it. The more we are focused on our work, the more we’re pleasing Bhagawan’s heart! We should always remember this in mind!

“Saanukrosham” – A person who is merciful by heart becomes an ideal messenger to Bhagawan! He/she should never be egoistic and should have the important characteristic of “mercy” towards all living beings. Such a person melts Bhagawan’s heart immediately and He accepts them unconditionally!

Slakshamahaarha manyaihi” – A person who is pure by heart makes an ideal messenger for Bhagawan! It is very important that we do not have a hidden “personal agenda” while doing voluntary service and I’ve been explaining this umpteen number of times now! Here Vidura is also categorically explaining the same thing – Whatever we do in life, it should be with a pure heart and should not harm anybody in any way possible. We should have our intentions very clearly focused only on Bhagawan and the benefit of the world! Bhagawan is going to out rightly reject us if we take advantage of doing voluntary service for gaining power, name and fame!

This is a big problem nowadays in many temples and in ashrams – People take up “voluntary service” in many prominent ashrams nowadays just with the sole intention of gaining muscle power, money power, name, etc. They use their influence to make other people suffer and ultimately they try to gain happiness out of others’ sufferings! Such people would eventually meet up with disaster sooner or later. Thus it is important that we do not fall under this category!

So for today let us spare a thought on these four attributes of being a good messenger for Bhagawan or to a spiritual master! It is important that we come out of our ego, self-pride and jealousy while offering voluntary service wherever we are in this world! We shall wait till the next episode to continue this discussion further and also witness a beautiful example of a person who was an epitome of all these characteristics put together! Stay tuned! 🙂





Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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