Episode # 216 – “If we show tantrums to innocent people, Bhagawan gets extremely angry!” Vidura’s warning message!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed a very interesting accord wherein Bhagawan Krishna sets himself as the epitome of acting smart, so as to establish “Dharma” during the “Dvaapara Yuga”. He knows that there’s no point in explaining the “Dharma” as per the text book to Duryodhana and make him change! Instead, he knows that the only way to win over Duryodhana is by acting smart!

However, although all said and done, Bhagawan Krishna acted smart for a reason – We should always remember that Bhagwan’s incarnation in this world is not for his selfish motives. He doesn’t incarnate in this world to prove anything for himself. The only motto of Bhagwan’s incarnation and all his activities that he performs in this world is for the ultimate aim of protecting and establishing the “Dharma”. Here too, he does all these smart moves at every instance only to protect the “Dharma” by safeguarding the “Paandavas” who were hell-bent in protecting the “Dharma” too. Thus we should realize that if we try to walk the path of “Dharma”, Bhagawan would always be with us to protect us at any point in time. Of course the path of Dharma is always difficult to walk. But when we try to do so, Bhagawan’s heart melts with joy and tears in his eyes! His compassion knows no bounds! Hence he comes directly to us to protect us at every instance when we encounter dangers in our lives! Thus the point here is that, if we are sincere in following the path of “Dharma”, Bhagawan’s grace is always going to be with us at every point! Hence it is up to us to make His grace shower upon us.

Thus extending this point further, Vidura explains thus,

“Maayaachaaraha maayayaa vartithavyaha saadhvaachaaraha sadhunaa prathupeyaha!!”

Although we’ve discussed in detail that we need to act smart while defeating “Adharma”, this smartness should not be shown to those people who are good and who walk the path of Dharma. To those “Saathvic” people if we go and show our smartness and perverted intelligence, they would never understand all this, and most importantly if we try to cheat good and noble people, Bhagawan is going to get extremely angry upon us! Thus we should always remember to check our actions if we meet someone of a high level of “Sathvic” nature! We should never ever show tantrums to people who are ardent devotees of Bhagawan or to an “Aachaarya”.

This is becoming common today – In quite a few ashrams or temples, some people try and exhibit their smartness and show tantrums to those innocent people who come to spend some time genuinely with a Guru or with Bhagawan. Such things should strictly be avoided and if we’re involving ourselves in showing tantrums to those people whom we shouldn’t, Bhagawan is going to get extremely angry on us and is going to push us straightaway into the clutches of Hell! We should always remember that Bhagawan is always hell-bent on supporting and uplifting His ardent devotees at any cost! If we try and act smart against Bhagawan’s ardent devotees, He is never going to tolerate it even an inch!

Saying thus in detail, Vidura explains to King Dhirdiraashtra as to how to behave with different types of people! Upon hearing all this, King Dhirdiraashtra has a doubt. He asks thus, “Oh Vidura! Although the “Shaastras” predict a human being to live for hundred years, why are we not able to do so?

“Shataayuurukthaha purushaha sarva vedeshu vai sadhaa!

Yadaa naapnothyatacha sarvamaayuhu ke ne tataatu naa??”

Here King Dhirdiraashtra asks Vidura that although the Vedas prescribe the life span of a human being to be hundred years, why is that we’re unable to fulfil the hundred years in many cases? Why do we pass away from this world before we complete hundred years? King Dhirdiraashtra continues to ask thus, “Oh Vidura! If I’ve to live for hundred years fully, what should I do? What are the steps that I need to take?”

Upon King Dhirdiraashtra’s question, Vidura replies back thus:

“Athimaanaha athi vaadascha tathaah thyaagaha tathaa akthyaagaha naraadhipa!

Krodhascha aatma vidhitsaacha mitradrohascha thaanishat!!”

Here Vidura explains the ways in which one can lead a life for the full span of hundred years peacefully! He explains six different methodologies to lead a peaceful life for a full hundred years! What are those six methodologies that we need to adopt? Let’s stay tuned for the next episode to understand them! 🙂

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